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Subject: Noobs in flames (again) - 5 rss

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Marco semori
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Hi guys here is our report about our global war playing by Vassal.
We are playing with all expansions (except Lif and Fif), all optional rules (except tankers and intelligence) and the 2d10 system.
This is our second Global War!

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for the mistakes, my english is pretty bad.
Recap at the end.

Me - Germany and Italy
Fefe - Japan
Once again the bad guys!

Alle - US, CW, Naz. China.
Matte - URSS, France, Comm. China
Matte is the new good guy :)

M/J 1940

Time to take care of the evil France, Rundsted and his tanks reach the Belgian border and the French customs house.
"Name?" "Rundsted, Von"
"Nationality?" "German"
"Occupation?" "Yes!"

The Okw release a lot of resources (beer and wurster) for the operation Katzenjammer (o-chit on Rundsted).

Art and bombers hit hard the French line to soft the defenders and to disorganize the enemy logistic structure.
French send their planes to intercept but the Luftwaffe is ready, 2 French ftr are shoot down and all the bmb are free to hit.
Both HQ are flipped and lot of enemy troops too.

Rundsted order 2 attacks: south of Lille the tanks advance faster but the French prefer to run away instead of to fight (R result), then V. Bock lead an assault of Metz, the city is conquered but the Eng are destroyed in the process.
Rundsted reorg. the units

CW send their bomber, some flip on the spearhead reorg. by Von Leeb.
The assault go on!
Strasbourg is conquered without losses, tanks advance to encircle the Fist Forest and destroying 2 more units.
French leave the Fist Forest but a mil is left behind and trample by the German tanks.
Another attack push the French back in the middle (as usual they prefer to run away so no losses for no one).
But then the action start to lose strength and the German are stopped in the south (1 garr loss) and in the middle, without air support they decide to wait.

A German raider try to seek some CP but after some cannon shots he prefer to come back to Kiel.

Back to Asia.
IJA launch an hard bombardment over Lan-Chow from sky and mountains (4 bmb and 1 art) but achieve only 1 flip, the assault is commanded the Japanese conquer the suburbs but then the brave Chinese Communist launch a counter-attack pushing them back and the city holds despite the losses (-/1).

In the North the offensive is over so the IJA decide to take advantage of the last sun before the Monsons season.
The Japanese CVP and Art hard hit Kwey Yang, all flipped! Yamamoto lead the risky assault but this time there are Naz against him so the city falls without losses and with a lot of POW for the Japanese (2S).
US messed up with the name, thinking Kwei Yang is in India they became crazy (1 chit).

Last action is a strat over Chunking that hit the main factories and burn part of the city (2 pp).

In Africa CW units enter in Syria to prevent an Italian take over.


G 5 + 15 o-chit, FR 23, Ch 6 + 2pp

39 S/O
Poland and Denmark crushed, Ark Royal sunk, US gain a bunch of chits.

39 N/D
Netherlands and Belgium conquered, Mao killed, Japanese advance in the north and in the south.

40 G/F
Some CP raid, Japanese keep advance in the north and in the south and strat Chinese.

40 M/A
Poor action all over the world, Lan-chow hold, German find nothing in the BoA

40 M/J
Offensive in France crack the line and destroy enemy Airforce but doesn't achieve a completely success, Japanese conquer Kwey-Yang, US farm chits.
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Jens Svensson
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azalin1982 wrote:

Time to take care of the evil France, Rundsted and his tanks reach the Belgian border and the French customs house.
"Name?" "Rundsted, Von"
"Nationality?" "German"
"Occupation?" "Yes!"

ROFL!! Very very funny guys . More comments like this please!
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