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Subject: Earth 11886 Game 1: rss

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The Setting. We have a local pizza place that board gamers in the area all congregate to on monday nights, so the members of the game change, but are similar within a greater group. A number of them dislike risk, a number of them are legacy experts.
This was my second game, so all the powers were set to the opposite of what was chosen in the previous set.

Game 1:
The players-
The Hater
The Expert
The Newbie
The Player
The Owner (Me)

The Hater placed his capital in indonesia, and chose the balkanians who had the round up power.
The Expert placed his capital in argentina and chose the Saharans, who had the reinforce without connection power.
The Newb placed his capital south africa and chose die mechanicher, with the doubles on defense power.
The Player placed his capital in ontario, and chose the enclave, who had the triples on offense power.
The Owner placed my capital in ural and chose khan, who had the draw a card, get a unit power.

This was to be a war of the lamer powers.

The hater took all of australia, then spread out to 3 troops in china, 3 in india.
The expert covered south america
The Newb spread to almost all of africa, but didn't attack north africa.
The Player put a gob of troops in central america and spread out slowly through north america.
The Owner decided to start the game with a bang, scarred china with an ammo shortage, and launched his way in, continued through to seasia, then the hater bunkered indonesia, which didn't stop him, but his last attack with 3 men was to the other island of australia, so he maneuvered 2 of them back to the bunker.

the hater was not pleased.
He put his three guys in india, took out se asia, then beat my stack in indochina down to 1 before losing 2 himself, at which point he turned north to china and my old base, leaving 2 troops in my old base.
The expert stabbed up to Europe
The newb took north africa and india.
The Player spread through north america, not quite taking it.
The Owner finished off australia and put the remainder on indonesia.

The hater banged on indochina and took his capital back.
the expert spread through europe, taking one of the hater's territories for the card.
the newb took his 6 troops, put them with the rest that he had in india, and busted through se asia, indochina, western and eastern australia. with one troop left, he attacked the owner's final position which also only had one troop, but was unable to knock him out and take the cards.
The Player put an ammo shortage on iceland and took out the expert's concentration of troops there, retreating to 2 in greenland, and finally taking alaska.
The Owner turned in his two cards, took his 5 troops, and took back the bunker, leaving 3 in indonesia. Again.

The Hater took his three troops and expanded into europe.
The expert Assaulted africa from southern europe driving all the way down to south africa, which got bunkered.
The newb took back africa and consolidated.
The Player took his 8 troops, stuck them in central america, and drove south. Bunker got played on venuzuela, but to no avail, however, the single troop in peru killed 5 troops singlehandedly, causing the player to retire his remaining troops in the bunker.
The owner took his 3 troops and took back australia once again at 2 cards.

The hater attacked iceland and greenland/
The expert attempted to take back venuzela from the player, but was rebuffed, and gained zero cards.
The newb turned in cards, collected his now 10 troops and turtled.
The Player took his 3 and wiped out south america except for brazil, and took back iceland and greenland.
The owner took his 5 troops and took se asia. now at 3 cards

The hater took iceland.
The expert took back the non venuzela territories.
the newb turtled yet again.
The Player took his 8 and wiped out south america putting a pile on brazil
The owner attacked india, then dropped back to se asia. now at 4 cards.

The hater drove through america to ontario and left 3 troops there..4 troops on his base, and 1 troop on each territory in between.
The Expert made a kill in europe for a card.
The newb continued to turtle rather than spend his defense to go for the win, he did take china and leave a troop in it. Africa was not getting attacked.
The player, not trusting 5 troops to be able to take out 3, turned in his 4 cards for 13 troops for a total of 18, and started the march through ontario to the urals...only the hater decided to roll 3 straight double sixes, and attritted him to ridiculously low numbers in addition. he had to call off the assault in iceland and maneuver back to greenland and lick his wounds. The hater stated that this was everything wrong with risk. I replied that spectacular failure was the whole point of risk.
The owner turned in 4 cards for a star, took my pile from se asia, and failed to fail conquering up to ural for the win.

So, I came back from a single troop on a single territory for the win. with the assistance of some spectacularly bad rolling by the player and awesomely great rolling by the hater, and risk averse behavior by the newb...and....

I Named my major city "undeservia" and placed it on the hater's bunker in indonesia. Hater's gonna hate.
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