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Subject: The final days of Wolfenburg (solitaire) rss

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John Paul Messerly
United States
Sherman Oaks
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This is a solitaire session report using "The Tainted Forest" mission board.


Its a quiet autumn evening when an elven Mage (the Archmage of Saphery) appears at the city gates. He brings dark tiding, "The forests of Ostland are tainted with chaos and the foul spawn are encircling the city as we speak!" He convinces the cities Meister to begin strengthen the cities defenses.

Strange things begin happening almost immediately, like a mysterious plague spreading through the city and the eyes of all the religious fanatics dissolving in their eye sockets. The next morning the Archmage of Saphery is found dead in his bed. In a moment of weakness it appears he succumbed to the seductive power of a daemonette. It is believed that he snuck her into the city and after she ripped him in half she set the lower city ablaze with her mighty Dawnstar sword.

As the fires begin to spread a giant eagle appears above the city carrying the legendary elf hero, Eltharion the Grim. He brings promises of aid from the his elven kin.

Moments later a storm of meteors strike the city of Wolfenburg, spreading the fires and killing most of the remaining defenders. The dark powers descend upon the cities streets, and strangely beautiful visions overwhelm the minds of all men. Even Eltharion is seduced by the visions. Eltharion lashes out at the last of the cities defenders, confused and driven mad with dark visions and delusions.

As Eltharion returns to himself the cities engineers launch their secret weapon... A massive steam tank rumbles through the cities front gates slowly building up power in order to take the fight to the enemy. On the far side of the city, the winds shift violently spreading the fires to untouched sections of the city and there are reports of a strange Mage circling around the fires on a floating disc commanding the flames!

Eltharion, on his great eagle, sweeps down and rip the chaos Mage from his disk and disappear back into the skies. The defenders on the north wall panic as a 30 foot tall daemon with a forked tongue and beautifully corrupted body steps over the city walls and begins feasting on the shocked inhabitants.

When things look most bleak the sound of another army approaching fills the defenders hearts with dread. But as the light catches on the silvered armor of the elven spearhost there is a stirring of hope. The cities priests channel this energy to banish the daemon.

Twisted chaos cultists and warriors clog the city streets. The mighty Spearhost is able to surround and overwhelm them eventually but only after paying a terrifying price. Another group of Daemonettes appears and draws the brave White Lion champion into their foul embrace, leaving the northern walls defenseless.

As the outcome of the battle appears most bleak another great eagle appears, this time carrying Johannes Broheim. Elven archers take up positions on the rooftops and darken the skies with their arrows. The demonettes shudders and fade as they loose their grasp on our plain of existence.

In the rift were the daemonettes once were, a dark shape forms. Reality is torn apart as a Daemon Prince begins merging the city with his plane of existence. Eltharion and Johannes face off against the Daemon Prince boldly rebuking the the daemon, forcing it out of our reality, through their strength of will alone.

The Daemon Prince's image shatters into tiny fragments that smash to the ground like flaming meteors, then wriggle back to life as a hoard of Bloodletters. The Bloodletters destroy the eleven Spearhost but are eventually cut down by the hail of silvered arrows.

At last, the true ringleader emerges, the cultist leader appears at the head of an angry mob. Johannes Broheim blocks the mobs path, but the cultists overcomes the heroes mind with whispered promises and lies.

Trumpets sound as Johannes Broheims forces finally reach the city. Moments later the mob is surrounded by the combined might of his great swords, free company, peasant militia, and pistoliers.The cult leader, unable to enraptured so many minds at once, panics and tries to flee. Johannes Broheim's great eagle rips through the mob bringing his master within easy striking distance of the cultist. Johannes unsheathed his ancient sword (the Runefang of Solland) and slices the cultist madman in two.


All fighting suddenly stops and the city becomes eerily quiet. The battle is won but little of the city remains untouched or untainted. The Cultist leader is dead but his words keep echoing in Johannes Broheim's head... becoming less heretical with each repetition.

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