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Terence Co
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蔣中正 Chang Kai Shek 1887~1975 . Founder of the Whampoa miltiary academy(the Chinese west point). Leader of the KMT and the KMT Central Army. Caused the Central Plains war with his attempts to disarm his allied warlords.

陳調元 Chen tune (1886 ~ 1943), Former subordonates of the powerful eastern warlord Sun Chuan Fang. Chen defected to Chang during the Northern Expedition(1926-1928). During the Central Plains war, Chen functioned as the Central Army Reserve Force commander and held the south bank of the Yellow river and the Jinpu railway comamnds.

王金鈺 Wang Yu (1884 ~ 1951), Another of the warlord Sun Chuang Fang's subordonate who defected to Chang during the Northern Expedition. Commander of the 9th XXX/3rd XXXX holding the Center wing of teh Ping Han line.

徐源泉 Xu (1886~1960), a subordonate of Northern warlord Zhang Zhong Zhang(aka. Dog Meat General), defected to Chang during the Northern expedition. Commander of the 11th XXX/3rd XXXX holding the left wing of the Ping Han Line.

顧祝同 Gu Zhutong (1893 ~ 1987) : Originally an instructor at the Whampoa miltiary academy. Fought for Chang since the early days of the KMT. Commanded the 1st XXXX holding the Long Hai railway.

顧懋林 Mao Lin Gu (1897-?): Commander of the KMT Central Army 5th Armored train battalion.

黃秉衡 Huang Bingheng (1901 ~ 1989) Studied in the USA to learn about aviation. Commander of the KMT Central Army Air force.

方本仁 Side Bunyan (1880~1951),A envoy sent by Chang Kai Shek to help persuade Manchurian warlord Zhang Xueliang to help Chang Kai Shek.

吳鐵城 Wu Tie Cheng(1888~1953) An elder statesman of the KMT, also sent to help persuade Zhang Xueliang to join Chang Kai Shek.

劉峙 Liu Zhi (1892~1971 : A former Whampoa instructor and one of Chang's most loyal generals. A XXXs commander, Liu held the commands of Henan and Shangdong provinces.

馬鴻逵 Ma Hong Kui(1892~1970 : Former general of Feng Yu Xiang(Northwestern army), Defected to Chang in 1929. Became the commander of 15th Route Army/1st XXXs/11th XXXX. A rare cavalry general in the KMT central army deployed along the Jinpu rail line.

范石生 Fan Shisheng(1887~1939),Commander of the 51st XX/3rd XXXX commanding KMT Central forces in Western Hubei.

楊杰 Yang Jie (1889~1949 : Commander of the 2nd XXXX artillery units and later made Chief of Staff of the KMT Central Army. Yang persuaded Chang not to retreat and stand and fight.

楊虎城 Yang Hucheng (1893~1949 : Former general of Feng Yu Xiang. Defected to Chang in 1929. commander of the 7th XXXX and held the central wing of the Ping han line.

韓復榘 Han Fu Ju (1890~1938 : Former general of feng Yu xiang. Defected to Chang in 1929. Commander of the 1st XXX/Third route XXXX in Shandong province.

何成濬 He Cheng Jun (1882~1961),Was instrumental in bringing in Zhang Xueliang to the side of the KMT during the Northern Expedition. Commander of the 3rd XXXX in Hubei and Henan. He is also an envoy to Sichuanese warlords.

王均 Wang(1891~1936 : 3rd XXXX commander commanding the left wing of the Longhai line.

蔣鼎文 Jiang Dingwen(1895~1974 : Originally an whampoa instructor. Jiang became the commander of 2nd XXXX. One of the most loyal generals of Chang.

夏斗寅 Douyin (1886~1951 : Orignally a general of Hunan warlord Tang Sheng Chih, Commander of the 3rd XXXX holding Wuhan.

陳誠 Chen Cheng(1898~1965 : Originally a Whampoa instructor. One of Chang's most loyal generals and commander of the 11th XX.

張廷孟 Zhangting Meng (1908~1973 : A 2nd generation graduate of the Whampoa universtiy, Meng went to the USSR to study aviation and is a captain in the Central Army air force.

陳紹寬 Shao Kuang (1889~1969 : Studied naval tactics in the USA. Commander of the Central Army navy operating in the Yangtze river.

宋子文 Soong(1894~1971 : The brother in law of Chang Kai Shek. KMT Minister of finance. Responsible for managing the finances of the KMT Central Army.

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