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Subject: Playtest Session - WimP - Western in my Pocket rss

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Dan MacKellar
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Dodgeville - 9:00AM

I knew there was somethin' off about that new Deputy. I'd caught a couple members of the Notorious Jones Gang, and they were in lockup. That new Deputy... Stevens I think his name was, come in and said he was gonna reliave me. I got up, turned around to grab my hat and next thing I knew everything went black.

I woke up on the floor of the Jail, with a lump on my head and one began to form in my throat as I looked at the now empty jail cell. The Deputy must have been with the Jones Gang and sprung them... or they promised him a piece of their latest haul. Whatever the reason, I I knew I had to track down the Jones Gang. I knew there was a big heist coming up, because the goons I had locked up couldn't keep their mouth shut. I knew that the Jones Gang planned to rob the Empire Express at High Noon, and I had to stop them.

I reached for my trusty revolver and soon realized that had been stolen in addition to my dignity. Reaching into my boot, I pulled out my trusty little Derringer pistol. Not good in the long run, but good for close quarters.

I left the Jail, and immediately walked into the Railroad Survey camp. There, I was ambushed by 4 members of the Jones Gang, who had been hiding, waiting for me to exit. I took a couple small grazes, as well as a pretty substantial one, but managed to take them out.

I searched a bit further, and came up with several sticks of dynamite and some Colt .45 ammunition (If I only had a gun now) I knew the Joneses were holed up in the abandoned mine outside town. I could use the dynamite to blow up the hideout while they were all in there. Now to get outta town and find the place before Noon....

I headed towards the General Store, and was overwhelmed by a freak dust storm that moved through the streets, weakening me further. I got into the store, and there was no one around. I ducked behind the counter and rested for a few minutes, bandaged my wounds up, and I felt a little better. I also noticed a fully loaded Colt pistol under the counter. I promptly put it into my holster... I felt like a Man again!

As I left the store, I saw a group of 3 outlaws coming out of Callahan's Saloon. I hefted the Colt and took all 3 of them out before they knew what hit 'em. I looked at the Town Hall clock, and it was nearly 10 O'Clock. I figured I had time to duck into the Saloon for a shot of Old Snake Bite Whiskey. That made me feel even better, and I walked out of the Saloon feeling little pain and alot of confidence as the clock struck 10 AM.

The next stop was the Blacksmith. There was an old nag out in the Corral just beyond the town gates, but I figured if Smithy could throw some new shoes on her, she might be good for more than one little burst of speed. Smithy handed me several rounds of Rifle Ammo, saying that the bandits took his rifle. As he was shoing the nag, I wandered out around the back, and was surprised by 4 bandits. I took a couple more nicks, but took them out. The last one grazed my shoulder with a shot while I was reloading the Colt.

Finally, I mounted the horse, with Smithy's help, because I was a little sore at this point. Damned bandits were gonna pay for this. As I mounted up, I felt my confidence returning, and felt a little better, and more focused. I spurred the horse forward and moved through several bunches of scrub land without incident. As the horse started to slow down, she slipped on a bunch of manure and almost pitched me off. I braced against the saddle with my sore arm. Ouch.... that didn't feel to good. So much for that boost of confidence.

I soon came to a river, and lying in the bushes next to it was a Winchester .22 Rifle. Well now... that'll come in mighty handy, especially as I've got extra ammo for it.

Around a corner from the river was the Abandoned mine. I saw a bunch of Outlaws guarding the entrance... From a distance, I counted 5. I lined up the Winchester and took 4 of 'em out before one hit my shoulder with a stray bullet. I gritted my teeth through the pain and took him out with a well placed Colt shot.

Quietly, and wincing in pain, I crept down to the Mine entrance. The Joneses were inside, I could hear 'em, but they apparently hadn't heard the gunplay outside. I wired up the T.N.T and lit the fuse. I then ran as fast as I could and hid behind a boulder. Just then the ground shook, and there was a massive explosion. I peeked over the boulder, and there was nothing but rubble where the mine entrance stood.

Hopefully this will keep the Jones Gang out of my hair for awhile. I was so sick of trying to keep up with the Joneses.
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