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Subject: Order of Play rss

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Jeremy Anderson
United States
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Draw cards: Heroes discard any cards left in hand and draw five cards. If they have cards that perform special effects on being drawn, those happen now. For instance, Burn is a card the monsters give heroes that causes them to take a Wound when they draw it.

Refresh Town: The Town has its own deck of Villagers, complete with a 5-card "hand" laid out on the table. At this point any cards left in Town go to the Town discard, and 5 new cards are drawn from the Town deck.
If all of these cards are Corpses and/or Infiltrators, the town is officially dead and the heroes lose.

Refresh Travelers: There's a rotating set of Villagers that can be added to Town, both to gain extra powers (Heroes are allowed to use Villagers in the Town to gain bonuses, such as bonus damage) and to make that 5-Corpse draw less likely. Put any cards in the 2 Traveler spaces on the bottom of the Traveler deck, and refill those spaces from the top of the Traveler deck. Any Infiltrators drawn this way move themselves into Town free of charge, going directly to Town discard.

Monsters in Play Act: This is the phase when things go horribly wrong for the Heroes. Each monster has a 3-turn plan on its card. It enters play on the Start Space, and each turn thereafter moves forward and does something, either hindering the heroes or killing Villagers.
Killing: If a monster says to Kill someone on its turn, first check the Town to see if that Villager is standing in play. If so, the Villager is killed: Put it on the bottom of the Traveler deck (You can hire someone to refill that position later) and add a Corpse to town in its place. If its target isn't in play, the monster hunts: Put cards from the top of the Town deck in the Town discard until you find a Wall or Villager. If it's a Wall, and the monster is big enough to break it, it's broken (returned to the Wall stack). If it's a Wall and the monster can't break it, the hunt is over and the heroes should rejoice. And if it's a Villager, it's killed. Note that hunting monsters don't avoid killing Infiltrators.

Monsters Gain Power: The monsters get power points equal to the number of players every round. Additionally, if a monster gets through 3 turns in Town and isn't destroyed, it will move to the Monster Power Area on its 4th turn, adding extra points to let monsters enter play even faster. On top of this, there are Shadowrifts and other Power cards, which move directly to the Monster Power Area and add an extra point per turn each. The game comes with counters to keep track of these points.

Monsters Enter Play: The monsters now spend points to come into play, moving power cards and Shadowrifts to the Monster Power Area and monster cards to the Start Space of the Monster Attack Area. This continues until there aren't enough points to bring the top card of the monster deck into play (The monster deck is face-up for the entire game). Unspent points carry over round-to-round.

Heroes Act: Finally, the heroes spend prowess and coin to learn new skills and spells and equip epic loot, play attacks to kill monsters, use actions to aid each other with healing or bonus cards, use the villagers to get bonuses, hire new villagers into town, and construct walls. If, during this step, the heroes Seal the last Shadowrift or build the last Wall, the game ends in victory.
While it can be useful for beginners to take turns just to keep clear who's already gone and who hasn't, be aware that there's no set turn order. If you have a card that lets other players draw extra cards, you should use it before they buy things! If you have a card that deals bonus damage after someone else's attack, wait to play it!
We recommend that after your first few turns, you don't play open-handed. This helps keep a single bossy player from being tempted to take everyone's turn for them.
Finally, we recommend players don't draw their next hand when they're done! Wait until everyone finishes the turn to discard your cards and draw a new hand, for two reasons:
First, it helps avoid confusion about whether you've done things this round. While the other 6 steps are important, the Heroes Act step is longer than all the others combined, and it's easy to lose track of which round it is.
Second, sometimes other heroes can change your turn! If you discard your hand early, effects that remove a Wound from your hand will make you go looking through your discard pile trying to remember when you got which Wound. They can also draw you cards, which could get you from a worthless 1-prowess hand to a point where you can learn a new ability to fight the horrors of the Shadowrift.
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David Gicante
United States
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This game sound amazing. My flgs ordered mine today and i should have it next week. I am excited to help support such a great sounding game. Keep up the good work.
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