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Andrew Klotz
United States
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So I am fairly new to Runebound and have been posting around over in the forums for the core game, but I just bought Frozen Wastes and ran my first game with it today. It was so close, it could have gone either way within only 1 roll!

My experience was that it's definitely a different game than the core game, which was exciting. I was worried it was just going to feel the same, but with new items, but it ran entirely different. Even down to the fact that the game was a much different experience between me and my brother even during the same game!

I drew Arvel Worldwalker and he drew Shiver. It's really odd because then when I came to post here, I see there's already a thread with these two involved!

We played mainly vanilla rules, but we do allow multiple armors of different types, though you can only activate one at a time. We also run with graduated leveling. 1XP for the first, 2 for the 2nd, etc. Knockouts lose the most expensive item/ally. And I have Relics of Legend in the Market Stack. I thiiink that's all the mods we ran for this round.

I decided to start way in the south at Saragart while Shiver started in Verjak. Most of the game was spent wandering around the southern end of the board, visiting town to clear the frost, and just fighting and leveling. It was a pretty straightforward game through most of it. Fights went smoothly, and leveling was underway. We ended up clearing out almost all of the challenges and were running out since we weren't pulling events.

The way the Challenges came out, it eventually became apparent that each of us would be shooting for opposite end goals. Most of my challenges allowed me to draw Princess Clues. Most of Shiver's challenges were giving him rumor tokens and forage items. This allowed Shiver to really stock up on Legendary Items while Arvel really didn't get anything.

By the end, Shiver was decked out in Poison Fetish, Gauntlets of Fortitude and Banner of Griffin. The first two caused a deadly combination of boosting power to his magic rolls, allowing him to take out a Mastodon earlier than expected. This then allowed his travel to become easier. He also took out the Blood Gulls and could really get around.

While this was happening, Arvel was collecting clues for the Princess and fairly quickly realized one location on the board that would have the Princess within reach with just one more card of the right type. The catch was this one location was pretty far to the south, further away from Green Vale. Arvel's main weaponry was Bow of Bone, and Dwarven Fire Mug. This, in addition to a few levels in Ranged and a couple decent allies, allowed fairly quick disposal of most Challenges during most of the game.

The most intense part of the game was that both parties ended up ready for end game about the same time, but as different results. All of a sudden Arvel pulled the last clue, but at the same time, Shiver was realizing his combination of items and magic might be worth trying to take on the final fight. In a move that was confusing to Shiver, Arvel moved south to a random space just to end the turn. After a second, Shiver realized, and confirmed he would be heading towards the north.

Each equipped to travel quickly, since Arvel had picked up a Glider, the race was on. Each had about 12-15 spaces to cover to get to Green Vale. On his way, Shiver stopped at the Blue Challenge right next to Green Vale just to get one more level before the last fight, while Arvel came to 5 spaces along the mountains away from Green Vale. Shiver's turn, he took on the Final Fight. With the Banner of the Griffen and his massive magic damage, he had stocked a few extra HP on his allies so they would last a little longer.

We wanted to go into the game blind, so we had no idea what Arshan's skill was going to be and Shiver was shocked to find out that he was only going to do one damage per hit. So much for the massive magic damage he had been used to! He was in for it now though, and went for it. Hit after hit, it got closer and closer. It got down to the final roll, one of them was going to die, and Shiver pulled it out with rolling exactly the 11 he needed to win! After the race to Green Vale, losing both allies, barely surviving, he pulled it out with exactly the number he needed!

To make matters worse, Arvel rolled the travel dice one more time to see what would have happened. She would have used her White Death healing to roll all 5, and needed 4 Roads to Glide across the mountains and... she rolled 4 roads. If Shiver had missed that final roll, Arvel would have had the win on the next roll! Ugh!

We played a few minutes longer by adding some to the scenario. We figured Arvel was gliding into Green Vale with the Princess as the final blow was struck, and witnessed the kill. Enraged that she was so close to victory for it to be robbed from her, right in front of her, she attacked Shiver. After a Hero battle (only loosely based on the actual Hero Battle Rules), Arvel ended up killing Shiver on her own do-or-die final roll. So now Arshan had been taken out, Shiver had been taken out, but what was Arvel to do with the Princess???

Super fun game! Super close! It was super intense at the end there, and it was fun to play a little extra scenario there! We were surprised that the game could have run so different for each of us during the same game, so we are excited to try it again and see what happens!
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Mikkel Øberg
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Ahh, you found me... Run!
Welcome aboard, and thank you for the great session report.
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