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Jay K
United Kingdom
West Malling
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Nothing to see here. Please move on
It's about time!
This is my second snapshot review. They are aimed at people who just want to know the key facts about a game. No pictures, no frills nothing fancy, just the pros and cons. So what about this game then.

First up, I've said it before and I will say it again FFG always does a game justice in terms of the components and the look and feel. Consequently, you really get the feeling of immersion. Also on the plus side this game has a neat movement and action mechanic which balances actions across players based on the cards in their hands, so the more treasure you have, generally the less actions you get. Neat way of stopping one player from "running away with the game".

The game is also pretty simple to teach, both my 5 and 8 year old children really enjoy it. In essence you get a set number of actions and you can move deeper into the temple or search for treasure. Searching yields one of three outcomes: treasure, a useful item or damage to your character. As you move deeper into the pyramid there are also mummies to avoid and tombs to raid.

The pyramid is also collapsing and each turn a slab falls from the ceiling, if at anytime slabs block the exit, anyone left inside is trapped and immediately loses. So it is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with that shall I push my luck? decision to make each round which adds to the tense air about the game.

On the negative side there is little else to the game and so some gamers will feel it lacks depth. It does feel much more of a "gateway" game and my wife and kids will happily play and enjoy it. I would thoroughly recommend it for families it is a good fun and relatively light hearted game.I would have liked to have seen more cards and a few more options, perhaps an advanced version with a few more mechanics, but if you want to while away 30-45 minutes with a game that won't tax you too much you could do worse than picking up The Adventurers: Pyramids of Horus. Just don't get trapped in a cave in!
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