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Subject: A game of two Andys 7: Poland crushed (by the other lot) rss

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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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We continue ...

Jan / Feb 40

Yee hah, it’s a new year and everyone gets lots of spiffy force pool additions.

The CW wins the politics bidding and gears up – lots of new ASW to build I assume. The Russians blow all their bid points for two options next, gear up and then do yet another coup on Turkey. 2D move them out from under Germany – just – derailing the Germans plans who are next , also with 2 options. Adolf ponders, then offers the peace (surrender terms) to France and then adds a second alliance on Turkey. And then finishes the politics.

This was a huge mistake - Germany should have just scratched the French peace plan and allied Turkey. The second German option could then have used to bring Turkey into the war on the German side, immediately giving the Soviets a southern front to deal with. At this point it seemed like there would be plenty of time to put this plan into action, but as we will see, this was not the case.

Russians up first in military affairs with awful weather everywhere, and Zhukov launches another assault on Danzig. In blizzard. Adolf and Mussolini are amazed to find that the Russians have many winterized units – unfortunately, the dice are unkind, and Russia loses a MTN Div.

The democrats shuffle, but France still hunkers down in Paris. Adolf is making increasingly irritated noises about deals and coming back to ‘finish the job’. The USSR (who is lend leasing oil to the French through Turkey – or possibly Italy) seems to be intent on stirring up trouble yet again.

In the absence of any realistic targets, the Germans content themselves with killing some French partisans.

Greg rolls the next weather which is worse. He rails a couple of boys, the Democrats pass and finish it. A properly short turn followed by partisans in the NEI which is, of course, bad news for the Japanese.

Mar / Apr 40

Japan wins the bidding and coups Yugoslavia back into neutrality. Russia installs a puppet government in Rumania. Politics ends early immediately after France offers a conditional surrender. Yet again Germany neither peaces out with France nor brings Turkey into the war.

Naval conflict erupts in the Baltic and Simon rolls 1 on consecutive search rolls (possibly for the first time ever). Paris Commune, Comintern and Krasni Krym sunk, Koln, Konigsberg and Emden damaged. Soviet Baltic Sea fleet gone – that will help.

The world* cheers as Danzig finally falls – both garrison units flipped, Zhukov committed to raise a 1:1 to a +10 attack. The lead spearhead remains upright, the Germans counter by convincing Italy to declare war on Russia.

Eh? Don’t think so Greg. No convincing from Germany and in fact, no declaration. The Russian ambassador helpfully points out that the Italian fleet cannot in fact sail through the Bosporus. Stalin kindly offers to allow Laurencini to withdraw the declaration. After having some generals shot, Laurencini takes out his pique on Greece.

Two divisions land in Kalamar but it is also helpfully pointed out by the Russian ambassador that Italy is still a neutral major power and thus only one boat can move. Laurencini shoots an admiral or two and berates the Greek gods.

Meanwhile in China, Tojo succeeds in recapturing Tsi-Nan but it is a pyrrhic victory as the Communist troops are killed at the cost of one MOT and one MIL corps.

The French continue their slow trip back to sun themselves on the South coast.

*Note – the use of the word “world” in this context refers only to those countries under the heel of international Bolshevism.

May / June 1940

Politics. Now that all the other big boys are playing, the CW declares war on Germany. US Entry is now so far down the toilet as to be in the local sewage works. Germany’s missed opportunities with Turkey come home to roost as Russia finally manages to start a civil war in Turkey robbing Simon of his potential southern ally. The government has a small advantage in numbers but poor position – nothing is going to happen here in a hurry. Japan gears up. The US takes bid points. France offer the surrender again, but (as usual) then end the turn before Germany can respond.

All in all, it’s another miserable political stage for Germany. “Very well, alone then” muses rants Adolf.

The Democrats launch their massive assault in France which appears to involve Swiss Andy shipping Wavell into Bordeaux. And er, that’s it.

The Russians have another one hex frontage pop, get a ground strike in (and knock down their first German FTR) and get a /R result on a +5 with the main army units remaining upright. Still pushing into the heart of Germany (or as it is more accurately known – East Prussia).

Italy continues to posture in Greece and considers declaring war against France. Go on then Lax – on you go. Germany contemplates the duplicity of Frenchmen and positions for a shock and awe response.

Weather goes poor and nothing much happens. After it clears up, the Democrats have another go and Laurence’s newly warring Italians catch the French fleet as they pass through the Western Med with a bunch of subs. After a brief skirmish, Lorraine and an Italian SUB end up in the repair pool.

The CW advances towards a lone German MIL hiding in Nantes and declares the attack. A poor roll and one South African INF bites the dust and Wavell and a hapless MECH lie comatose in the French countryside.

The Fascists are up and Laxy boy has a go at the French fleet again – this time in the Eastern Med. Bad move. Big surprise for Andy P results in the first round sinking of Fiume and Bari not at all balanced by the damaging of Montecalm and Dupleix on the Freench side. The Germans destroy the CW Mechanised corps on the Loire and the French Infantry heading towards Alsace. The Italians invade and assault Athens and succeed in securing the capital (Go Lax!).

Japanese aircraft approach the Chinese mountains on a ground strike but Chinese FTRs scare them off.

France searches in the Italian coast and gets 5 surprise points to initiate a surface combat in which the Foch is sunk and the Guilio Cesare and Conti di Cavour are both damaged, the Italians then withdraw leaving the sea area to the soon to be homeless French navy. All of which means the Greek army in the mountains can trace supply to Salonika and therefore charge down to liberate Athens. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for the writers of this particular Greek tragedy they fail heroically taking a MTN div with them. Looks like no more ouzo for Andy P.

The CW land more troops in France and destroy an out of supply German Militia expecting the turn to end - but the turn continues. The Communists also fail to end the turn and the Fascists approach the table with evil grins.

Germany clears a flipped INF south of Paris which is now totally surrounded, an Italian MTN takes Toulon and Italy sails a TRS out of Greece with a MECH onboard. This latest sortie is bravely intercepted by the Greek navy (aka a lightly armed fishing vessel) which pays for its impudence by being promptly creamed by the Italian big guns.

The turn ends and a Partisan arrives in France – which is just as well as no French troops are scheduled to. Greece is gone but Andy P continues drinking the ouzo.

Jul / Aug 40

The CW, top of the political bidding pile as ever, guarantees Bulgaria. The Japanese take bid points. The Germans gear up. The Russians think hard (i.e. they hadn’t got a plan before bidding) and then also take bid points. As do the Americans who then end it by rolling a one. Lax is a bit annoyed as it really looked like he would get to play his owed options.

It is the end of the evening. Goodnight Jim Bob.
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