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Subject: Yet another Multiplayer Variant rss

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Inspired by some ideas posted on this board.


One Round consists of one Turn of each player going from the First Player to the next in clockwise order until all players have had one Turn.

The Last Player is the player who has the last Turn during each Round (i.e. the one sitting to the right of the starting player).

Basic Rules:

The First Player Penalty counts for all players but the Last Player.

Players are not removed from the game, regardless of how many of their zones are burning, or whether they are running out of cards (they simply cannot draw additional cards at that point, which is enough of a penalty by itself).

Every player starts the game with 8 Damage Tokens in each of their zones. These are not considered damage, but rather represent the zone's remaining hit points.

Dealing damage to a zone (through an attack or other means) allows the attacker to take one Damage Token from that zone for every point of damage inflicted and place it aside into a Victory Points pile, that each player has. Those VP piles are open for all players to see and count at any time (to keep track of who has collected how many VP).

Damage Cancellation effects prevent damage as normal (lowering the number of Damage Tokens taken from the zone).

When a zone loses its last Damage Token (or hit point), the zone is burning as normal (place a Burn Token into the zone).

As soon as a zone is burning, three Damage Tokens (or as many as there are, if less than three) are immediately removed from that player's Victory Points pile and returned to the common pool.

Developing a zone and healing a zone adds another Damage Token from the common pool to the zone (in case of healing, only up to 8 + the number of Developments in that zone).

If a Development is removed, a Damage Token is removed (and placed into the common pool) from that zone as well (possibly causing the zone to burn).

Moving Damage Tokens from one zone to another is likewise done in reverse, i.e. when a token is normally taken from zone A and moved into zone B, it is now taken from zone B and moved into zone A.

The game ends, when at the end of the Last Player's Turn, one player has at least 24 VP collected.

The player with the most VP is the winner.

The game also ends (immediately), if all but one player have all their zones burning.

In this case, the player with at least one zone without a burn marker is the winner.

In case of a tie in VP, the winner is the one with the least zones burning.

If still a tie, the winner is the one with the most combined power in the Kingdom and Quest zones.

If still a tie, the players share the victory.

Optional Rules:

1) Higher number of VP (esp. with a larger number of players, this might be a good idea), like 32 or up to (8x number of players), required to win the game.

2) You cannot declare a non-burning zone of one opponent as the target of your attack, unless every other opponent has at least as many zones burning as the opponent you want to attack.

3) The attacker gains bonus VP (Damage Tokens are taken from the common pool) equal to the number of opponents that have no more VP in their VP pile than the opponent they are attacking when damaging a zone. However, the attacker cannot score more bonus VP than the number of Damage Tokens that are taken from the zone as a result of the attack.

4) Each player has one unique Player Token (use whatever is at hand, as long as the tokens are different enough, like different colored dice). After (!) each Battlefield Phase, the player places the Player Token next to the zone that was attacked during the phase. If no zone was attacked, the Player Token is set aside. Zones that have a Player Token next to them cannot be declared as the target of an attack by anyone during the Battlefield Phase (they can still be affected by other means).

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Ryan Langewisch
United States
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I actually really like a lot of the ideas you have here, I think I will try it out the next time I get the chance.
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