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Conclusion: This game is better than the other Survivor Card game. In this game, you are trying to collect survivor "things" and the first one to do it from their list (same list, but you have to collect different things) gets immunity and everyone votes someone out. If a game could be combined with the other card game, you might have a neat game on your hands. You vote people out of the game (which I don't like) and the game comes down to a vote (final two) so the non-gamer will win more than the known gamer (I don't like this either). Overall, it is a collection game where you vote people out. That's it. I'll hold on, but it is a purge.

Components: You get a deck of cards and a rule book. The cards are nice enough, but nothing to write home about. Below par, but not cheap.

Rules: The rules are clear, concise, and easy to digest. The game is very simple and you can be playing within seconds of reading the rule book.

Flow of the Game: You have two decks: command deck and a survival deck. On your turn, you turn over the command deck and do what it says (ex: trade an item with someone). At the start of the game, everyone has a card that list all the items that you are to collect and yours will have some different things highlight that you need to collect. These are items you hope to get in order to get the hidden immunity idol. After someone completes their checklist, they get the idol and then you vote someone out.

When you get to the final two, the people voted out then vote for a winner. There are flaws in this in that people voted out are no longer playing the game and likely to get bored and the winner is likely to be the non-gamer.

Should I buy this game?: Yes if you are a big fan of survivor and/or for a simple card game for kids. You will have to modify it for kids so they are not voted out with nothing to do.

Overall, I'd say purge and pass on this.
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