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Subject: Fortification hexes and detatched forts rss

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Wesley Williams
United States
Capital Region
New York
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We just go done playing through the a game using the Standard Rules, and came up with the following questions/issues.

Issue (1):

From the rulebook (Standard Rules):

"In this type of assault ALL of the forts in or on the sides of the square being attacked are destroyed in a successful attack even though only one side of the fortified square is attacked."

So, does this mean that if a French unit is in Antwerp, and the Seige roll is successful, that ALL of the forts in ALL directions are destroyed, or only on the side being attacked?

What does this mean for a city like Antwerp, which is surround by two "rings" of fortress zones. Are the interior forts destroyed because they share a hexside with the outer ring?

Issue (2):

The gameboard states, regarding Movement Restrictions for Fortress Zone Squares:
"No enemy movement at all through squares containing fort(s) on TWO or more sides of that square."

This implies no movement is allowed, however - the errata (Files section) says that for a detatched fort being artillery-infantry assaulted with no defending units in the hex "detatched fort may be assaulted from an adjacent square or from within the fort square itself. (See Movement Restrictions)"

Issue (3):

Some cites, like Paris, are surrounded by hexes with multiple detatched forts in them. Does this affect game play, or is it just aesthetics? (i.e. what's the difference between a hex with 4 detatched forts vs. one?)

I'm no newbie when it comes to these kinds of games, but the rules leave much to be desired...

Thanks in advance!

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Andrew Schwalenberg
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1. The key here is that there is more than one way to assault a fortress hex. If you aren't using the combined attack you don't just destroy the all the fortresses at once. (But if you are, they fall in one turn). In the cases of 2 rings the inner forts bordering the assaulted square are also destroyed.

2. You can move into the hexes with 2 forts, but not through them. This is to prevent the Germans from just going around Liege, for example.

3. The detached forts in the hexes around Paris are subject to the same rules when attacking them, but they do not prevent movement along adjacent hexes as they would if they were on the border.
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