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Subject: Kill the Dragons rss

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John Poskin
United States
Sauk Village
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What’s Black, Red, Green and Blue and is coming to visit the realm again? DRAGONS!!! This will be the fourth time the group of dragons have attack the realm twice they have had their way and once our bravest hero’s defeated them. The realm once again is looking for some hero’s to defend them. (we always draw 2 hero’s at random and keep one) The hero’s who responded tonight were

Frank the Monk
John the Ranger
Mike the Eagle Rider
Debbie the Captain of the Guard

For those who are new to our adventures (the round gamers) our games included some homemade chocolate cookie (Yummmmmmmmy) you have to feed those hero’s.

Attacking the realm today were a mean set of dragons
Brimstone the Red
Onyx the Black
Hemlock the Green
Sapphire the Blue

John was the first player and set out to get the green imps in green areas with his +1 to hit them. Mike and the others moved towards their first quest to get us going. Mike was the first to fulfill his quest and got the Amulet of the Gods (+1 to combat rolls).
By the end of the second turn Brimstone had moved twice and was burning up the realm with his fire breathing ability. In addition Sapphire had moved one step closer to Monarch City.
Our brave hero’s put there heads together and decided that the red menace had to go so Brimstone became the target. Brimstones combat special ability is to reroll any hits you get against him makes him a hard target. Now the attack was on John managed to get one hit, Mike added two more and Frank got two more and we had our best dice roller left to go in Debbie who GASP MISSED. Mike tosses down a special card that allows Debbie to reroll all her dice and she manages to finish off Brimstone. Scratch one Dragon and that helps against the blue imps and Sapphires hit points is reduced by one.
The game was getting tense as the Blue imps seemed to be getting out of hand when Debbie played a Cavalry sweep special card, and Mike’s plus one on the die rolls ended that threat for now. We look at the other threats, we had that down to 3 fires and 4 taint
Now it was time for another dragon to die, but which one? Looking at our attack cards it is close between Onyx and Hemlock but Onyx is closer to Monarch city so we go after him. We waited to all of us were there but that cost us a quest card as Onyx tried to get out of our way and move closer to Monarch city but Frank stopped that with one of his quest cards. Onyx is a tough dragon as his combat ability is he parries and counterstrikes on a one or two. Now onto the battle John rolled first and as is normal with him he rolled three ones or twos and took three hits. Mike got one hit but took a hit. Debbie was the hero again scoring four hits before Frank got the Death blow but took a wound in the action. During the following darkness spreads phase the card flipped told us to reveal a hero card and any hero on that color space took a hit. Mike and John suffered another point of damage. We all breathed a sigh of relief as Debbie played her special card that healed all wounds.
Now the game is getting interesting as Sapphire is one step away from Monarch city and Hemlock and his green horde are getting up there in numbers. We take the time to reduce the green horde some but another darkness spread wounds John and Frank. Then the second darkness spread card moves Sapphire to Monarch city but frank plays his special card that prevents him from moving then plays a second one that allows him to take any card from the box and he returns the prevent the dragons move card back.
The game status has the red minions growing the most but under controls eight taint and four fires. Nothing to worry about right now so let’s go get Hemlock. Hemlocks special combat abilities force us to discard half of one color hero cards. John loses his specials, Frank his (ugh) green, Debbie her black cards and Mike his Blue cards. The attack is on and down goes Hemlock as Mike lands the killing blow. On the down side the next darkness spreads cards have Sapphire move but Frank prevents that again and adds two more taint and a fire. Debbie draws a special that removes some minions from the board and pushes back any one dragon; Monarch City is a little safer.
We plan the attack on Sapphire, as we have two special cards that keep us from drawing any darkness spread cards we head for Sapphire, but with ten taint on the board we plan on getting rid of some of them on the way. Frank takes his turn stops on his way to Sapphire but fails to remove any taint but no darkness spread cards either so he is the first to arrive at Sapphire and kills the only minion with him. Mike is up next and battles a couple blue minions and removes a taint before getting to Sapphire and again we play the card that keeps us from drawing any darkness spread cards. Now it is John’s turn who shoots a couple of green minions out of the way and removes a taint taking us down to eight left on the board. Debbie is the finial player but John must draw his darkness spread cards which result is the addition of four Taint. No NO NO NO it can’t be we lose to taint.

The picture is of the final standings in the game. We would have won on Debbie's turn.

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