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Subject: Alliance of Good and Evil, It Was Never Going to Last rss

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Rauli Kettunen
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Ending: Random (none chosen at the start, once someone reaches the Crown, shuffle up these six: Battle Royale, Crown and Sceptre, Eagle King, Hand of Doom, Horrible Black Void, Ice Queen, roll a die, flip over the ending matching the number)

Dark Cultist vs Warlock vs Vampire Hunter. Dark Cultist draws weak early monsters, killing them easily, but unfortunately for her, only gaining more Fate. Warlock hits a tough spell on the Middle Region very soon, although manages to spell-cycle despite starting with the Alchemy spell, but after meeting the Hag, drops to the Outer Region and hits the Village to rid himself of her, gaining access to Followers once more. Ironically, the Warlock has drawn the Wand, but after he had already used the Alchemy spell and is now desperately trying to make it to the City to turn the Wand to gold as well.

Ladies aren't willing to let him go and the Lunar Events, together with the Vampire Hunter casting the Haunting Poltergeist on him, conspire to bring about the end of the Warlock. Dark Cultist lands on him and defeats him, taking the Wand. Since the Warlock is followed by the females in turn order, he moves one away from them, then they both pounce on him. This is done thanks to Guiding Light Lunar Event which allows characters to move up to the number they rolled, so the ladies choose to move just one. Quickly, the Warlock is overcome and killed. Dark Cultist even gaining a couple of points of Strength from the kill as she took Lives from him.

Warlock is replaced by the Swashbuckler who resumes his predecessor's role as the Dark Cultist's whipping boy. In fact, the Swashbuckler is an even better option, being of good alignment, it allows more choices when making her sacrifice. Another use for the Guiding Light proves the Idol on the Outer Region, Vampire Hunter in particular making use of it as she has no vested interest in picking on the Swashbuckler. Dark Cultist too tires of her sport, although Guiding Light finally getting removed certainly put a damper on her attempts as well. She heads to the Highlands.

Vampire Hunter heads the other way and delves into the Dungeon, having boosted up somewhat from the Idol, she is looking to catch up to the Dark Cultist in stats. When the Dark Cultist, out of Fate, runs into the Luck Fairy and is Toaded, things are looking interesting again. Unfortunately, the Swashbuckler is unable to reach the Luck Fairy to claim the possessions ditched and after the Dark Cultist resumes her own form, he hightails it out of the Highlands. Dark Cultist, with the aid of the Trailblazer, is not only able to regain her items and followers, but also makes two more Craft kills, netting her +1 Craft from each after cashing them in.

Vampire Hunter is doing well in the Dungeon, only trouble for her the limited inventory. Still, she is making excellent gains, surpassing the Dark Cultist in Strength and starting to eye the Treasure Chamber. When the Reaper and Werewolf almost catch up to her near the Dungeon Entrance, she moves deeper into the Dungeon. Thanks to her Torch, she has decent control over her movement. Dark Cultist takes a Rune Gate from the Highlands to the Middle Region and drives the Swashbuckler back to the Outer Region, his speed only increased after she draws the Magic Carpet.

Dark Cultist, seeing that she still needs a few more points, takes a Dungeon Door into the Dungeon and then defeats a Gate Keeper, choosing to teleport to the Warlock's Cave and take a Warlock's Quest, lucking out and drawing "Discard 5 points of Craft trophies", so she cashes the Gate Keeper to complete the quest and gain a Talisman. Since the Vampire Hunter is looking tougher and tougher, the Dark Cultist decides to hit the Inner Region now. Vampire Hunter's plans to annihilate the Lord of Darkness took a hit after the Magical Vortex wiped the Toadify from her mind.

She is still heading toward the Treasure Chamber and reaches it right after the Dark Cultist passed the Portal of Power. Vampire Hunter quaffs her Elixir of Rage for +3 Str, giving her Str 19 in battle. She also uses her Weighted Dice to "roll" a 6, but unfortunately, the LoD rolls a 5 and being Night, this means she only defeats him by 7, same amount that she had as her advantage going in, gaining a Talisman as her Treasure. She exits and arrives at the Plain of Peril, attacking the Dark Cultist and defeating her, gaining +1 Str and Craft from her Holy Avenger and taking the Cultist's Talisman.

Dark Cultist is forced to drop back down to the Middle Region and can only watch as the Vampire Hunter moves unstoppably toward the Crown of Command. But then, reprieve and from an unexpected source, as the Swashbuckler has gained a spell and casts the Path of Destiny on the Vampire Hunter as she is in the Valley of Fire. Worse for her, she draws "Discard 1 Weapon" Quest and has a weapon, so she is forced to complete the quest and teleports to the Warlock's Cave. Two turns later she re-enters the Inner Region, only for the Dark Cultist to pounce and attack her, taking a Talisman from her.

Still, Vampire Hunter is now ahead in terms of movement order and enters the Mines with Craft 14, only to roll a 15, use her last Fate to reroll a 6, only to get another 6 and bounce to the Plain of Peril. She attacks the Dark Cultist who avoids the fight through Summon Phoenix. Now the Dark Cultist has the edge and starts moving toward the Crown, Vampire Hunter following, preparing to attack the Cultist at the Valley of Fire. Swashbuckler has made decent gains since his arrival, but is still lagging well behind, Vampire Hunter packing Str 17, Craft 15, Dark Cultist Str 13, Craft 16.

One space at a time the ladies close in on the Crown of Command, Dark Cultist spell-cycling as much as she can with the Wand, even helping the Vampire Hunter once just to rid herself of a spell. Luckily for her, it pays off and as the Vampire Hunter attacks the Dark Cultist in the Valley of Fire, she has a Weakness spell, allowing her to defeat the Vampire Hunter in battle. Dark Cultist move to the Crown and the ending is revealed: Ice Queen. Packing Craft 17 in psychic combat and it being Day, Dark Cultist doesn't even need to roll as she takes down the Craft 12 Ice Queen, winning the game in which she was Toaded.

I do kind of want another random ending which would allow me to take out either the Eagle King or Ice Queen. Currently, with 1/3 odds of having an end fight, seems like you're better off grinding until you're around 15 in whichever stat you'll be fighting with than making a run around the normal Inner Region stats (8-10, depending on your Fate, Objects and Followers). Since I started keeping track of the Adventure cards drawn, this game saw the most drawn, 216 (includes Dungeon and Highland cards), but still the game finished in under 2 hours.
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