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Vincent Demeriat
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Sera Eldwyn looked out beyond the mountains to the west and north-west. It was easy to see that there was nothing spectacular. But that wasn't what she was looking for.

In fact, there it was. A small cloud. Goblins. The pests were always launching attacks at everything it could. Like a child, the Goblins would always cry out for something they wished they could have but never could. The tantrum they would pull this time, Sera Eldwyn thought, would be no different than any other tantrum they would pull any other day. She led her Knights forward in a defensive phalanx, knowing that there was no way the Goblins were hardier than they.

As the Goblins approached, Sera realized that something was wrong and she chanted a small elegy, bringing forth a Wall of magic from the ground. A paler, greener wall appeared in front of her, and Sera finally saw the problem. A summoning stone. It was pale, green, and sickly, much like the skin those cursed Goblins had. Her resolve steeled. Her stone was not going to be tainted; the purity and divine power of the stone shone in its clear white and blue color.

Even though the Goblins had rushed into battle, they moved into position, setting up for a strike if the Knights moved forward. It was clear, Sera thought, that these Goblins were led well. A forward rush would be tantamount to suicide under normal circumstances, on both their parts, but with the Goblins in a defensive mindset, Sera felt it was safe to move her Guardian Knights forward. The most forward fell to the ground, her metal armor falling into disrepair as the female Guardian Knight was absorbed into that cursed stone.

Unperturbed, Sera positioned her group again, and with no signs of movement from the summoning stone, moved forward and struck the wielder with holy magic. The cry the Goblin gave was proof that it was hurt. However, Sera realized, to her horror, that the cry was not one of pain. It was of anger.

Suddenly, activity flurried from the battle. Two small goblins appeared, both wielding a small hatchet, and with three cries from the stone's wielder, what had been just two goblins were now many. They rushed into position, their eyes red with fury, and her Guardian Knight flanking her was killed in one hit by the Goblin Summoner. She looked in horror as the two Goblins that had been summoned were now beside her, and they weren't two, they were four. Quickly, the first two struck Sera, and before she could raise a guard up, the original goblin threw the copy at Sera, destroying the copy and hurting the 16-year old. Before she could regain her bearings, again the second duo attacked, but the copy was slower, and she rolled out of the way to dodge. As she stood up, remembering the trick the first duo had produced, she raised her staff to block the incoming Goblin.

And received two throw axes into her stomach. With the stone no longer able to sustain her shield, she cried out in a loud voice.


"Lady Eldwyn, stay still!" The cry was a frantic one. Sera had fallen ill, and in her daze to return to her sleeping quarters, she had fallen and hit her head on the stone walkways that consisted the entirety of the castle. She now tossed and turned, and though the Priests applied their healing oils, she continued to dream.

Kalon Lightbringer turned away from the scenery and began to walk back to the Citadel. The trial had failed. She was not ready to lead the people. Not yet. In a mere three rounds of combat she had been felled. She needed more experience.
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