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Subject: Competitive Faction Breakdown - Phoenix Elves (Part 1) rss

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Vincent Demeriat
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Note: Each faction breakdown will consist of three parts. Part 1 will consist of giving the lowdown of each of the Units, and Part 2 will take a look at the individual matchups and strengths/weaknesses. I may have a Part 3 for an FAQ; it all depends on the comments and questions that come in.

Part 1 - Phoenix Elf Unit Breakdown

Prince Elien - Summoner [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
Prince Elien is the frailest summoner in the game. It makes sense, too. His faction is all about doing direct damage. This is one of the strongest themes in the game, and as such warrants a very low life for the poor Prince Elien. It's not all bad news, though. He can one-shot 74 out of the game's 88 commons with just his Fire Blast alone.

There's really only one way to play him; protect him. Elien's 4 life is a liability with all the damage you can muster. Don't forget to cover up any holes you may have in your defense, and remember your Wall placement is very important. If you're using Fire Blast, make sure to cover up afterwards using Grubs or Warriors.

Rahlee - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
Definitely the worst Phoenix Elf Champion, but not necessarily not playable. Granted, with 23 Champions out there to use, Rahlee won't crack the top 10. However, her use is surprising to many and can be what you need against another low-life Summoner.

If you use her, use cheap champs like The Seer and Khan Queso to keep your Champion costs down, or just have expensive ones ready in case the plan goes down. Anyways, Rahlee goes well with high-life commons. Swarm your opponent with them, and then when while they're having difficulty fighting them off, send in Rahlee. It forces the opponent to fight you, and because you have Burns, Greater Burn, and Spirit of the Phoenix, you have the head-to-head advantage. Just keep cranking out the Fire Beasts and Guardians.

Holleas - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
One of the better Champions of the Phoenix Elves. She may use up a lot of Magic, but in exchange you get toughness. And hey, 2 Ranged, 5 Life, for 4 Magic is a bargain. Holleas is a great Elien Defender, where she can summon around the corner to prevent anybody from getting too close. She can also be an offensive force, taking down walls with her and her Fire Beasts while your opponent's weaker commons can die in one hit.

She fits best in a deck suited to spending magic for commons. This usually means no Fire Drake, but it does mean Etch can do some amazing things for her. I wouldn't ever suggest putting more than 6 Fire Beasts in with Holleas, though.

Kaeseeall - Champion [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
She's actually now becoming a force. Pre-Master Set, she was definitely not used as much, but now, with the heavy emphasis of melee on lots of the Phoenix Elves' weaknesses, Kaeseeall's ability to turn the tide literally becomes much more important.

Sticking her in a Vine Wall or just in front of an opponent's Wall is most of the time the best place to put her, and she can tear down walls as well as Holleas can by herself. Her increased cost does mean she's sometimes not worth it, but it is great when you can control an opponent's Krung just to put it in a bad spot. Recognize the limitations of Kaeseeall and she will do great things.

Maelena - Champion [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
Called by James Sitz as the perfectly-costed Champion, Maelena's main force is her attack. Because of her automatic 1-wound, she has a better chance of taking down 2-life and 3-life commons better than her ranged counterpart can. But her main strength over Laleya is Wall breaking. If they don't want to engage her, fine. Take Maelena over to the nearest wall and start flaming it up.

Laleya and Maelena are a great duo together, but combining them with Warriors make them deadly.

Laleya - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
This is your main attack force at ranged if you go with the standard Fire Drake, Maelena, and Laleya/Holleas, that is. Laleya's power isn't that great; it's just 1 more die at melee range. But what makes her superior over the others is the ability to strike a melee summoner for 2, forcing it to come close, then Spiriting for 3. The importance of her range is very evident.

However, with the coming metagame, she's starting to fall out of favor for another champion. There are the odd Laleya/Holleas/Kaeseeall all-ranged decks, but that lacks power and auto-wounds, something both Maelena and Fire Drake excel at. Laleya's only advantage over Holleas and Kaeseeall may not even show up at times, but as one of the three champions that can Precise for 3, she's worth it.

Fire Drake - Champion [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
The big boss. With beef and a Flame Breath that goes through Walls, Fire Drake is a boss. The trick to micromanaging Fire Drake comes from knowing when to use his Breath of Fire. The trick is simple; his average damage is 2. Unless you really need to hit a Champion or there's only one target for Breath of Fire that isn't at 1 life, you should be using Breath of Fire every turn he attacks. Commons usually aren't deadly, and the ones that are shouldn't be exposed to Fire Drake if you can help it.

With that said, with how the decks are being made nowadays, there will be times that a wish goes out that Fire Drake didn't cost 7. Pay it no mind. He'll always be good for you.

Fencer - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
If you don't run Holleas, this is a great alternative. The Fencer isn't actually anti-common, it's anti-low AV. This makes it great in the Cloak and Vanguard matchups, where barring Snipers, Cavalry Knights, and Holy Judgment, everything has 1 AV. Fencers are free, so you can play them to get a quick blocker against Jungle Elves' omni-range or as a pressure and blocking Unit against the Deep Dwarves. They're versatile, but don't expect too much from them.

They're great if you're a Champion-heavy build and you want cheap but effective shields for Elien. You can't afford to be reckless with these guys either, which is a good reminder when you play them.

Archer - Common [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
These guys are making a resurgence. With the melee force that a lot of Elien's weaknesses use, the ability to outrange them is very good. If you position them well, you can even make it so that when they come closer, Elien's Fire Blast will knock them away. If they hide their Units, remember that shooting their Walls no longer puts your Archers out of reach, so they're not the best Wall-killing tool. But as long as Elien is nearby, Commons will be scared to approach them.

Archers function well in a support deck, aimed at taking out as many Units as possible. They're great only in the beginning and at the end, particularly against Melee Units. Keep that in mind.

Warrior - Common [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
The best common Elien has access to, bar none. 2 Melee for 1 cost allows them to strike whatever they need to, and Blaze Step is the cover for Elien. Granted, having one life does cause problems and gives up quite a bit of magic, but Elien shouldn't need the cover in the very early game. Positioning should take care of the rest.

Warriors are also anti-champion in a way because they can deal more damage than they cost. Make sure to partner them up with hard-hitting Champions to make sure opposing Champions aren't a threat.

Guardians - Common [Starter Set: Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs]
Guardians are interesting. They hold a guaranteed 1 die against any Unit, and are the only 2-life common that the Phoenix Elves have. When playing them, remember their name. They're not Rushers, Warriors, or even Berserkers. They're Guardians. Use their life, not their Precise, and keep them close to your own Walls. Preferably, diagonally.

If you ever wonder why Fury seems to be really effective against Elien, it's because you're not running these in your deck. Guardians cut the power of Fury at least in half, moreso if the Fury came from a Fighter. Try them out, but in a defensive role. You need a defensive Unit either way, and if you don't like Fencers or Grubs, put these guys in.

Fire Beast - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
These guys are versatile. Really versatile. Against Swarm Factions where little guys can rush up to Elien really fast, they protect him and can burn the little guys hard. Against hard-hitting attackers they can suicide themselves to gain a magic back but also hit their opponent. This is the reason I used 3 in my tournament deck last year without Holleas.

To be fair, they're not great in a lot of matchups without Holleas, and if you have to cast them for 3, they better be doing a lot of killing to match it. However, when they are useful, they work well.
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Matt Brown
United States
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Might be nice to know which ones come in the faction packs versus reinforcement packs.
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Vincent Demeriat
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Khan Queso - Champion [Online Order: Promo #1]
Khan Queso is quite a nuisance for both ally and enemy. Plague seems to trigger successfully at the most random of time. However, since you get to determine movement order, you can send him to the front lines and Plague, with back-up behind him.

Unfortunately, for Splinter here, Fire Beasts are a better choice for that 3 Magic. And that's saying something. Skip him.

The Seer - Champion [Faction Deck: Mercenaries]
The Seer is a cheap Champion that aims to help balance your hand on defense and mess with your opponent's deck on offense. It's ranged so you can use it as a cheap ranged attacker.

Unfortunately for The Seer, his role is very simple to spot, and the Phoenix Elves aren't a rush deck. Phoenix Elves are frail enough as is, and he unfortunately doesn't help in that regard. The Seer would fit best into a deck where the goal is to not only summon high-cost Commons but high-cost Champions too, so you can manipulate your draws slightly to be able to obtain that Magic you need a bit earlier. However, Etch does a much better job at that. Skip him.

Etch - Champion [Faction Deck: Mercenaries]
If you want to run high-cost everything, Etch is your go-to guy. Etch's ability to Meditate and not being the Deep Dwarves is a cool way to go about it. It is slow, so be in guard if you're not a defensive deck already.

While Walls are important to the Phoenix Elves, not all three Walls are equally important, so if you want, you can sacrifice one Wall for up to 9 Magic. As usual, Etch should not be used against the Guild Dwarves and offensive Mercenaries, but his skills are usable for the Magic-Strapped Phoenix Elves. Try him out in a Warrior/Fire Beast deck.

Sairook - Champion [Online Order: Promo #2]
Sairook can heal himself for up to 3 Wounds for 4 Magic. It's interesting, in a way. A ranged Champion with a decent amount of life, his reusability in factions that can keep obtaining Magic is very interesting.

Unfortunately for the Phoenix Elves, they are a lesser Deep Dwarves when it comes to Magic accounting, and need every single Magic Point they get to be their best. This does mean this Ornithian has to take a backseat. Sorry.

Duggle - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
Duggle is a force of a beast. Despite looking like a Deep Dwarf, he acts anything but, charging forward and taking down commons. His speed is dangerous, and with how cheap he is, he'll be looking for somebody to take down.

Duggle isn't as great in the Phoenix Elves because he's a middle-of-the-road champion. Despite being great at what he does, the Phoenix Elves can pretty much do it for a cheaper cost. This does leave this poor Dwarf out of a job. In addition, Phoenix Elves want common play against them most of the time, and this guy discourages it. Skip him.

Khexhu - Champion [Online Order: Promo #3]
Khexhu is one of the few Champions that can be healed. Like Sairook, it costs Magic, but at least it doesn't cost a hefty four magic. Being able to stay still and heal, holding a lane down against incoming enemy Units is valuable.

Phoenix Elves love this guy. If they can support him with Wall placements to disable any Champions coming towards Khexhu, this Vekkid can keep the fort holding strong.

Naan'nashi - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Goodwin's Blade]
Naan'nashi is an enigma of a Unit. Properly costed for a non-merc, and his ability allows him to take the place of a common, provided that he take that common's wounds as well. This means he serves as a highlight to any assassination strategy, especially one where the Unit he replaces can either be retrieved again or has only 1 life.

Read his bio. Prince Elien hates him in canon. Why would he hire him? To be fair, there is a gimmicky way by discarding a Fire Beast to get in some quick hits, but Fire Beasts are better at what they do than Naan'nashi does. Skip him.

Rath - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
Rath is another Ornithian, but unlike the previous flighty bird this one uses his flight offensively, seeking out blood to devour it. Definitely acting on instinct, this bird of prey is one to watch out for.

Now this is what the Phoenix Elves want to see. Oh, I can summon him, place a Burn on a common diagonally adjacent to his summoner, then move Rath there? Great! Rath does assassination better than Naan'nashi. At least, in the Phoenix Elves deck, where you can place a Wound Marker on any Common Unit from any distance.

Kogar - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Bellor's Retribution]
It's obvious after looking at him that he spent a lot of time in the arena. And his stats and power prove it. He's dealt with a lot of riff-raff in his day so he'll be making mincemeat out of any common too.

Kogar's unique. You want him clogging up walls, but you also want him taking out commons. This means that his versatility does place him in a weird position of "where do I move?". If you can get around Kogar's impulse to rush and hold a common in place, he can prove to be great defensively. The only question is, Kogar or Khexhu?

Magos - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
Magos' true ability is to give you more options to work with. However, just because you have more options doesn't necessarily make you more powerful. Magos' true power comes from how your deck is built. Do you have more one-ofs, or do you need to find that Champion and/or A Hero Is Born? Magos can help.

As with all factions, Magos helps with problematic hands, like all Champions early. However, since he costs 6, he can't do anything about it when you really need it early. Skip him. He's really only great in one deck right now.

Saella - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
The Phoenix Elf that fled. Cowardice may be how she stayed alive, but this is how she stays alive on the battlefield too. With the ability to always hit for 2, you can count on her to take out commons by the swarm.

"Well, look who crawled back. Saella. What happened? Did my...'mother' for you? Well, no matter. You are hereby branded as a traitor. Leave this place at once. Be glad I don't kill you for your impertinence." To be fair, she is useful in the deck as a Champion that will always hit her mark, but you have better options if you want 2 damage. Holleas, Laleya, Maelena, all do what she can do but cheaper.

Grubs - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Hawk's Strike]
A Hobgoblin Champion with the ability to block off attackers from your Summoner. Because of the penalty for keeping him too far from your Summoner, only do so when you're in dire straits.

Grubs goes well with any ranged Summoner, and Prince Elien is no exception. In fact, because of Elien's Fire Blast range, he can pull it off and still be protected more often than not. Remember when facing Knock Around that Grubs should be blocked by Walls so you can get around the fact he's going to be seeing stars against Knock Around.

Malevolence - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Grungor's Charge]
High price, high power. That's the thought behind Malevolence, the strongest Champion bar none. Her power makes it so she essentially has 5 life, worse if she attacks more. However, the threat of 4 Attack Dice is powerful. Not too many factions have that at all times.

If you end up using her in the Phoenix Elves, you have to treat her with the same delicacy you would when running Holleas. Keep her back protecting Elien, and dare anyone to come at you. If she gets low on life, especially if she has 1 life left, attack. You might as well get her as Magic as opposed to your opponent getting her.

Mundol - Champion [Faction Deck: Mercenaries]
The best Mercenary ranged Champ, Mundol powers up Apprentice Mages and Rune Mages. Unless you have space for Mercenaries, you're better off treating Mundol as if he had no power and just had a big Ranged attack.

Mundol is a weird exchange for Phoenix Elf philosophy. Lose the beef, gain defense. Mundol's ability to strike from afar, and for potentially as much damage as Prince Elien, is definitely a boon. The question is, is that worth giving up the ability to Precise your champion?

Rygos - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Piclo's Magic]
Rygos gives a new meaning to the term dual-wielding. Able to strike cleanly and efficiently, before shooting a far-off foe in the distance, Rygos fulfills the role of blocker very well. Of note: Clean Shot also works on Walls, so you can be next to a Wall and still Clean Shot it, if it triggers.

I personally would pick this over Kogar or Khexhu when it comes to blocking. Rygos is amazing. Attack someone for 3, then auto-wound for 1. The auto-wound lends its thematics to the Phoenix Elves and in all honesty Rygos is awesome for them. The only downside is that you're spending 7 Magic for him. But like Fire Drake, he'll always do wonders for you.

Urick - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
Urick is a big bruiser of a Champion. With tons of life and the ability to get enemy Champions out of the way, he is one heck of a Champion. Be wary when he lowers his head.

This guy is amazing. If Rygos wasn't an option, this is my guy. The ability to knock away melee champions away from Elien while at the same time damaging them? And he's 7 life for 7 cost? Yes please! The only problem is, when defending a lane, it's the ranged Units that are dangerous. Rygos can at least shoot them down and has relatively alright bulk to boot. Urick is better used on the offensive. The question is, what Champion can you get rid of to put him in?

Hulgorad - Champion [Reinforcement Pack: Taliya's Spirit]
The most expensive champion in the game, tied with Krung of the Tundra Orcs. In exchange for being not as strong or as tough, he can move up to three spaces in a straight line. Obviously, that is huge, and catches positioning Units off guard. Never underestimate the running of the bulls.

Hulgorad's use in the Phoenix Elves is less than stellar; accompanies a rush into the opponent's side to do damage. Surprisingly enough, because of Hulgorad's cost, Rahlee does a better job of leading the charge than he does, and allows you to have a few more Fire Beasts on the field. Skip him unless you don't like any of the previous options for defending Elien. He does have 7 life, after all.
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Chris Berger
United States
Round Lake
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This is all very impressive. I'm going to be awestruck if you manage to continue this level of depth for every faction.
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James Sitz
United States
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Nice work tns.
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Vincent Demeriat
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Apprentice Mage - Common [Faction Pack: Mercenaries]
Apprentice Mages are the like the little train that could. Except, not only could they, but they do, and quite well. Just give them a suitable set of tracks and they're set to go.

What the Phoenix Elves want out of a 0-coster are two things: a blocker, and cheap. The Apprentice Mage does both. However, if you aren't that meticulous with your magic counting and figure you'll be over on magic most of the time, use these guys instead of Fencers. Unlike Fencers, they can be annoying as attackers, and the ability to be a Ranged common or a 2 Melee at will is very good versatility. If you use them, try to stack some Fire Beasts or expensive Champions in.

Bow Grounder - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
They're the Units with the largest potential range. Bow Grounders can hit any space within 6 spaces of its starting position. That's huge. They're frail, but who cares about frailty if you get to hit your target?

The Phoenix Elves sure don't. They almost have the same range with their Archers, and those can be Spirited. Bow Grounders, not so much. And if you ever need to deal 1 to a target, you have Burn and Fire Drake for that. You can use them, just be aware of their limitations.

Rogue - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Bellor's Retribution]
Hidden in the dark night, these slinking assassins will wait until you've advanced to strike your foe, then hide behind you and hit you hard. Be careful of the Walls, for they hide your doom.

Right, because Prince Elien is ever leaving the safety of his Walls when there's Mercenaries in an opponent's hand. Anyways, unless you're a rushing deck that acts around the mid-game, don't bother with these guys.

Stonecloak - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Hawk's Strike]
Stonecloaks are cheap and buff Units that can take a few hits before dying. The only catch is, you lose vitality from your Walls. Can you afford the 3 damage? If you can, these guys are for you.

This means that they're not for the Phoenix Elves. When defending, you really need every life point you can get, and spending 1 Magic to weaken your defense isn't that great. Etch is cool because you get Magic back for weakening your defense, but Stonecloaks don't do enough for them.

Sword Grounder - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
Sword Grounders are sturdy defenders. Getting in the way and blocking them hits. They're great for powering off offensive charges and getting the necessary cards in hand to strike back. They may only have 1 Attack Value, but that's 4 dice to knock off a 1-cost Unit. That's pretty good.

And it's what Prince Elien wants. Warriors are more hit-and-run, but Sword Grounders just hold the fort down against lanes, which is definitely nice. Consider a few, and see if they match your playstyle.

Vermin - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Grungor's Charge]
If Khan Queso is the Tiny, Tiny Commander, then these guys are the very small mice that finds stuff for Khan Queso. Vermin is just a name given to them, and only because they annoy enemy summoners. Despite having only 1 life, Plague is such a great ability when getting in the thick of things. Hit Plague once and they're better than all the other 1-costers listed above. Hit Plague twice and that Vermin's golden.

Phoenix Elves can do much better things with 1 Magic than they can with Vermin. Warriors provide 2 dice with one attack, and can teleport to block Elien. Archers can shoot Melee Commons, and barring a few exceptions don't face retribution. And besides, the theme of the Phoenix Elves is never leaving things up to chance. What else could describe the Vermin's Plague but chance? Skip them.

Bounder - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Taliya's Spirit]
Bounders are leapfroggers, ignoring enemy placements and jumping as high as an Angel can fly, dropping down in enemy lines to place some hits on unsuspecting defenders. They were expelled from the Swamp the Swamp Orcs reside in, but it doesn't quite make sense, does it? They can't even jump over the swamp. Regardless, their ability to jump over Units makes them interesting Units to use.

Guardians. Despite how few of these are actually used in tournament decks, Guardians are better than Bounders in general. And that's saying something. Neither Unit can be Spirited, and both have that odd 1 Melee/2 Life base stat. But the ability to never miss beats doing at most 1 damage to a choice target. However, what might be surprising is that they are playable. Doing 1 damage to a choice target, huh? Doesn't that remind you of a certain Mercenary Champion mentioned above? Yup! Play Bounders with Rath. It'll be like having 2 free Burns and essentially 2-3 more that cost 2.

Demon Hand - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Piclo's Magic]
Those that don't mind a little risk and reward can count on these Units. Drastically underpriced, these walking tanks can wreak havoc with formations. They're good cheap Units that pack a punch, if you don't mind the wounds on your Summoner. But unlike Stonecloaks, it's 1 wound on a Summoner for every 3 life on this common. You can make your life go far with this.

Are you mad? Running these guys with Elien is like a walking death sentence. All that needs to be done is deal with these commons and Elien is down 25% of his health with one kill. In all seriousness, if you're playing a defensive game and you need a way to force an action, use these guys, but be warned about how much you risk with them. If you're looking for consistency, don't use them. You have been warned. With great power comes greater gullibility.

Owl Familiar - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Goodwin's Blade]
Owls are the most widely-used familiars in the world, and not just in Itharia. It has nothing to do with an Owl's actual intelligence, even though some are very bright. Rather, it has to do with the history and belief in Owls as being powerful and wise creatures, and everyone that uses them appears to be smarter in some way or fashion. No wonder they are the most popular familiar.

They're the most popular familiar because they're the only familiar. Their role is similar to Magos in that they help to smoothen out draws and plan out exactly what is to come. This is one of the few cards that is helped out by A Hero Is Born, because if you don't like your draw with the Owl, use A Hero Is Born to shake up the Draw Pile. The amount you use in this deck is wholly dependant on how badly you don't want to be screwed by your deck. Remember, every familiar you put in lowers the overall power of your deck, so don't put in too many.

Rune Mage - Common [Faction Pack: Mercenaries]
Hide your Walls, hide your Ice Walls, and hide your Vine Walls 'cuz these guys are siphoning every Wall up here. That's right, Rune Mages are the new go-to Mercenary, and they're so ridiculously powerful. Watch out for your Walls every time you see a Mercenary, because if they get to steal any Magic with protection, you could be in trouble.

Phoenix Elves aren't a rush deck, so they won't be able take full advantage of these without a little help. You can build your deck around the Rune Mages, but what are you giving up by doing that? If you are going to use these guys, accompany them with forward rushers, like Warriors, Apprentice Mages, or Spear Grounders. If you're using Apprentice Mages, why not throw Mundol in as well?

Spear Grounder - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Rukar's Power]
The most popular Mercenary from when it was first released even until now, Spear Grounders have this unique niche that no other faction besides the Jungle Elves has: attacking diagonally. It doesn't look like much until you realize that many matches between powerhouse and/or life-heavy factions end in semi-stalemates in the middle of the board, and Spear Grounders are a way to break those stalemates by getting that extra die in. Very cool and very good.

Putting these in your deck is all about that diagonal attack or 2 life. You have 2 Attack Units in Warriors. Guardians do fulfill the role of 2 life but they cost the same as Spear Grounders and these scrappers from Heap are more versatile. What you'll need to determine is how often will you stalemate? They don't help that much when they're negated, so watch out for that.

Stone Golem - Common [Faction Pack: Mercenaries]
"Come one, come all, to Rallul's wholesale bargain store, where you can get piles of rock for cheap, cheap, cheap. They're so cheap, you don't get a single gold by selling it back to the general store! Cheap cost, immense power, and no damaging your Summoner! Buy them before they're gone!"

Stone Golems, oh how I loathe thee. In a defensive deck like the Phoenix Elves, Stone Golems are blockers that don't damage Elien, and that makes them so much better. Sure, they can't retaliate against a ranged enemy, but that's what Wall placement and Warriors/Rygos are for. Stone Golems take on average 4.5 dice to defeat, so it's great if you need that added draw step or two. And hey, if someone Melee has to come in, Stone Golems have 2 dice to counter. They're really annoying whenever I face them in a Phoenix Elf deck.

Time Mage - Common [Reinforcement Pack: Saella's Precision]
Whoa. Here comes the speed demons. They can move wherever they want, whenever they want, and attack whatever they want. Careful, because if you Blink, they'll get ya.

Prince Elien doesn't care for assassination. Summoning Time Mages only serves to deplete his carefully calculated Magic Pile, and he doesn't have time for that. He needs defenders and strong attackers, both of which disqualify the Time Mages. Sorry, but no dice.
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