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Subject: RDR / GC Theater Missile Defense rss

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Karsten Engelmann
United States
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The game RDR/GC is a game/simulation focused on modern (and future) naval warfare with elements of air, ground, and strategic-level of combat represented. One element of strategic combat RDR/GC has chosen to represent is the Chinese and Iranian surface to surface (ballistic missiles and even more advanced systems) missile (SSM – Surface to Surface Missiles) capability.

These weapon systems – hereafter called Ballistic Missiles can prove to be a powerful tool in the threat-to-US kit as the competitors to US interests (e.g. China and Iran) seek a potential engagement in the near future. However, what is not represented in kind is the US (and other allied nations) missile defense capabilities.

To combat Ballistic Missiles the West (and even Russians) has developed an integrated system of different capabilities. These include the ability to destroy missiles and launchers on the ground (Attack Operations), hardening sites and providing gear to uniformed personnel to survive an attack (Passive Operations), the rapid collection and dissemination of information (Information Operations), and the creation of interceptors that can destroy a ballistic missile as it launches, in mid-flight, or terminal (Active Operations), all combined through a battle management and command and control system. The key aspect to represent in RDR/GC is the Active Operations (Attack Operations are already represented in providing the US player the ability to attack SSM units).

Missile defense is a very complicated process – and any representation needs to keep in mind the design elements Bruce Costello has applied to RDR/GC: simplicity and elegance. Fortunately an appropriate representation of missile defense can be created with NO additional counters, and only FOUR minor rule changes!!! Less than a paragraph to provide for a good representation of missile defense!!! To that end – the variant is provided below:


Representing Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) in RDR/GC

1. The following Allied bases are considered to have BMD: Diego Garcia, Okinawa, Guam/Saipan, Kyushu, and Honshu until (and if) the base is captured by Chinese forces.

2. The following Allied bases are considered to have BMD IF a host-nation SAG is in that land area: The Gulf Cooperation Council, Taiwan, and South Korea.

3. ALL Japanese and US SAG (NOT the DDX!!!) have BMD – whether in a sea or land area.

4. An SSM that fires at a base, land area, or sea area protected by BMD has its ‘to-hit’ number reduced to ‘1’ (just like firing at a stealth unit), regardless of the target unit being a stealth, or CV, or at land, etc.

5. The US SAM unit starts the game in either off-map box (US player choice). It is now a light unit and can be moved by sea like a land unit or can be moved via Op #7 to any friendly base (or by sea to a non-base land area). A base or land area with the US SAM in it CANNOT BE attacked by SSM units.


Notes: I could go on all day about why I chose this – but the main purpose here was to keep with Bruce’s design concepts, and to better represent BMD with minimal changes to game. First, although the Gulf, Korea, Taiwan have land based systems, I wanted to represent the limitations here, and the vulnerability of these systems. Not wanting to use additional counters, I decided to use the host-nation SAGs as the ‘missile-defense’ platforms because they rarely get attacked in the game. Now the Chinese player has a reason to go after them . Japan has a very extensive system – and thus it cannot be destroyed. The US and Japanese SAGs have Aegis capabilities which allow for missile defense of the fleets, and possibly land areas (such as ports) if needed. However, the US DDXs DO NOT have BMD capability!!!!! (there are always trade-offs in life!!).

The final bit was the US SAM. This system represents Patriot and THAAD systems which would be flown into any conflict – and NOT go by amphibious ship. The SAM represents both the Patriot and THAAD systems – as well as battle integration, etc – with many more interceptors the ships have – and thus ONE area can be completely protected from SSMs.

I think that with this variant I have managed to adequately represent BMD while keeping to Bruce’s design constraints. And did it with no new concepts, a paragraph of rules, and no additional counters. I hope you all have as much fun with this great game as I am having! Cheers! Karsten
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