Ken Marley
United States
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My adventure with Alvric Albright (part 8)

Our journey back to Arhynn, was uneventful, but we were concerned about the overlord’s spies, so we snuck in the town’s mud gate. The town seemed empty. The few shoppers about hurried quickly to their stores. The militia was drilling in the square and they looked very grim. It seemed a depression had taken over the town. Was the overlord’s army soon to lay siege? We hurried to the palace’s back gate and were show up to Baron Greigory’s solar. There was no talk of a victory feast this time. Luckily the Baron’s spies have found the location of Fredrick, the last of the Shadow Binders. He was being held in the Frozen Spire south of the river in the mountains.

Shopping was sparse on this gloomy day, so we picked up no new supplies. Alvric and I snuck out of town in the dead of night. Our journey to the spire had a few small mishaps, but we arrived at the gate of the spire with only a few small wounds. As we approached we could see that a large Shadow Dragon was ripping apart the Bridge to the castle. I stunned a merriod guarding the entrance and grabbed warding talisman and some gold. Alvric ignored the merriod and an Ettin sprinting up from behind us and ran for the dragon. A few whacks with his Dragontooth hammer and a I was able to finish the beast with my bombs. The Ettin had beat on me pretty well, but I was able to survive. With the bridge clear with rushed into the spire.

Inside the tower we were first attacked by a shadow dragon, which we dispatched rather quickly. We then ran ahead to attack some cave spiders guarding Fredrick’s prison. As soon as we moved forward, the shadow dragon appeared out of nowhere and went for our exit out of this place. We turned back a round, and I luckily was able to stun it so that it could not shut us in this Spire! Alvric told me to go ahead and free Frederick, as he held the way out against any more attackers.

This was my opportunity to finally find some loot! As I opened the door, I could hear Alvric was again engaged in battle, but I must push on now. As I stepped into the door zombie Frederick attacked me! I hit the bastard with some bombs and eventually knocked him out. I found a stamina potion and a bit of gold in the corner picked up unconscious Fredrick and started running for the door. As I approached the door I was shocked to see Alvric holding the door against a group of goblins. He had many arrows sticking out of him, but he was battling on with the Staff of Light. With truly heroic push he opened the door and we ran to freedom.

Tumble Burrowell
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