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Subject: battle of tri town rss

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John Poskin
United States
Sauk Village
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Column Line and Square Battle

Today Frank and I (John) broke out my old 15mm Napoleonic miniatures and played a small battle. Frank was the French while John had an army of mixed Spanish, British and Austrians.
As a game note, CLS is a miniature game for 25mm figures I had to change some of the movement and gun ranges to fit the 15mm figures we were using. In addition we are playing a mini campaign with random forces fro 500 points to 800 points worth of troops. Today we fought the battle of Tri-Town as the forces we fighting over a crossroad that leads to the three towns and the hill over looking them. The allied forces had 200 points each for the three allies while the forces were made up of Bavarian and Saxon troops and only had 550 points.

09:00: Both sides march forward and form line and the allied forces notice that the French forces are not ready for battle as the formations are scatter about the field. The British 43rd light infantry Regiment opens fire inflection a few casualties on the Bavarian forces.

10:00: The Austrian artillery fire a counter battery shot and missed. While the British Artillery hit a Saxon Line unit. The Bavarian artillery fired on a British 42nd Highlanders and the supporting 7th Hussar Regiment behind it, the Saxon artillery on the hill had no where to shoot as the allied forces were behind the light woods or the hill.
The Bavarian forces exited the town to engage the Austrian forces closing on the crossroads with two British line units and the 43rd Lights. Again the light infantry exchange fire but no serious casualties are inflicted.

11:00: The battle turned ugly for the French forces, first on the left flank two battalions of Saxon troops tried to take on two Spanish units that turned out to be an even exchange with both sides suffers 45% casualties to there units. The two Saxon infantry battalions in the middle did not fare as well taking 60% casualties from the two British line regiments that fire on them and the return fire was not very effective. On the plus side the unit went Golden. On the right flank the three Bavarian move up and engaged the two Austrian Battalions when the Bavarians third battalion ran into the British 43rd light battalion causing a moot melee. The Bavarian and Austrian units inflected casualties on each other and started reloading when the British trumpets sounded and the 7th Hussar regiment and the 17th light Dragoon regiment charged into the golden Saxon infantry battalion. The Saxony unit was totally destroyed, while infliction heavy damage to the 17th light Dragoon in the melee. Meanwhile the Bavarian infantry battalion took out the British 43rd light infantry regiment. Now the cavalry units started their break through and the Light Dragoons hit the Bavarian artillery battery destroying it. While the Hussar regiment hit the Bavarian infantry regiment in the flank killing it to the man and losing a squadron in the battle.

At this point of the battle the French forces had taken 80% casualties and only had two damaged Bavarian infantry battalions remaining and some scattered cavalry to face the allied forces. The general decided that these towns were not worth the additional effort and withdrew from the battlefield in good order.

In conclusion: this is only Franks third time playing CLS and he is learning quickly but asked to be allow to make his own mistakes. I on the other hand have been playing for well over 20 years and the experience difference really showed in the set up. In Frank’s last game he had loads of heavy cavalry which countered my ability to use my light cavalry. Not so this time he saw how fast light cavalry can hurt your forces if you are not very careful.
We are planning on playing every week or two and, in fairness to him I always explain what went right and wrong and every game he gets better.

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