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Subject: Masquerade Ball & Death on the Wing rss

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This is a campaign, the heroes are Necromancer (widow), Disciple (avric), Wildlander (jain) and Knight (Syndrael). Forgive as I may have gotten names mixed up.....I don't have the cards in front of me.

First Blood. (Heroes Won)
This seemed promising in the beginning. The OL got 2 goblins through within the second turn and knocked out the Wildlander. There was a chance that goblins could have attacked and moved off the map to knock her out again but it was a missed opportunity due to our n00b-ness. The necromancer and knight made quick work of the rest of the goblins before the ettin could even block the bottle-neck. Spawning one goblin at the end of the OL turn wasn't very useful. =/

OL picked Web Trap and Heroes got extra turn for reanimate, a move and attack ability for the knight, and wildlander got the free surge for bow attacks. Heroes picked Masquerade Ball...

Masquerade Ball (OL Won/OL Won)

Open Group: Zombies (Cathedral) and Goblin Archers (Library)

This was probably a mistake of the heroes to pick this quest as it is very difficult to beat the first encounter without some high mobility or blast attack to clear out mobs packed in the middle of the map that are rushing guests into the Exit. Within the first 4 turns the OL ran 3 guests into the Exit while keeping a meat shield of zombies and flesh moulders in the hallway in the middle. The heroes decided to keep the last guest in the back without rescuing to buy time to search as much as possible. The OL took this opportunity to knock down the characters a few times.

Open group: Ettins (Goblin cave) and Shadow Dragons (Tomb)

Winning the first encounter meant it was easy to dash Elisa Farrow to the last doorway and win the second encounter, and with Dark Fortune to re-roll she got through the locked door on her first try on turn 6 or 7. The heroes were still dealing with the ettins that blocked the door in the goblin cave.

The OL won the Bones of Woe and added another web trap into the deck. Heroes bought some new equipment.....forgot. I think a better bow, better rune with pierce 1. A side note, the extra searching helped as they found a sling.

Death on the Wing (OL Won/OL Won)

Since this seemed to be more of a race-type quest, the OL removed pit trap (difficult to use well and very situational) and another card....forgot which one it was. This was to increase the frequency of the two web traps that appeared to be most useful for this quest. (And as you read later, that was definitely the case!)

Open Group: Flesh moulder (camp)

This was incredibly fun. Each time the heroes had a turn and OL had a turn, one or the other would complain that the other had 'won' and that there was no hope. Of course this back and forth went on for a while, with clever tactics on both sides. Heroes' biggest hits to the OL were exploding the reanimate inside a bunched group of monsters that retreated in the canyon (killed 5 figures, OL's mistake). Also Jain scrambling over a boulder the OL thought had no adjacent spaces too, however there was a diagonal adjacent space that was overlooked (ended up the wildlander and knight got the the exit). The reinforcements continuously knocked down the necromancer and disciple from behind, so near the end only one or the other would be free on the hero's turn. The OL won, by two web traps being played (on two different empty spaces) to immobilize Jain when she went back to try to help the necromancer and disciple. On the OL's turn he was able to surround her as the nimbleness ability could not legally trigger as there was no adjacent space to move to when the final square was occupied by a figure.

Quite exhilarating!

Open group: Merroids

The heroes surprisingly had a chance at winning despite the OL having the first turn. To prevent the activation of all the guards simultaneously. The merroids and lieutenant rushed to one cabin to kill one of the two guards in the house. The elementals mostly immobilized the heroes, but some were not. The heroes made quick work of the elementals in 3 turns, while jain and the knight rushed into the waterfall to flank the OL.

The one mistake the heroes made was not triggering Jain's nimbleness ability to block the entryway of the second cabin. If she had done this, it would have saved the death of one guard and the near death of the other guard (frenzy-ed Merroid with reach.) The heroes are still kicking themselves for that because they handled the elementals so well, they were basically at the point of one-shotting the reinforced elementals before they even had a chance to activate.

OL got the dark shield and saved the exp. Heroes lost but are still motivated, especially now that they got even more weapons. The knight now rolls two grey and a brown defence die (shield and chain mail), along with a skill that lets him rush to defend an ally. The disciple saved up all 3 experience for the sun burst skill that hurts all enemies in LOS and heals all allies in LOS with one red die!!! =O

All in all, awesome experience so far!
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