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Subject: Arkham in Japan Game 20: The King and Eihort rss

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Angry Augury
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Here is a link to the previous session reports for anyone interested in following my group's progress:

Season One - Base Game Ancient Ones

Game 3: The Ladies of Arkham VS Nyarlathotep!
Game 5: The First Casualties...
Game 7: Vengeance
Game 8: Over Before We Knew It
Game 9: Answering the Call
Game 10: The Curtain Rises...
Game 11: ...The Next Act Begins...
Game 12: ...The Finale

Season Two - Dunwich Horror and Kingsport Horror Ancient Ones

Game 13: Return to Dunwich
Game 15: If Man is Five
Game 16: WRONG!
Game 17: The Violinist in the Woods
Game 18: City in the Mist
Game 19: Bibliophobia

Our set-up was AH + KH + KiY.

-Players controlling 2 Investigators draw three randomly and choose two to play; Players controlling 1 Investigator draw two and choose one.
-Ancient One is drawn randomly.
-Devoured Investigators are removed from the game PERMANENTLY. (Exception: An Investigator Devoured during final combat with the AO will be "rescued" if the AO is defeated.)
-Defeated Ancient Ones are banished PERMANENTLY.
-Encounters are read by a different player than who is having the Encounter. Reading stops at the point of any decision or skill check so outcomes are not known until the player either makes a decision or passes/fails the check.
-If a named Ally to be gained from an encounter is not in the Ally deck, that Ally card can be taken from the box while a random Ally from the deck is discarded to maintain the number in the deck.

-All other game rules must be followed exactly as described via rulebook/FAQ/determined via consensus or discussion on BGG.


Agnes Baker {1}(me)
Ursula Downs {1}(me)
Carolyn Fern {3}(friend 2)
Rita Young {4}(friend 2)
Mark Harrigan {2}(me)

This time, my usual Arkham partner in crime couldn't make it but the newer guy could. I ended up with the newcomers for the match while my friend had the two vets.

Ancient One:

History: None. All we knew is that he looked like he could be rough.


The King in Yellow
This time, we had the King in Yellow back in full gear. Herald, Acts, Blights... everything. I knew it was going to be difficult but we've been winning too frequently anyhow.


A first for our games. We finally included a Guardian. Though we specifically chose the King in Yellow as the Herald, we drew Nodens randomly. He looked a bit better than Bast but we didn't know what to expect with him on our side.

The game wasn't a pretty sight.

Our characters were pretty under-equipped in the beginning so there was a lot of slow going until Agnes got us our first Seal as well as her first Brood Token. Kingsport was being relatively sleepy so we stayed out of there for a good chunk of the start of the game while trying to take care of Arkham proper.

The biggest issue we faced that really hurt us was "The Terrible Experiment" came out as our second Mythos Card. Beings that the King in Yellow was lurking in the shadows, we definitely couldn't afford to fail the Rumor. We tried to hit it hard in the beginning but couldn't kill all the monsters. We attacked it each turn as best as we could but the new monsters that came out each time would always be more than what we were prepared to handle. Different immunities, strong Horror Checks, etc... it was all too much. Then when two Elusive monsters made it to the pile, things really dragged for us. We spent far too much time trying to stop the rumor and ended up neglecting a lot of Arkham. On three different occasions, we were ready to finish off the Rumor but bad die rolls killed that possibility. Finally, after I don't know how many turns, we passed the Rumor and got it out of the way.

Sadly, by that point Arkham was in dire straits. Agnes got us our second Seal and her second Brood Token. Finally she was at risk of being devoured. I grabbed the die to roll and, to avoid jinxing it, figured I should tell my friend not to say...

"Don't roll a one," he said.

CRAP! Exactly what I was going to tell him not to say. With a sigh I tossed the die and unsurprisingly the one came up and poor Agnes was devoured.

In comes Mark Harrigan regretfully as it looked like nothing but a loss on the horizon for the team.

The Doom Track was on 8, the Terror Track was rising, the Rift Tracks were dangerously close to filling, we only had two seals, and very few Clues were in our possession.

I looked at my friend and told him we had to decide: do we try to stop this beast from waking or just give up and prepare for battle? He asked what I was thinking. I said I wanted to push on and try to seal him away. He agreed.

One reason why I really dig this guy compared to my Final-Battle-loving usual partner.

So we did our best. And our best is what we did.

Soon our Investigators blasted around the board killing monsters, gathering Clues, and diving into Gates. Many were driven unconscious or insane but they kept fighting. Even as a Rift opened we got a third, then a fourth Seal due to a lucky find of an Elder Sign.

Ursula, the only one with enough Clues to get a fifth Seal was trapped in Kingsport trying to close the open Rift and prevent the others from popping. She would have come back to Arkham but an undefeatable monster blocked her entrance as well as her replacement from getting to Kingsport.

During this time, the Terror Track had a few jumps and the King in Yellow kicked in. We ended up with three Blights in play, including the priest who pretty much made Blessings a waste of time to get. That really put a damper on things.

Finally, only one Gate was open on the board and we had Investigators in it. Thanks to luckily placed Seals, this Gate remained the only one open for a long time. Unfortunately, every Investigator that my friend sent in kept getting thrown into LiTaS. Finally, Rita went in and was returned to Arkham immediately.

I looked at the board and saw the chance to win. If no Gate opened this turn, all Rita had to do was defeat the monster on her next turn (I can't remember what they were but nothing too difficult) and I could sneak my way to her to give her the item that instantly closes a Gate without a roll. We could win!

I tensed up as my friend drew the Mythos Card. The Gate was opening at... The Woods. We had a Seal there. It wasn't a Gate Burst.

Ok, now all he has to do is defeat the monster and it's a guaranteed win. I was slightly nervous as my friend was extraordinarily unlucky with his die rolls this game. Fortunately all he needed was one success.

He rolled his attack. 0 Successes.
He spent a Clue. 0 Successes.
He spent ALL of his Clues. 0 Successes.
He was knocked unconscious.

11 dice total and not a single 5 or 6.

The crushing disappointment I felt at that moment was unbelievable.

Of course, on that turn another Gate opened up followed by another Rift.

The Doom Track got up to 11 and there was no way for a 6th Seal to come our way. As the Terror Track rose again, we decided to put the Yellow Sign on the Doom Track and wake up Eihort. The writing was on the wall.

We lasted a few rounds against the foul creature but we knew going in that it was over. As soon as the first Investigator got devoured and the Brood Tokens added to his Doom Track it was almost pointless to keep trying.

All the Investigators ended their lives as a meal for the Ancient One.

In the end, it was an exciting loss as the odds were stacked against us and we still came close to winning in multiple instances. But my friend's HORRIBLE dice rolling... it was even worse than my usual, which is ghastly. Honestly, it was his terrible rolling that lost the game for us and that's sad.

This time the King in Yellow was a HUGE threat, unlike our previous plays with him. Everything was bad and he just made it worse. It was quite a gloomy, hopeless experience.

But, again, the fact that we hung in until the end and didn't give up looking to fight the AO instead of stopping him made me proud. Unfortunately, five Investigators had to lose their lives and, thus, will never join us again.

Final Count:

Doom Track - 12
Terror Track - 5
Gates Sealed - 5
Investigators Incapacitated - 3 (Ursula 1, Rita 1, Carolyn 3)
Investigators Insane - 2 (Ursula 2, Rita 2)
Investigators Devoured - 5

W(D)-L Record:

Atlach-Nacha 1-0
Eihort 0-1
Y'Golonac 1(1)-0
Yibb-Tstll 0-0

Games: 15-5
Six Seals Wins 6
Closed Gates Wins 3
Final Combat Wins 6

Current Streak: 1 Loss


Ashcan Pete (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Dexter Drake (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Gloria Goldberg (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Jim Culver (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Bob Jenkins (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Darrell Simmons (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Diana Stanley (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Leo Anderson (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Wilson Richards (Died from Injuries / Game 7)
Jenny Barnes (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Joe Diamond (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Michael McGlen (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Tommy Muldoon (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Akachi Onyele (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Agnes Baker (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Carolyn Fern (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Mark Harrigan (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Rita Young (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Ursula Downs (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)

Banished Ancient Ones:

Abhoth 1(1)-0
Azathoth 1-0
Cthulhu 2(1)-1
Glaaki 1(1)-0
Hastur 1-0
Ithaqua 1-0
Nyarlathotep 1-0
Shub-Niggurath 1-1
Shudde M'ell 1(1)-0
Tsathoggua 1-1
Yig 1-0
Yog-Sothoth 1(1)-1

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Brian Mc Cabe
United States
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There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were and ask why not
In my game against Eihort yesterday, Dex sealed a gate early. Having defeated two cultists, his rolling a two added three doom tokens. With Gloria in the OW with an ES, with only one encounter remaining, Kate got the fifth seal, third Brood, and promptly rolled a one. adding another three doom tokens, one short of awakening. The gate opened at Silver Twilight Lodge on the Mythos phase. Four doom in one turn.

I was playing against Innsmouth. Daisy had Alien Spores implanted under her skin. The opening at STL was her fifth and last chance. Devoured. Add to that, the first Mythos card required the first player, Wilson, to draw an Innsmouth Look card and I'll give you one guess which one he drew. Eihort devoured four investigators and took out the two replacements. Late in the game like that, I don't bother replacing them, here in the case of Kate.

The previous game against Eihort, with the doom track three short of the awakening, Dex, again, sealed the fifth gate, garnering his third Brood token and rolling that one, awakening Eihort. I used to have pretty good luck against him, but he's getting clever.

Good report.

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Adam Mitchell
United States
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A very good session report and an excellent chiming in by a reader of a couple of great Eihort games! I especially enjoyed your mention of the Spores, as that's one of my all-time favorite other world cards. And since misery is said to love company, I will add the Eihort recently stomped my playgroup as wellcry.
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