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Jim Loizeaux
United States
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A brave new world laid out before us. So empty, unnamed and unscarred. Not for Long.

My people are of the Khan Industrial States. We are titled as such due to the equipment we utilize for survival, all originally produced by Khan Industries; guns, walking mechs, communicators. We were based out of Greenland, knowing that the slightly superior resources were our best hope for supplies while maintaining some defensive positioning. We know of other peoples occupying the world, and their hostile intentions. Far from us, in what is still known as Egypt, are the single minded people of Imperial Balkania. Emboldened by their aristocratic sense of superiority, they intend to ravish the land of its plentiful resources while being able to increase their numbers with minimal territorial claims. North of them reside the heartless Die Mechaniker, with the improved defensive abilities one would expect from moving blocks of metal. It has been claimed that when functioning at full efficiency, they can establish a defense so impenetrable, any invading army will turn away from their assault for an age from the shear sight of it. In South America, the Saharan Empire, scavenging mercenaries seeking to expand their "trade" into Africa and North America. Only thing one needs to know of the Empire is once they've set up their illicit and coercive outposts in a territory, the locals become mindless drones, carrying out all abusive commands handed down to them in exchange for dose of the Empires "blessings". This allows the Empires troops to relocate across their territories even in the middle of an assault. There were rumors of the barbaric Enclave of the Bear laying in wait among the islands in the southeastern tip of the world, but they were to be a non-factor in this initial war. As for us, the Industrials, our technologically advanced weapons are only enough to give us a chance of defending ourselves, while our communication systems allowed us to get approximate knowledge of the locations of our scattered brethren. If we were able to claim these locations as our own, and extract intel from enemy troops, we could recruit these lost soldiers to bolster our armies. That is, if we can get to them before it's too late.

In this brutal reality we sought primarily to find and rescue as many of our troops as possible with the hopes that we could simply survive the war we were entrenched in. Our greatest wish was to reclaim all of North America, to unify our shattered homeland, allowing for our people to maximize their production of our essential technology, and maybe give us a chance of returning peace to the world. It was not to be.

Early in the war, the each army went on to explore what they could of their respective territories, with the Empire spreading through all of South America. All except for the Balkanians, who clung to their precious Egypt, fearing assault from both the Mechaniker and the depraved Empire. The Empire's corrupting nature gave them an early lead in troops, leading to we Industrials forcing our way to Central America, in an attempt to lay claim to the land we hoped to unite.

The Empire brazenly Assaulted our front line, their re-enforced armies breaking through and claiming the west coast all the way North to Alaska, where they claimed valuable bonus resources for doing so. This would not stand. We took what few enforcements we could muster and dispatched them in the southeast of North America, with the intention of reclaiming Central America, simultaneously breaking the Empires supply chain to the continent and giving us a chance to break their stranglehold on South America. The one obstacle to this ambition was that the Empire had keenly realized the strategic importance of Central America and heavily occupied it with troops. The commanding officer had a stoic and distant look in his eyes as he ordered the ammunition shortage on Central America. The order was carried out without hesitation despite the knowledge that this scar on the territory would render the chances of any army successfully defending it to a minimum, resulting in the viability of unifying the Continent under one flag a strategic nightmare. Our dream of taking back our homeland vanished but the arrogant greed of the Empire must be answered for and our fallen brothers must be avenged. So it came to pass, the Empires outpost fell, and we were able to force our way into South America, landing a crippling blow to the Empire, made more so due to the fact that the Empire had become entangled in a bloody inter-continental war with the Balkanians who had finally staked their claim to all of Africa. Our troops then fell back to regroup and assign special operation units to hunt down the miserable Imperial troops the still infested the west coast while also seeking out Industrials camped out in the Northwest Territories. Our encampment in South America was short lived as the Empire was desperate to reclaim the increased supply of the united continent but our mettle and strategic ingenuity had been proven.

The liberation of the west coast was slow due to our minimal re-enforcements, but our troops systematical claimed the western territories and rescued the wilderness dwelling troops. The Empire had apparently abandoned their blood thirsty North American campaign due to reports of massive losses to both the Saharan Empire and Imperial Balkania as the Empire forced the Balkanians out of their stronghold in Northern Africa, both sides scarring their front line for bonus defense. The Mechaniker continued to slowly spread through southern Europe, collecting what resources they could while facing Balkanian resistance the entire way. We Industrials became aware of more of our troops holed up in Iceland and had every intention of doing whatever we had to to bring them into our ranks.

As the newest Indusrials were welcomed to the fold and the last of the Empire's soldiers were neutralized in Alaska, we were made aware of the Balkanians expanding into the unexplored east into Australia while simultaneously forcing their way into the Mechaniker headquarters, having trounced the once legendary defenses of the machines. The Empire bolstered their defensive position in North Africa while increasing their gold supplies, no doubt intending to exchange some of their wealth to get one step closer to victory. We passively continued to explore Europe, moving into its vacant Western Isles.

At this point the broken forces of the Die Mechaniker made a miscalculated attempt to push against our armies, rather than attempt to reclaim their headquarters from the Balkanians or retreat into the unoccupied territories of northern Asia. In turn the Balkanians assaulted the machines from their own headquarters, no doubt seeking to claim more resources from their broken robotic forms, leaving minimal reinforcements at the headquarters itself. It is important to note that at this point, every other nation beside we Industrials had cashed in some amount of resources for troop reinforcements. We were in position to trade in low value resources to push us to the brink of victory, while also leaving higher resources available to establish an army of significant numbers. Surely, if we could get the wealth of knowledge held in the Mechaniker's headquarters, our dominance would be beyond question, and the misery of war could be alleviated, if only for a short time. But the Mechaniker's desperate assault had destroyed our encampment in Iceland, and yet... our scouting troops in the western European islands remained, what's more they were capable of calling the fore mentioned re-enforcements. Our goal was clear.

After the hard fought battle across North America, and the horrifying reports of brutal war in the south, the Industrial army made our final push into the heart of Europe and the Balkanian occupied Mechaniker headquarters. Victory had been obtained.

The temporary peace that followed lead to the founding of the cities of Loss Town in western Europe in memorial of the Mechanikers' ill fated campaign and Forgotten Chile in South America. The Balkanians chose to improve the value of Egypt's already superior resources, leaving all to question how long before its pristine sands would be soaked in the blood of desperate nations.

As for us of the Khan Industrial States, we felt there was no choice but to move on and forget the dream of a united North America, foreseeing nothing but more bloodshed at the attempts of opposing nations to prevent our technological advancements. We moved on to a knew home, a capital city in the scarred and defensively superior lands of Northern Africa. We moved on to Jimbabwe.
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