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About variant

Expansion is required.

Aim of this variant is to make heroes more powerful to affect battles. Selected special rewards in revealed dungeons provide meaningful aim of hero’s traveling and dueling to gain advantage for the battles. Hero’s have bigger motivation now to eliminate opponents heroes and commanders to weaken the opponents in battles. Also heroes are assigned additional hero skills from Nathan’s Alternate hero rules http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/488006/alternate-hero-ru... (with some tweaks) so heroes are no longer so disconnected from the battles and power struggle.


Play for 5 years, who holds most Dragon runes wins.


Runes are revealed, with the exception of home realm.


Special rewards can be acquired only via dungeon exploration token. Special rewards must be marked, so it is clear if hero caries special reward even if the card is face down.

Special rewards are:

1x Tactical map
1x Flute of possession
1x Ice storm
1x Rune of teleportation
1x Rune summoning
1x Timmoran Shard
1x Staff of light

Other rewards are used only if questing is in play (optional).

Exploration tokens

Exploration tokens marked “I” used: 2x training location, 2x Defensible area

Exploration tokens marked “2+” used: 4x Dungeon, 2x Dragon throne, 1x Temple, 1 Hall of Kellos

According to the rules, players randomly place one exploration token marked “I” face down, 1 token per player.

Then, taking turns, players place all exploration tokens marked “2+” randomly face down.

All exploration tokens are then revealed.

Dungeons - Hero can explore dungeon after ending his turn in that season here. After exploring, he discards the dungeon token and receives 1 special reward (from the list above). Hero cannot have more then 1 special reward.

Temples / Hall of Kellos / Training locations – can be used by any hero after ending his turn in that season here.


(Use of Quests and non-special rewards is optional.)

Non-commander heroes can move by the Strategize card to any adjacent area and explore locations or start duels.

Any hero that is not commander receives, special skill (adapted from Nathan’s Alternate hero rules http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/488006/alternate-hero-ru... (with some tweaks)):

1) Diplomat - Draw 1 additional fortune card during diplomacy attempts. The hero must be located in the same area where the attempt is made.

2) Strategist - Once per year, during a battle, player may discard one fortune card and draw a new card to replace it. The hero must be located in the same area as the battle.

3) Hunter - When calculating force limits during winter, this hero provides +2 food for friendly armies in the same area.

4) Saboteur - When attacking a stronghold, prior to battle attacking player may flip the token to its damaged side. The hero must be located in the same area as the target stronghold.

5) Assassin / thief – A) Once per year, the hero may take 1 influence token from target player and give it to his controller. The hero must be located in an area controlled by target player. B) When in area where battle takes place with enemy commander, assassin can attack commander before battle starts. The commander gets as many wound token so his health is lowered to 1. If commander already had only 1 health, he is defeated.

6) Healer - Once per year (not during a battle), the hero may stand 2 routed units in the same area.

If hero defeats another hero, he can switch special reward he already has for the defeated hero’s special reward (if he as any).


Commander rules are in effect with following changes:

a) Commanders cannot desert player.
b) Commanders cannot explore dungeons to gain special rewards (but other heroes can give the commander any reward).
c) Player cannot change commander, unless the commander dies.

During setup, each player randomly selects one of the following heroes according to alignment with his faction, and names him as his commander:

Evil: Battlemage Jaes, Mad Carthos
Good: Mordrog, Andira Runehand

When Commander looses a battle and retreats, he receives as many wound tokens so his health is lowered to 1. If commander had only 1 health before retreating, he is defeated.

Commanders can be killed in duels, by Assassin thief heroes, when retreating with only 1 health, or take enough damage if his commander card instructs to take damage in battles.
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