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Subject: AH Campaign - Session 1 rss

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David Aubert
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Yes !!!!
After two long years, I finally moved away from my tiny apartment to a better apartment.
At my previous place, I didn’t have the place to play a full game of Arkham Horror, after I bought the revised Curse and Miskatonic, I was unable to play with it for months. I only managed to squat at a friend once to try it ... and lose very harshly.

But now, I have room, I have time, and I have a huge AH craving !

So, I’ll do an AH Campaign with full expansion to feed this craving !

What’s an AH Campaign ? It’s simple : There is 24 ancient ones, there is 48 Investigators. I have to beat the 24 ancient ones in a row. If I manage it, I win. If I don’t have any investigators left, I lose.

I play four investigators at a time, with all expansions and only three house rules : The first gate brings two monsters, and when a gate is closed, all monsters in its location are returned to the cup in addition to those with a matching symbol and the Spring and Bridge from Dunwich are aquatic location.
I don’t use Herald, Guardian or Institution. Last time I tried, it really ruined the game from me. I know I’m the minority here on BGG, but I really find that Herald & Co sucks.

So, for those being foolish enough to follow me in my journey, let’s get started.

Round 1 : Quachil Uttaus VS the Dreamer / the Ex-convict / the Bounty Hunter / the Author

OK. For me, Mr Uttaus is the best way to start this campaign. I just love this guy : When he stalks one investigator, you feel that Mr Uttaus cares about what he’s doing. He kills slowly but with care and maybe ... tenderness ? Or it is completly possible I think weirdly.

Well, Arkham has always this little thing to welcome you back : On the setup, a mythic environment increasing sanity cost of spells but giving a bonus to investigators who use them was drawn, and so the First Act tried to come into play. I haven’t began to move that 2 doom tokens are on Mr Uttaus.
The game promise to be harsh, the only good equipment is a Find Gate spell for the dreamer. On a funnier note, the Bounty Hunter got Grey Anatomy Tome, so all his monster trophies are worth two extra health.
During the first fourth turns, Mr Uttaus was very quiet, apparently he’s waiting for something before beginning to stalk the Dreamer. With the help of the Find Gate spell, the Dreamer was able to seal a gate on turn one, and another on turn 3 : the Bounty Hunter made the mistake of visiting the Witch House and opened a gate here, fortunately a Mythos card allowed him to swap place with the Dreamer. Nonetheless, gates opened left and right and the doom track rises very fast.
Then the pace of the game completely changed : Mr Uttaus was reminded of his task and began to actively stalk the Dreamer, moving to the second Dust Deck and draining his sanity. The Dreamer was even forced to spend clue before reaching the Asylum to avoid a potential madness. Meanwhile gate ceased to open, and monster surge replaced them. However, after 8 turns, a problem became more and more visible. While three gate were closed, none of them where sealed. Investigators having a tendency to lose their clues while OtherWorlding. The slowdown of the Doom Track was canceled by the Tattered King rumors who added two extra Doom token just like that, so it reached 8.
The next round showed how hopeless my fight was : I managed to seal some location, but only two with low activity : The Silver Twilight Loge and the Historical Society, and I wasn’t even close to be able to seal a third.
The thing that really killed my this game (Mr Uttaus non included) was the twelfth turn : The Dreamer was finally devoured by Mr Uttaus and to my horror was replaced by the Urchin, and at the end of turn, Mr Uttaus awoke and ate my poor Investigators finishing by the Urchin. It’s a powerful investigator that died without having a chance to shine. Sad, sad ...

Well, It’s the first time I lose on the first round ... and 5 investigators, dammit. I never lost a campaign before, will this time be the first ?
Well, 24 GOO and 43 investigators. Who will be the next victim ?

Round 2 : Quachil Uttaus VS the Athlete / The Gangster / the Shaman / the Handyman

This setup was more favorable to me. First the team is very fast, then the Shaman has a lot of potential: she started with Elder Sign, Beast Within and Forced Learning and her starting gate is the nasty one to R’lyeh. While absolutely nothing happened in Innsmouth in the first game, here the first gate opened on the Marsh Rafinery releasing a Ghoul and a Proto-Shoggoth.
And sad but true, again I was helpless : For everyone, this game was a skill feast, the Athlete and the Shaman got 2, the Gangsters got 3. But again, it was impossible to seal. Worse Quachil came in the third deck in no time. After 4 turn the doom track is already at 7 with nothing significant done.
During the next four turns I managed to seal 4 gates, but I had no way to get the last two. Near the end, the Athlete was devoured and replaced by the Expedition Leader just before the end. Despite giving all they got, the investigators only managed to get 3 successes against Quachil before he killed them all.

Dammit, Quachil kills my investigators five by five ! Suddenly he appears a lot less nice to me. How many of the 38 remaining investigators will fall in the next round ?

Round 3 : Quachil Uttaus VS the Secretary / the Archaeologist / the Entertainer / the Waitress

Again, I have some potential : The Secretary stars with the King in Yellow and the Entertainer and the Waitress have the ‘Book club’ relationship, meaning they can have a lot of clue on the first turn. The dark side is that before the game, no gate opened, the Doom track was set at 2 and the terror at 1.
The beginning of the game was weird : after the first turn, Quachil had 4 doom tokens and still no gate has opened. However, the board was full of clue … so much that I had to use proxy for them. After spending some times collecting, it was time to begin the sealing phase. The beginning was OK, except the Secretary who has mostly a support role, everyone went to gate closing, and soon I had two closed and two others about to be closed. Doom track was only at 7, thanks to the entertainer’s power and everyone can gather clue for the last two gates. For the first time since the beginning of the campaign I feel confident about my victory.
I choose when seeing the first mystic mythos to not prevent Act 1 to enter into play. It was a good choice because I drew a three or four Mystic Mythos, after this, I drew an Urban Mythos and the end game became tense : I was always one card away from losing. The Secretary finally get devoured and was replaced by the Psychanalist. A few turn later, the entertainer made a 5 roll dice to seal the final gate and AT LEAST Quachil Uttaus is vanquished !
So 23 GOO for only 37 investigators.
Score : 15 (Doom : 10/12, Terror : 3, Dunwich : 1/3, Innsmouth : 1/6, Sealed Gate : 6, Gate trophies : 3, Monster trophies : 1, Act 2)

Round 4 : Hastur VS the Psychanalist / the Archaeologist / the Entertainer / the Waitress

Despite having an Elder Sign to start, I think I will tried the ‘easy way’ : Killing Hastur in the final fight. So it will be a game about shopping, controlling the monsters population and keeping the terror as low as possible.
Funny fact, given the starting mythos, the Psychoanalyst began the game on the Strange House in the Mist instead of the Asylum.
Everything was fine for my plan: The Archaeologist has a credit rating, the Entertainer and the Waitress were Mystic Knight, basically allowing the Waitress to cast Alchemical Process each turn for free. So … What could go wrong?
Better, on his first turn, the Archaeologist got the ‘Sealing the Beast Power’ mission to weaken even more that poor Hastur. On the third turn I drew ‘The Stars are right’, I hesitated to complete it or not but finally the prospect of gaining six items won over a slightly increased speed for the Doom track. The waitress previously picked Ryan Dean, and so he was spent to beat the Rumor. On the next turn, a new rumor followed ‘Endless Breeding’ allowing me to clear the streets of Arkham while adding two doom token. Thing couldn’t be better so far.
And it kept going better. I was a little afraid when the Lasting Tremors environment entered play (Each turn there is 1/6 chance that the terror increase). But it only lasted 1 turn and didn’t trigger. Then just before Hastur awoke, the Entertainer and Waitress went to the church to bless the Psychologist and the Archaeologue.
The fight ... wasn’t a fight at all. On the first round I rolled 31 blessed dice and 27 normal one. The fact that Hastur has a combat rating of +1 didn’t help it. Hastur felt on the second round.

Score : 22 (Terror: 1, Gate trophies: 2, Monster trophie: 9, Misson done: 1)

22 GOO to defeat with 37 investigators. Thanks for reading and join me next time for the fifth round of my campaign and some elephant hunting.
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Bruno Freitas
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Well, that was weird but really fun!
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