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Subject: Several rules questions rss

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This game was played at a games group last night, and several questions arose that were not adequately addressed by the rule book. We are seeking clarification on the following points:

1. Some cards add tokens to a bomb outside of the tick-up phase (e.g., the Cafe "add[s] a token when a bomb is played or moved adjacent to the building" and Doomsayer states "When Doomsayer is played, add a counter to a bomb"). If a bomb reaches its threshold outside of the tick-up phase, does it detonate immediately or hold off until the next tick-up phase? Whether it detonates immediately or holds off until the next tick-up phase has strategic implications for the player who can still move people on that turn.

1a. The Bomb Squad card states "Bombs adjacent to this person have a +1 threshold". If a bomb is adjacent to the Bomb Squad and has a number of tokens equal to its printed threshold but has not reached the new +1 threshold, if a player moves cards such that those two cards are no longer adjacent, does the bomb explode immediately or wait until the next tick-up? This also has strategic implications for the player who can move people during that turn.

2. The section in the rule book on chain reactions with buildings states "If a building blows up a second building, ignore the explosion arrows on the second building". The deck has 4 buildings (Morgue, Government Office, Cafe, and Church), but only the Morgue has arrows, which means that only the Morgue can blow up another building. However, since none of the other buildings have arrows, this rule would never be used. Do the other buildings have implied 4-directional arrows that cause all adjacent cards to be blown up? Did we use a misprinted deck that was missing arrows on the other buildings?

3. The Mailroom Clerk card states "If killed, you may kill one additional Corporate person adjacent to the same building". Is the correct interpretation closer to "If killed adjacent to a building (but not necessarily killed by the building), you may kill one additional Corporate person adjacent to the same building" or closer to "If killed by a building or a building's chain reaction, you may kill one additional Corporate person adjacent to the same building"?

4. The Exec card states "When this card is played or killed, the playing or killing player may immediately make one normal move". The Courier card states "If moved, you may make a second move". Does the Exec card mean that the player can move any people in the city? Is the extra move permitted by the Courier card restricted to the Courier card?

Thanks everyone!
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