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Subject: Game 11: Day of the Dwarves rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
After having my head handed to me in our first game of the day, Sarah and I reset the map and reshuffled our decks. This time, I would play first, and I'd do so with two Dwarven Defenders and a Dwarf Cleric. Sarah deployed a Drow Blademaster and a Drow Assassin, and my Dwarves moved forward in search of treasure!

Absent-mindedly, I forgot that the Defenders weren't adventurers and couldn't benefit from the extra move option of my commander in the first turn. We played the rule properly thereafter.

In no time at all, my lead Dwarven Defender was set upon by a Drow Assassin, with the Cleric coming up behind it to protect it! Sarah gathered some morale with her Blademaster before moving it forward.

Morale: Merric 14, Sarah 14

Once the Assassin and Blademaster joined forces, my Defender was not long for this world, and Sarah did an extra 10 damage to the tapped Cleric (which has been trying to heal the Defender). I paid attention to that, and from then on, the Cleric only tapped after all the damage was dealt, to Sarah's displeasure.

Sarah deployed a Drow Wizard, but before it could act, I used Behind Enemy Lines to deploy a Human War Wizard and destroy it. I quickly moved the War Wizard up to a position where it could attack the Drow engaging my dwarves, and my second Defender finally got into position. Sarah cowered to save her Assassin from an untimely end.

Morale: Merric 11, Sarah 8

Sarah attacked with the Assassin, then shifted it away to the treasure to regain some morale. The blademaster moved on top of the treasure pile next to my dwarves, and continued to harass the Cleric. Sarah deployed another Blademaster (as I deployed a Halfling Sneak), and I moved my War Wizard to a position of safety: no Umber Hulk would take him down this game!

The halfling thought about helping his friends, and got distracted by the shiny pile of treasure nearby!

Morale: Merric 12, Sarah 5

Seizing an opportunity, Sarah's Assassin and Blademaster combined to take out my second Dwarven Defender, but I was able to stop them from killing the Cleric. I deployed a Half-Orc Thug and ran my War Wizard back towards my starting area, looking for the bonus morale from completing Behind the Lines.

Morale: Merric 11, Sarah 3

Sarah finally killed the Cleric, and deployed another War Wizard. It now looked like we were beginning the game, but our morale scores told a different story. And there was one character lurking off-map: Sarah's Drow Blademaster, who was currently under the effects of Stealth.

Morale: Merric 8, Sarah 3

Knowing I could soon be attacked, my War Wizard returned to the starting zone (giving me 4 morale from Behind the Lines) and then went to the centre of the magic circle, flanked by the halfling and thug.

Sarah tried to attack the War Wizard with the returning Blademaster, but I cowered to prevent the damage, and then used Into the Fray to move quickly away from the Blademaster (one square, then normal movement) so I could destroy Sarah's Drow Wizard. Sarah had also brought up her badly damaged Assassin, and the Thug moved away from the Blademaster and brought it down. That was it for Sarah: she had no morale left.

Morale: Merric 11, Sarah 0

This game took us 30 minutes, and was far more in my favour than the previous game, but it never really felt "safe" - at any point, Sarah might have played something to disrupt my plans. Of course, getting the War Wizard back all the way with Behind the Lines attached helped a lot.

Sarah made the comment after the games that she's enjoying Dungeon Command more than Summoner Wars. I'm sure she'll pop in to elucidate further on that.

Me? I just want the Goblin pack to come out so all my friends who are holding off because they want to play goblins can start playing!
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New South Wales
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Great battle report mate, looking forward to first few games this weekend.

Wish I had more game time.
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