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Subject: Arkham League Campaign The Bellingen Files, Masquerade Ball. rss

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Donal O Suilleabhain
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Trying to get through as many of the League Scenarios as possible using a few extra rules to have some continuity between the games:

Devoured investigators are eliminated, never to return (bit obvious that one).
Any investigator knocked unconscious or driven insane gains an exhaustion token.
Investigators entering Final Battle gain 2 exhaustion tokens each.
At the end of a game, any investigator with 4 or greater exhaustion tokens must retire, never to return.
Upon completing a Scenario successful investigators gain an experience point each (xp).
xp may be spent as follows:
1 xp – retain one common item, unique item, spell or skill in lieu of one random item (i.e. common for common, spell for spell)
1 xp & 5 toughness Monster trophies or 1 gate token – 1 clue token.
1 xp & 5 toughness Monster trophies or 1 gate token – $3.
3 xp + 10 toughness Monster trophies or 2 gate token – retain an ally.

All items, skills, allies to be retained must actually be in the investigators possession at the end of the game.

First Scenario:

AO: Nyarlyothotep
Investigators: Darrell, Jenny, Mike & Gloria

Initial draws were useful, Jenny picking up Old Journal and a Rifle and Gloria getting the .45.

Rounds 1 to 3
5 gates opened in this period and the Stars are Right Rumor showed up. As this Scenario makes gaining Allies very difficult I was more or less already resigned to the fact that we were probably heading for Final Battle. Gloria got sucked into The Dreamlands and got delayed.
DT – 6, TL – 0, Gates – 5, Seals – 0, Monsters – 4.

Rounds 4 to 6
Surges and bounces kept Nyarl fast asleep and the rumor added no Doom Tokens. Jenny and Gloria sealed at Independence Sq. and The Unnameable respectively while Darrell burned up all his clues trying to pick up an ally and Mike was driven insane by a Flying Polyp.
DT – 6, TL – 0, Gates – 3, Seals – 2, Monsters – 7 (2 Outskirts).

Rounds 7 to 9
2 gates and 1 surge during this period. Jenny bought an Elder Sign and the Dark Pharoh made an appearance, but Jenny killed him on her way into the Abyss where she became LiTaS. Gloria got knocked unconscious by a Flying Polyp and the Rumor adds 1 Doom Token
DT – 9, TL – 1, Gates – 5, Seals – 2, Monsters – 7 (1 Outskirts).

Rounds 10 to 12
2 surges and a gate opened at the Unvisited Isle, but Jenny managed a seal at the Witch House with her Elder Sign. Gloria entered Another Dimension and Mike was driven insane by a Hound of Tindalos. Darrell also get driven insane by a Flying Polyp.
DT – 9, TL – 3, Gates – 5, Seals – 3, Monsters – 7 (2 Outskirts).

Rounds 13 to 15
1 bounce and 2 surges kept things in the balance but the Rumor added 2 more Doom Tokens for an awakening. In the meantime the investigators got clued up and all managed to survive the Final Battle.
DT – 11, TL – 5, Gates – 4, Seals – 3, Monsters – 7 (1 Outskirts).

This once again caused me a lot more trouble than I expected. Both Gloria and Mike have been forced to retire exhausted while Darrell is teetering on the brink. The early Rumor meant the Doom Track was always going to fill up but I still tried for the seal victory until Round 13, after which I knew the game was definitely up and started saving clues for Final Battle. The increased difficult in trading between investigators was a big hinderance as well.

As for carrying items over to the next Scenario, Fight and Marksman Skills are invalid so Darrell and Jenny will have to leave theirs behind. Apart from the Enchanted Blade Darrell has nothing of any use so will only take that. Jenny has an unused Elder Sign and the Ruby, but can only take one Unique Item, but will also take the Rifle.

Gloria was top dog again but this was her last campaign so adios amigo!

Gloria – Retired Exhausted
Darrell – Enchanted Blade (+3 xt)
Jenny – Rifle, Ruby of R’lyeh (+ 2 xt)
Mike – Retired Exhausted

(I was sorely tempted by Jenny’s unused Elder Sign but the Ruby does make her a lot more mobile).
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