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Subject: Noobs in flames (again) - 13 rss

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Marco semori
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Hi guys here is our report about our global war playing by Vassal.
We are playing with all expansions (except Lif and Fif), all optional rules (except tankers and intelligence) and the 2d10 system.
This is our second Global War!

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for the mistakes, my english is pretty bad.
Recap at the end.

Me - Germany and Italy
Fefe - Japan
Once again the bad guys!

Alle - US, CW, Naz. China.
Matte - URSS, France, Comm. China
Matte is the new good guy :)

S/O '41

Rain and storm all over the Europe, German and Russian split the Romania as they do with Poland (rules misunderstanding :P) but this time the Russian learn the lesson and take the good part (the one with city and resources) killing in the process all the Rumanian army.
While the German takes the mountains area.

The CW finally can bomb French city, they have always hated that French have better cities than theirs so, with the excuse of a "occupation" bomb Notre Dame and other churches, of course US doesn't care if a mankind heritage is bombed they only see if some stupid land area pass from a nation to another...

CW subs also attack the Italian ferryboat to Sardinia killing hundreds of tourists (1 cp lost), well done CW!

Other minor battles take place in Cape S. Vincent (who gives the name?) and the last German CVP is shoot down, so the German CV leaves the battle.

Back to Asia, the IJN launch the final assault to the last sanctuary of terrorism: Cheng-To, the units lead by Umezu conquer the city after encircled it with no losses! Hooray for the Japanese!
The communists are over and the Naz only hold Kumming, time to new objectives.

In the end of turn the CW units find and sink a Milchow and a sub while Russian and German start to retreat from Romania.


G 6+2pp, It 1, Ch 2

39 S/O
Poland and Denmark crushed, Ark Royal sunk, US gain a bunch of chits.

39 N/D
Netherlands and Belgium conquered, Mao killed, Japanese advance in the north and in the south.

40 G/F
Some CP raid, Japanese keep advance in the north and in the south and strat Chinese.

40 M/A
Poor action all over the world, Lan-chow hold, German find nothing in the BoA

40 M/J
Offensive in France crack the line and destroy enemy Airforce but doesn't achieve a completely success, Japanese conquer Kwey-Yang, US farm chits.

40 J/A
German conquer 2 esa on Paris with losses, Italy DOW France and conquer Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. Japan conquer Lan Chow and Nanking.

40 S/O
Bad weather froze all the move, German sink the first cp of war.

40 N/D
Bad weather freeze the Europe, Japan take 1 esa on Kunning and 1 on Chunking, US reopen Burma Road and freeze Japanese assets.

41 G/F
German conquer the third esa on Paris, Japanese second on Chunking, rain and snow no much action.

41 M/A
Paris conquered and Vichy is set up, German redepoy to east and Africa, Japanese advance on Chunking.

41 J/A

Some combat in Bob, German sunk 9CP, CW destroy Metz, Vichy sunk a CW CV.
Russia dows Rumania and conquers oil fields, German aling Ungheria, CW dow Italy and sunk a lot of Regia Marina.
Japan conquer Chunking, the plains and the mountains.

41 S/O

Rumania conquered by Russia, minor fight in the ocean.
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