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Subject: Need help with statistics of card set ranking rss

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Lance Hoag
United States
North Carolina
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Ludological Labs
Hello all,
Not being very mathy, I could use some help to ensure that the statistics of a card game prototype is in proper order. Specifically, the card game is a a little like Haggis/Tichu, with role-drafting and associated special abilities (but with a fun theme incorporated). So there is a climbing/trick-taking aspect of which I need to ensure that the "Sets" hierarchy is accurately ordered.

Here are the specifics:
1. 5 suits (100 cards + 15 wilds = 115 total cards in a deck)
2. each suit consists of 20 cards numbered 1-10 (2 copies of each card)
3. 15 wild cards, breaking down to 3 per suit, however, all wilds are suit-less and number-less:
a)full wild---number and suit
b)number-only wild...suit cannot be changed,
...must be played with another card of which the number is being modified and suit remains the same.
c)suit-only wild....number cannot be wild,
...must be played with another card of which the suit is being modified and the number remains the same.
4. 10 cards are drawn into a hand (2-4 players for now)

Sets to be collected/played are:
1) 1 pair
2) 2 pair
3) 3 ofakind--needs at least 1 wild
4) 4 ofakind--needs at least 2 wilds
5) Straight of at least 5 single cards, (1,2,3,4,5)
6) Sequence of at least 2 consecutive Pairs (2,2,3,3,4,4...)
7) Sequence of at least 2 consecutive 3 ofakinds (2,2,2,3,3,3...) --needs at least 2 wilds
8) Sequence of at least 2 consecutive 4 ofakinds (2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3)--needs at least 4 wilds

With generous application of wilds, sets of more than 4 ofakinds are possible (5 ofakind and higher), but I am drawing the line at 4, just to keep it simpler. I can always allow set greater than 4 ofakind to be Bombs (Tichu/Haggis) later if it looks beneficial.

All sets must be of the same suit (excluding suit-less wild cards, and Sequences of Pairs) the suits represent creatures for which Sets of evidence is being collected...think Mystery Rummy.

I suspect that this ordering might be close to that above, but to be the next great hotness in light card games to sweep the planet, this needs to accurate and not just a guess. The math seems straight forward until I mix in the partial wild cards. If I had a number that represented the probability of drawing a hand of each of these Sets could also base the scoring/reward according to the actual probabilities, rather than just the ordering.

Thanks to everyone for reading this long post and considering my mathy problem. Acknowledgements in the rules for all those who contribute.
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