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Subject: Rise of the primordial rss

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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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Rise of the primordial

Had great fun last night with the Legend of Drizzt, 5 players its max capacity vs the final adventure,

2 adults 3 kids,
Drizzt, Cattie, Artmis, Brunor, and Athrogate where woken by a dream quest to save the city of Neverwinter from an epic demonic threat!

Idea behind the game is find and defeat the games biggest baddy the Demon Erttu,
He can be weakened by killing water elementals and taking water bowls to his throne!

The 1st Exploration revealed revealed the 1st water elemental! Not the best start as its powers attacks all heroes, on the tile and we where all bunched up!

The 2nd exploration revealed the 2nd elemental! And still had us bunched! Ouch!

If you played before the game genrally has you randomly stack a dungeon tile deck, so you randomly explore about 9 to 12 tiles before finding your target

What I love about LoD is the vent tile systems, certain tiles show a smouldering volcanic vent, if you don’t explore or find draw a back arrowed tile you get and encounter, and there a fair few of these which trigger the vents! Even better the vents are all different, some just affect the tile, some spray adjacent tiles, so its tricky to judge,

The lay out was cavern was pretty cool twisted one, at one time the party was split but lucky managed to reform on a parallel tunnel

The heroes generally took a pounding from poor dice rolls often out by just 1 point!
But we kept the surges safe,

A turn for the worse came when Catti ran in to Drizzt brother the now monster drider!
Who fended off attacks for far to long! Just lucky his stikes also missed there marks but his a hit on miss monster, one of the worse kind of monster, of which LoD has quite a few,

Right next to the drider was a troll Lair! who knocked Drizzt back to next Wednesday!

Even though I’ve played this game and its brothers a lot I’m still surprised by its choice it presents on your turn, position matters ,

Do you have power to hit both whats the risk pay off it one attack misses? Will you be on a dangerous tile? Do you explore as well as attack? Are you endangering fellow heros!, as the game went on thought of pandemic flashed though my mind, if I do this that will happen, but he can move in to assist , I hope the next cards not another troll! Etc..
As Brunor a character with High AC I tried to be in the thick of it, I could take hits but my main power only activated on hit which for me was rare!
The party played well together and just outsmarted the drider and troll sharing the hits or being 1 step out of range , unfortunately no great treasure just a little need hit point boost but Both Artmis and Drizzt did mange to level,

The volcanic tiles seem to get more active as we delved in to the dungeon but with experience we managed to avoid the worse, and Loth the almighty also curse us a fair number of times, which we had to shrug off be it still had an effect , the patry where some what scattered after the troll bating game, and the main combatants where down to a few hit points a piece when Erttu showed him self!

Our quest had an Aid in defeating him, place the water element essence on his throne!
But he‘s large (9 squares) he’s difficult to get past! Troll bating on a much more dangerous scale!

Again luck was not with us as our most powerful daily attacks barely scratching him with on miss damage only!

Luckily Erttu does like to move after his attacks but it took some doing to get him out of his throne and passage way leading to him, which took up much need Exp as we had to cancel some events,

Then the traps started to come, LoD traps are less specific then CR and ASH in that they also target monsters on the tiles! Though the traps bothered us more then the demon,

Athrogate managed to power smash the demon into a corner giving us the brake to place the water bowls which hurt the daemon to with in 2 hit point left! , unfortunately his sacrifice was in vain, though he was healthy and held a healing potion, are battles has now used up are healing surges!

We thought we where defeated but as we explored the throne room hoping for treasure or some easy exp, a hunting party turned up at the entrance, which seems ok apart from the goblins champions has a 2 tile range and Athrogate in his sights!

As the turns moved round Erttu ate into the plucky dwarf and then the goblin champion, we managed to raise Arthogate with a bolstering treasure, but Erttu struck him down again,

Healthy to dead in the blink of an eye he did hold a potion but as his turn had not come he lost his hit point out of turn, we deemed he could not use it,

And so fell the hero’s to the deamon Erttu, then the city of Neverwinter and then the rest of the world ….

Honourable mention to Gwen and Snort the pet animals where harmed and did not survive the adventure either..
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