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Subject: Barbaross Style Game rss

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John Griffey
United States
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Red plays USSR, occupying the three closest minor countries at start. Blue plays Germany, occupying the two minors closest to Blue at start.

Randomly replace half the "At Start" Red land units with breakdown non-aircraft units from the counter mix. Red must set up on the border with its At-Start units in such a way that every hex on its side of the border is covered with a unit or a ZOC. Randomly replace half the Red Air Force with breakdown air units and deploy as many as possible, one per city, in the three occupied minor countries. The Turn 1 units set up in Big Red cities within the stacking limits. All Red units begin the game face-down, with their identities concealed.

Blue sets up its At-Start forces in any way it pleases on its side of the border. Its Turn 1 units get to make one free move before the game begins from their starting cities.

--Starting Turn 1, each city hex produces at least 1 replacement point per turn.
--Starting Turn 5, Big Red city hexes each produce 2 replacement points per turn.
--Starting Turn 9, Big Red city hexes each produce 3 replacement points per turn, and each produces 4 replacement points per turn, if there are no Red units outside of Big Red.
--Each city hex captured from your enemy or in occupied minor countries produces only 1/2 replacement point per turn.

10 replacement points to replace an Infantry division or the four commandos.
20 to replace a tank, artillery or para division.
30 to replace an aircraft unit.

Note: Big Red and Great Blue each have 21 city hexes. The five neutrals have 20 city hexes.

VICTORY--Capture all three of the enemy Capital City's hexes.

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AnimalMother, I do like the general concept, which is to create unbalanced forces and use the shape of the land on the map (the land widens as you move toward Big Red) to create an unstable situation. One that is like Barbarossa (Hitler invading Russia).

However, why not move the initial border further? Let Great Blue start in itself or at most 1 neutral country. This narrows the front quite a bit, or at least, allows Red a MLR at the narrows, then another that uses the big lake and the river to the sea, and then wide open territory.

Then, having to choose forces randomly punishes those who have sorted their units into trays. Better to have a set at start force structure. I suggest that half the Red at start armor be set aside to arrive later in a mass. And reduce their Inf. as required (to make the game work), perhaps by a 'bid'. Blue would get more troops at start, the last 3 turns of reinforcements. Planes?

Then, what rules were you intending to use? 1965? 1975? 1985? Or other. I don't like the Inf. has no ZOC against armor 1975 rule. I like all 1-4 and 2-1-4 have no ZOC (period), and units in cities don't either. Units with MF of 4 (Inf., Para, Art.) have DF times 1/2 in the desert/steppe. See my other posts for my other rules changes.

Keep your other rules for the most part.

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