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im definitely going to try this as soon as possible. i love IaBT, thanks for sharing! =)


quick playtest on the released VassaL module of this "small" variant scenario: turn 3, the russian 1/131 just took some heavy fire, and the 3/131 T-80 Tanks are scrambling to try and hit the chechen resistance from behind!

on an unrelated note, i love the Vassal Module for this game. allows people who dont have much space and time (sigh..) to quickly setup scenarios and games easily saving them for later use. im finally able to playthis game much more (as it deserved imho) thanks to this!


as soon as i have some time ill upload the rest of the screenshots. meanwhile i managed to finsish the first playtrough, and my impressions is that the balance of forces in this variant remains somewhat in favor of the chechens (as it shold be i think.) i guess a couple of really lucky streak with heavy weapons scoring 1's on tanks should be accounted for that too

i definitely need to play this more, but for now i can say it has the same "desperate" feeling of the historical scenario for the russians, but using much fewer units (making it much faster to finish, a plus in my book) and mantaining a very nice narrative pacing. i might also tinker with the OOB's a bit just for kicks

i also think you should start with 2 chechen activation chits, then add the third on the 2nd turn, and add the 4th in the third turn. this way the russian wont get swarmed right from turn 1 with the whole chechen resistance available to the chechen player.

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