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Subject: Rule summary beta rss

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Pauli Vinni
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Hi! I am trying to make a rule summary for the Nazgul game.
I am not native english speaking so any corrections are wellcome.

Yeas, I know that there are different numbers in starting favor in the rule book, but this is compensated by removing the unnisessary rule that you don't get 2 favor in the first turn... This way it is much easier...

So any rule errors or grammar or wordin suggestions are wellcome. When this is done the next step is trying to fit this in one a4/letter page...

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Pauli Vinni
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The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul

player starting favor cards of power
3 5 3
4 3 1
5 1 -

Turn order

Favor phase
1. gain 2 favor
2. face up hero card per player
3. reveal quests
• easy & medium = # of players – 1
• hard = # of players
4. add 3 favor to Sauron’s favor box (if empty)
5. resolve bids (if tie: player can play his face-up hero card to Hero pool to claim the rank. Nazgul with highest rank hero has iniative. If none of the tied players use his Hero card, determinate randomly. Does not work with Sauron’s favor. See below.)
• Cards of power (Max 6 in hand)
• 1st: 3 -> 2
• 2nd: 2 -> 1
• other: 1
• Sauron’s favour / Turn order
• 1st:
• select the turn order
• collect the favor from Sauron’s favour box
• draw a Secret Quest – discard a Secret Quest
• if tie
• Turn order remains the same
• All favor cubes bid to this reward are placed in the Sauron’s favour box
• The Witch-King
• 1st: gain control of the Witch-King
• Saruman’s Aid
• 1st:
• Draw 3 Hero cards
• place one Hero cards front of you, face down
• return two Hero cards top or bottom of Hero deck
• or 1st:
• search and choose any 1 card from Hero deck and place it front of you, face down
• Gain Clix
• 1st: gain 2 clix
• other: gain 1 clix
• Gain Forces
• see Force Tracks for costs

Campaign phase
1. Deployment (In turn order) (Witch-King is deployed same time as your own Nazgul to same or different place)
• any three campaigns
• any face-up Quest card
2. Resolution (In turn order)
• If you control the Witch-King and your own Nazgul and it are in different places, chose the order between them.
• If there are more than one Nazgul are in the same place, resolve their actions there at the same time.
• Once all Nazgul have resolved their Campaigns or Quests, resolve the rest Quests: Failure

1. Preparation
• Assign heroes
• Nazgul with Saruman’s aid decides first
• Nazgul in battle may assign his face-up Hero card or Hero pool
• Random hero card for all remaining Hero cubes
• Heroic call (first assigned only)
• add necessary Heroes and Hero cubes
• Commit Nazgul Forces up to Army rating
• Hero abilities
• terror – valor
• remaining terror removes Free people Armies from Battle Cup (Paralyzed)
• fill the Combat Cup
2. Combat (Each Nazgul in turn order)
• retreat
• declare tactics used (minimum 1)
• draw that many cubes
• apply damage to defenders (Nazgul damage rating, orcs 1/1, trolls 2/2, mûmakils 2/2)
• walls
• free people armies (1/1)
• lowest rank hero available
• apply damage to attackers (Hero with highest damage rating, army 1/1)
• previously damaged minion take hits first
• chose target Nazgul for the damage
• divide the damage between you forces and your Nazgul
• Nazgul can not reduced below level 1 if you still control any Forces in the battle.
• If Nazgul KO, flee back to Mordor. Next round reappear level = Chapter
3. Aftermath
• Adjust forces and Campaign tracks
• determinate success or failure
• mark any completed Campaign stage
• Collect rewards
• Share all favor in battle (round up)
• favor from killed Heroes
• favour for other cards
• favour for destroyed armies (1 favor each)
• wp from Hero to Nazgul who killed that hero
• wp from completed Campaign stage to each involved Nazgul
• wp from successful Quest to each involved Nazgul (Witch-King only if different place)
• empty Combat Cup

Mount Doom
• 3-4 players: 2 Heroes
• 5 players: 3 Heroes
• Nazgul can deploy if at least one Stage 4 has been completed, no Forces
• No Hero Cards, no Armies
1. Search for ring bearer (no damage is dealt)
• declare tactics used (minimum 1)
• draw that many cubes
• if one or more hero cubes = failure (Heroes Escape)
• if two Nazgul cubes = success (Ring bearer is captured)

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Pauli Vinni
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Next version in PDF format, so easier to read. Any comment suggestions still appreciated!
File can be downloaded from:

I hope that discussion about the summary changes and updates and suggestions will stay in here, and general comments goes to file section.

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