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Subject: Mayfair Games at GenCon - FAQ / Preemptive thread rss

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Nik Olah
United States
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Hello all, last year there was a thread here on BGG where people had some questions & complaints about Mayfair, the vast majority of those complaints were simple misunderstandings that could have been easily cleared up or fixed, so this year I thought I would create a thread preemptively to discuss and answer questions. There were a few valid complaints and we have taken steps to avoid repeating them.

Who am I?

My name is Nik and I'm one of the "senior" volunteers, for lack of a better title. I help organize and run the Mayfair Game Room. I will be working 8+ hours every day of the convention to make your experience with Mayfair the best possible.

Are these answers official?

Yes, everything I answer in this thread should be official. If I am not sure, I will state as such and contact one of the Mayfair employees to confirm. Nothing here is final however, GenCon is a big, and busy place and sometimes things have to change unplanned. We try hard to make sure that doesn't happen, however.

Will this thread be monitored?

I will be monitoring and responding to this thread every day, right up until the last day of GenCon. I will answer as many questions as I am able. Mayfair employees will also be monitoring to assist.

What areas does Mayfair have at GenCon?

We have 2 areas, the Game Room (GR) and the Dealer's Area (DA). Although I help run the GR I am also assisting in the DA. We also have a few areas around the convention with our games however they are not supported (for example,the hexes outside of the convention hall in the sidewalk make a great place to play chalk Catan. I am frequently out there playing but this does not mean Mayfair supports it).

This thread is primarily about the GR however I will also explain how the DA works in comparison.

Are we required to pay for games run by Mayfair?

In the GR all games are pay to play. The cost is either 1 ticket (generic or game specific), one coupon from your swag bag or the Mayfair Game Room Ribbon (GRR). This is not policy set by Mayfair, rather it is a term of the contract we sign with GenCon. Their rules, we just enforce them.

How much does the GRR cost, what are it's benefits?

The GRR costs $30 and can be bought from games registration. It allows you unlimited play in the GR and admittance to the Git-Together we run every evening. It does NOT get you into the Settlers of Catan tournament, that has it's own cost.

What is the Git Together?

Recently Mayfair has started running a Git Together every evening in the GR. The cost is either 2 generic tickets, 1 event specific ticket or your GRR. We have unlimited, open gaming in the GR from 8 pm - midnight every evening and it includes snacks and drink (soda, water, etc).

Do you teach games?

We always teach games in the DA, that is its sole purpose. We try to have someone able to teach any game in the Mayfair library at all times but sometimes a gap may occur.

We are not able to teach games in the GR, it is a big area and there is not enough staff to be able to teach. We do have some staff on hand assigned to teach games and answer questions, but the entire shift is not always covered.

The exception is during the Git Together. We have additional staffing in the GR and try to teach as many games as possible

What times are the Mayfair rooms open?

The GR is open from 8am - midnight every day, 8am - 3pm on Sunday.
The DA is open 10am - 6pm, the normal hours for the Exhibitor's Hall.

I thought your games were marked as 'Will be taught'

When we submit our game list to GenCon every game is listed as 'Some Experience Required' however sometimes accidents can happen.

Also, there are many game clubs running games at GenCon, some of them running Mayfair games. It is not uncommon for people to see a Mayfair game being run by someone else, marked as 'Rules will be taught' and then people assume it is in our game area. Please check the location of your games.

Can you explain the ribbon program?

Oh boy, here's the shortest explanation I can manage.

Every time you play a game in either the GR, DA or a Mayfair game in the Train Gamers Association (TGA) area, you are given one ribbon. What ribbon you are given depends on what type of game you played.

Ore - Train Games
Brick - Catan Games

The only exception is Sheep, they can only be given out in the DA during normal hours of operation. The people working in the GR do not have sheep ribbons to give out.

When you collect all 5 ribbons (Brick, Ore, Sheep, Wheat, and Wood, you can take your ribbon into the Exhibitors area and be awarded prizes for completing the set. These prizes include, but are not limited to, raffle tickets, exclusive convention-only maps, swag, and other goodies. The exact details changes from year to year but is mostly the same.

You also get the Knight of Catan and can play more games to collect Paper, Cloth and Coin ribbons. These additional ribbons can be collected to earn more raffles as well as the Defender of Catan ribbon.

There's a lot of stuff to be earned by collecting ribbons, too much for me to list all here. Stop by the ribbon check-in station in the Exhibitor's Hall to see everything that is available from collecting ribbons.

Can we trade ribbons?

Yes, you can trade with your fellow gamers for whatever deal you work out. You can also trade 4 ribbons into a Mayfair staff member to get one ribbon of your choice (remember, only staff in the DA have sheep ribbons).

I heard about Star Trek Catan? Can you tell me about it?

We will have a limited number of ST Catan available at GenCon. They will be available for sale while supplies last. As an added bonus Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) will be on-hand to autograph your copy in the Mayfair booth Friday (she will be available for photos and/or autographs elsewhere at the convention, see the GenCon schedule for more details)

More details can be found here

Does Mayfair have other contests / give aways at GenCon?

Here are five easy steps to Snag Mayfair Swag!!
1: Connect with us on Twitter - @MayfairGames

2: Watch each morning (starting around 9am) when we will tweet five (5) daily contest clues.

3: Find the answers to each clue and collect the five (5) wooden tokens (a different one for each clue)

4: Watch for an additional afternoon tweet (around 5pm) with the prize collection location.

5: Be one of the first 10 people at the designated prize collection location & Snag Mayfair Swag!

SPECIAL NOTE: ALL participants that show up with the five (5) wooden tokens will be put into a separate raffle drawing that will be held on Sunday afternoon during the Grand Mayfair Raffle Extravaganza!

Best of luck to all participants and help spread the word!!

What are the rules for the Grand Mayfair Raffle Extravaganza?

Every year, we have a HUGE raffle held in the Dealer's Area. The time is not exact, it starts right after the final game of the Catan Tournament. You must be present to win anything from the Raffle.

You want to be there, we give out a ton of swag and we have a bunch of fun.

Whew! Now I'm sure I've made a few minor mistakes or missed something, I will be reviewing my post and correcting myself / adding answers. Feel free to ask away!
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Chris Funk
United States
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I'm one of the DA demo lackeys in the exhibit hall and I will try and answer what I can, as well.

I will add a note that the Defender ribbons (Paper, cloth, coin) are only available from certain game demos like Horus, Monuments, Lascaux, etc. Not every game will give those three commodities and they can only be earned with a Knight ribbon. If you don't have your Knight, they are Sheep, Wheat, Wood, Clay, and Ore like any other game.

The DA staff try very hard to make sure we have someone available to teach any game. Sometimes, especially in the afternoons when our demo staff tend to thin, we do have some holes sometimes. Any one of us are willing to learn with you, however, though it can make the demo a tad longer. Also, not every one of us are adept in every game. Sometimes we learn right along with you during the demo. I learn about 3-4 new games to teach at each convention, and this GenCon is no different. I'm reading three rulebooks right now, cramming for Thursday morning in hopes of getting up to speed right out of the gate.

Sometimes, only one of us knows a particular game because of it's weight or age, so please be patient as that person may be taking a break or trying to cover other games. With a library as large as Mayfair's, it's a bit daunting trying to keep up.

Good idea, Nik! See you on Wednesday.
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Ken Grazier
United States
South Euclid
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Check out my boardgame demoing website!
Near northeast Ohio? Come to one of my game nights!
I'm also a Dealer's Area (DA) volunteer. If the games for the Commodities are the same as they were last year, those games are:

La Strada
Bacchus' Banquet
Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity

Keep in mind, this was last year's grouping, and may not represent the list this year.
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