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Subject: V.o.D. Section 2 Scenario: The Banners of Disgust rss

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nathan hayden
United States
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needs some typo edits when I get time but should be suffice for now

Scenario for 2 OR 4 players. 4 player game is team play. NOT a 3 player scenario.

This obviously is a capture the flag scenario. The game comes with 2 Banner pieces and these pieces were intended for this scenario.


If playing with 2 players, players should choose between the Beginner, Advanced or Pro layouts and lay out the map as shown in the picture.

2 player Beginner

2 player Advanced

2 player Pro

If playing with 4 players, players should choose between the Beginner or Advanced layouts and make the map as shown.

4 player Beginner

4 player Advanced

In a 4 player game, players should sit near their Lair. The players to the right of The Pit will form one team, and the players to the Left of The Pit will for the second team.

Players should place the banners as shown in the layout.

A first player is determined, and play will continue clockwise. The first player must take his turn before his teammate in a 4 player game. So in a 4 player game, the first player must be whichever player sits before his teammate in clock was order. Both Team mates will take a turn before the other team. (ex. If a player from team A is chosen as starting player the second player of Team A must be sitting to the left of the starting player.)

The starting player conducts a Spawn Roll for each Spawn Pit. Spawns are still conducted on Throneroom pits that contain Banners.

Players must use a BASIC DRAFT (mentioned in the forums here). After draft is conducted and Squad Markers are placed, game is ready to begin.

Place Blood Eye marker on the the Awaken Evil symbol of the Awakening Track. Blood Eye does not begin “advanced” due to card draft. Awakening Evil cards will not be used and can be put in the box.

The scenario of Capture the Banners of Disgust is played using the same rules as Cave Evil. In a 2 player game the Cycles are conducted in the same manner and the 2 players are challenging themselves, but in a 4 player game players play in teams. The players have a Throneroom pit that is considered “owned” by them. This Throneroom pit is on the same side of the map as the players' Lairs and contains their Banner of Disgust at the beginning of the game.

The goals are the same as Cave Evil. In a 2 player game a player may win by destroying his enemy Necromancer through Combat or by crushing opponent’s Chthonic Crystal, but rather than completing an Awakening Evil, players may attempt win by capturing the opponent’s Banner and dropping the opponent Banner in their ‘own’ Throneroom pit on their side of the map.

In a 4 player game, a team can win by destroying opponent team using above methods, or taking opponent team Banner and dropping it off in their Throneroom pit on their side of the board.

Blood Eye begins the game on the Awakening symbol on the Awakening track. It is not begin “advanced” due to card draft. Throughout the game the Blood Eye must be advanced after creatures are invoked by players, and at the end of each cycle, as in a regular game of Cave Evil.

A game will also end if the Blood Eye moves around the entire Awakening track finishing at the Awakening symbol. If players have not achieved victory at this time ALL PLAYERS LOSE.

Teams CANNOT mix their turns together. Player turns are individual. Players absolutely may discuss their strategy, but turns are taken separately.

Teams Squad may move through each other (if size permits), but cannot stop on the same spaces as their teammates.

Spawning in pits throughout this scenario are the same as the base game. Spawns CAN happen on top of Banners. These pits may provide more resources, items or challenges.

Players will soon realize passing of Banners is crucial to victory. Players may pass Items, Spells, Resources, and Banners with their teammates, but if passed to a teammate the article passed can not continue to be passed until the teammate’s turn.

Tactical hint: If a player’s Squad is set up well a creature could pick up and pass a Banner from the enemy Throneroom pit to their own by for victory, by moving and passing from one Squad to another. Again the article being passed would stop if passed to a teammate’s Squad.

A Banner may be picked up by ANY creature.

A player or team cannot pick up its own Banner. Only the enemy team or player may pick up a player or team's Banner.

If a Banner is ever dropped it stays where it drops. Banner can only be picked up or moved by enemies.
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