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Subject: Please Critique My Greyjoy Discard Deck rss

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Benjamin Piehler
United States
Kansas City
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So, I am very new to deckbuilding and AGoT. I am a huge fan of Greyjoy from the novels, and have been struggling to find a Greyjoy deck that can win. Today, I built a deck which earned me my 2nd win ever (lol). It follows a discard strategy... but has something to be desired. There are still a few chapter packs I'd like to pick up (suggestions would be awesome).

I have access to: 3x cores, The deluxe expansions; Queen of Dragons, Kings of the Sea, Kings of the Storm and Princes of the Sun, and chapter packs; The Grand Melee, Where Loyalties Lie, Rituals of R'hllor, Dreadfort Betrayal, Return of the Others, Tales of the Red Keep, Mask of the Archmaester, Calling the Banners, Epic Battles, City of Secrets, Trial by Combat, On Dangerous Grounds and Chasing Dragons... so I could do a Raider or Unnpposed deck pretty easily, if some think that would be more effective (I mostly play joust).

My current GJ discard deck:

Total: x60

Plots x7
Rule by Decree - Core
Holding the Trident - Core
Stay of Execution - KotS
Loyalty Money Can Buy - Queen of Dragons
The Power of Blood - Core
The First Snow of Winter - On Dangerous Grounds
Valar Morghulis - Core

Characters x25
3x Scurvy Cutthroat - KotS
3x Distinguished Boatswain - Tales from the Red Keep
1x Maester Aemon - Core
1x Maester Wendamyr - KotS
1x Theon Greyjoy - Where Loyalties Lie
3x Euron's Mongrel - A Song of Silence
1x Wex Pyke - KotS
3x Iron Fleet Raiders - Mask of the Archmaester
2x Alannys Grejoy - On Dangerous Grounds
3x Asha Greyjoy - Where Loyalties Lie
3x Euron Crow's Eye - The Grand Melee
1x Victation's Reavers - Chasing Dragons

Locations x18
1x Gatehouse - KotS
3x The Iron Mines - KotS
3x Sunset Sea - KotS
3x Iron Island Fiefdoms - KotS
3x Corpse Lake - Trial by Combat
1x Aeron's Chambers - KotS
2x Fishmongerer's Square - Tales from the Red Keep
1x Scouting Vessel - KotS
1x Nagga's Hill - On Dangerous Grounds

Attatchments x4
2x Captain of the Iron Fleet x The Grand Melee
1x Horn of Dragons - A Song of Silence
1x Support of Harlow - Core

Events x13
3x Risen from the Sea - KotS
3x Finger Dance - Where Loyalties Lie
2x Nighttime Raid - Trial by Combat
2x We Take Westeros! - Dreadfort Betrayal
3x Raiding the Reach - The Grand Melee

Apparently, Tourney for the Hand and Of Snakes and Sand would give me some additional discard troops...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Should I go unnopposed? Thanks so much for any feedback!

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Grant Batt
United States
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A few Key cards for Greyjoy discard are:

Euron Crow’s Eye – The Grand Melee
Corpse Lake (which you have)
Motley Crewman
Bloodthirsty Crewman

Also any events that discard (i.e. We Take Westeros, Raiding the Reach, Finger Dance)

Euron prevents anyone from even wanting to challenge you (they have to discard if they do, possibly giving you a free draw and feeding corpse lake) Motley Crewman increases the cards they have to discard. I went a whole game without being challenged once, this was in melee, which is all I play, I imagine in Joust this would be pure hate. Euron is absolutely essential for you.

I also like to throw in other Greyjoy hate cards like Baelor Blacktyde, Gylbert Farwynd, and The Sparr to my discard deck. I caused so much grief on my opponents with these 3 cards and Euron!

Also the River plot card that forces discard, I’ve actually won in the plot phase with that plot because it fed Corpse Lake!

I’m going to build up my discard deck on cardgamedb and send it to you like I did with the Raider Unopposed/Rush deck.

EDIT: LOL! Ok now that I actually read through your deck , you’re already pretty much there. I thought you posted the deck you sent me yesterday, sorry about that!

Only changes I would make are some character changes. If you have Baelor Blacktyde, Gylbert Farwynd, and The Sparr, put them in there, maybe replace the Maesters, Theon and Asha, although not critical, they cause hate, especially Baelor and Sparr, Gylbert can be tricky to use but definitely possible and can be worth it.

I’m not a fan of Greyjoy attachments, so personally I would replace those with more events like Ahead of the Tide and Ours For the Taking, two events I am rarely without in my Greyjoy deck.

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Too much events. Few chars, you'll need more, for sure.
Remove First Snow of Winter: your deck is plenty 1 and 2 cost chars. Their gonna go to your hand after the first challenge; thats not good for GJ.where are refugees? You should include some (IMHO).
-1 holding the trident. Absolutely. +1 Fear of winter or Fury of the Kraken, or just maybe the plot river that discard some.
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