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Subject: The Battle of Geldrecht Empire vs Demons 2000 pts. rss

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Geir Erik Ø
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This is my first battle using the 8th edition army book for the Empire

Randulf was standing at the edge of the fishing village Geldrecht. He wondered if he had taken the right decision bringing an whole army, because of the word of the old witch hunter Claus Geisterheim. Claus had proven his loyalty to Sigmar before, but was not this hunt for this Khorne demon a proof that he had lost it? Claus had reported that by the help of the demon Kethlarrzch, a chaos worshipping cult had preformed an ritual to release a demon horde led by a demon prince. But could it be true? In his time as a Lector at the church of Sigmar, Randulf had fought the demons before. He had also recruited the Light wizard Dietrich who had proven to be great help at the battle of Klagenhof. Randulf entered his waraltar to get a better view and a cold breeze hit his face. Then he could smell them. The Demons!

First we put up the battlefield and then we rolled for scenario and got «Blood and Glory». This scenario really favors armies with many banners and the Empire got four while the demons had two. To win the Empire had to «take» two banner or take out the demon general. The demons had to take four banners or take two banners and the general.

The lists.

The Empire

Randulf (Archlector) on waralter. with von horstmann´s speculum (WA)
Dietrich (Wizard) with extra level.(W)


Bruno (Captain) with full armour and two handed weapon. (placed with the halberdiers)
Magnus (Battle standard bearer) with armour of destiny. (Placed with the spearmen)
Claus (Witch hunter) with brace of pistols. (placed with the spearmen)
Ernst (Engineer) (Placed with the helblaster)

Core troops:

40 Halberdiers with full command and 15 halberdier as detachment.(HB)
49 Spearmen with full command and 5 archers as detachment

Special troops:

2 Cannons (C)
3 Demigriffonriders with full command and halberds.(DG)

Rare troops:

1 Helblaster Volley gun (H)
1 Celestial Hurricanum (CH)


I don´t have the demon list, but it was something like this.

Lord choice:

Demonprince with some kind of update.(DP)

Hero Choice:

Herald of Khorne
Herald of Tzeentch
Herald of Nurgle (standardbearer) with a banner who reduced Ld with -2.

Core choices
20 or so bloodletters with banner (Blood)
20 or so Plaguebearers (Plague)
10 or so horrors (Horrors)

Special units

5 fleshhounds with special character upgrade (Hounds)
5 Screamers of Tzeentch (SC)
3 Flamers of Tzeentch (FL)

Demons Turn 1.

The demons advanced against the Empire. Demon magic took down three halberdiers turning them into a horror.

Empire Turn 1.

The Archers went into position too take the flesh hounds of Khorne out of the wood and in the reach of the demigriffon knights. The halberdiers got into position to be charged by the bloodletters and the spearmen got ready to meet the plague bearer unit. The helblaser shoot down one screamer of tzeentch. The Waraltar managed to give the Empire units a ward save and the light wizard protected the units with Phas protection. The demons now had -1 to hit. One of the cannons blew up as it misfired.

Demon Turn 2.

The screamers tried to fly over one cannon and the helblaser, but warmachines didn't get a scratch. The Bloodletters, with the support of the demon prince, charged the halberdiers, believing they would get an easy slaughter. But the demons got -1 to hit and the halberdiers got +1 from the celestial Hurricanium, 5+ ward save and hatred from the War altar. The Witch hunter also got his target, and with killing blow he shoot down the khorne herald further weakening the blood letters as they now lost hatred. In fury the bloodletters took the witch hunter down, but the halberdier won the round convincingly, even if the empire soldiers had failed their fear test.

The plague bearers had an even harder timed, they failed to get even one man down, but fell themselves from the wall of spears.

The flesh hounds wounded a demigriffon and lost one hound.

No significant magic was cast.

Empire turn 2

The Helblaster took aim at the screamers and shoot them down. On the right flank the Demigriffons were struggling with the hounds and they were loosing one demigriffon.

The halberdiers and bloodletters were tearing each other dow, the halberdiers are still protected by the light wizards Phas protection. The demons takes down the captain in the unit. This round goes to the demons but the halberdiers stand their ground.

The Spearmen are taking down the whole plaguebearer unit without getting any casualties. This also includes the demons battle standard bearer.

Demon turn 3

The flamers charge and destroys the helblaser. The horrors enters the watchtower and gets irresistible force causing an magical explotion that sends some horrors back to the warp. The fleshhounds takes down one more demigriffon, leaving only the standard bearer.

The bloodletters are finally destroyed with only the daemon prince left.

As the daemons now have lost two banners they have lost the game.


I feared the scenario would be to much of an advantage for the Empire. But the way the battle turned out, the demons would not stand a chance. If the game would have continued the demon prince would have been lost to and then there would be little left.

I was surprised to see how well the halberdiers and spearmen functioned with the wagons and light magic spells. I realize that it would be different if the demons had the bloodletters in a horde. I don´t think the demons will underestimate the imperial soldiers the next time.

I wasn’t to impressed with the demigriffons, but they preformed their task that was protecting the right flank.

Randulf was holding the dying witch hunter in his arms as he wispered with a smile on his face “I got him...I finally got him”
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