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Subject: New Campaign Has Begun Fall 1969 OFFENSIVE rss

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Randy Knight
United States
Rhode Island
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Fall 1969

Hello! The prolonged NLF Offensive continues into its Third Season!!!

The NLF Offensive began in Spring of 1969, with the NVA and VC taking Khe Sahn and Dak Song, and setting up bases in Quang Nam, Quang Tri, and Quang Gnai. General pesky patrolling and raiding throughout SVN.

Here is a tally of the NLF units destroyed during the heavy Fall Fighting :

US Counterattacks and defensive operations:

2 VC regiments (6-2-6s) destroyed
18 VC battalions eliminated
10 political sections eliminated
8 NVA regiments (7-2-7s) destroyed
3 NVA HQ (0-6-5) destroyed
6 NVA independent artillery (0-5-4) eliminated

Total 76 equivalents destroyed. If the US got a morale boost for the offensive season, Us morale would have benefitted + 10 points. The death and carnage continue.

But this season, the US and ARVN finally broke the back of the NLF units. SVN will be completely clear of NLF units again this Winter. The Offensive abilities of the NLF are spent. They ran completely out of replacements for both armies this Fall season, which meant two options: Flee or Die. Many died who couldn't flee.

Of course, one reason they couldn't flee is that the ARVN remained in Laos from last season's invasion and chased them off the map or into their graves. Heavy fighting also saw one US battalion patrolling the mountains of Quang Nam die. This as a moral victory for the NLF to finish their triple-play offensive operations with the death of a US Battalion of the 101st Division.

The Summer NLF Offensive CONTINUES into the Fall Season.
The 3rd Season of the NLF Offensive… and the US responses

Papa Khanh (my 3-star SVN leader) is loved by his people!
Following the Summer Offensive season, still 3 population points came into the fold of the government of South Vietnam. The Fall Interphase saw another stable state of affairs in Vietnam. .

SVN Morale jumps by 8 points, to 134.

SVN population control increased +3 to a total of 284.

As Mark mentioned, the SVN government is at its highest point in the Campaign in terms of Morale, Stability, and effectiveness. Saigon practically glows with enthusiasm for the War Effort.


No Bombing at all this season: All available aircraft will drop napalm on NVA formations and NVA artillery bases.

US Player Recruitment Phase:

*** US commitment jumps by 25 points to 325. I brought on more US support to help eradicate all trace elements of the NLF Offensive this season:

Here is what the General Abrams requested to have brought into the conflict:

25 commitment points were introduced:

The entire fresh 25th Infantry Division !
28 SVN Military Supplies (to build more ARVN replacements)
12 US replacements (just in case the US gets the brunt of the remaining operations)
8 battalions return from rotation in the States.

South Vietnam purchases (using the 28 SVN Military supplies provided):

24 new replacements were purchased for SVN
Upgrade 8 ARVN divisional HQ (which adds artillery power to the formation)

The 25th Division:

I introduced the US 25th Infantry Division to the conflict in Vietnam with the purpose of clearing the NVA and VC completely from South Vietnam by the end of the year. Together with the other divisions I have operating in SVN (101st airborne, 1st Air Cav, 1st Marine, 3rd Marine, 23rd Infantry), this new division should add some punch to my desire to clear Vietnam once against of the communist presence.

NVA Recruitment & Deployment:


The NVN Morale increased from 482 to 520 this season. So the NLF received +38 new commitment this season.

Fall 1969 Operations

Here is a brief summary of some of the heavy fighting:

1.) Heavy fighting, all concentrated now in I Corps provinces.

2.) Three operations in the provinces of Quang Gnai and Quang Tri witness large VC/NVA formations holding in the mountains, against big ARVN/US attacks supported by over 100 air/artillery points each. Mark's favorite casualty column is the 100+ column this season.

3.) Multiple Napalm and bombardment strikes also help whittle downy he remaining NVA replacements. The Offensive begins to run our of resources.

4.) The first NVA and VC units are removed from the board due to lack of replacements and lack of escape routes. Laos remains occupied by the ARVN to insure as many NLF units die as possible. It was a "season too far" for the NLF Offensive.

5.) 6 US aircraft are shot down during consecutive Napalm strafing runs against NVA and the VC stacked together with them.

6.) The NLF performed 19 attacks this season.

7.) The US Morale loss this season was less than last season, but still significant, due to US Search and Destroy operations and VC Offensive attacks. US morale equivalent losses also included 6 aircraft, and 1 helicopter (an equivalent of about another 3 morale lost).

8.) Therefore, US morale/commitment lost during the Summer /Fall Offensive efforts was perhaps 11 MORALE POINTS (negative 11 US Morale equivalents)

9.)Total of 76 VC equivalents destroyed during the Fall Offensive. The vast majority of this (42 commitment points equivalent) was NVA losses.

10.) If the United States got credit for these huge NLF losses, it would boost US morale by +10 points. Such is the US General's pipe dream…

11.) The United States has moved from a former "cap" of 250 Commitment to a new higher goal "cap" of 350 Commitment. This indicates a "war footing" to me, rather than a "pacification footing". Additional changes to Us planning and strategy will be to begin significant Strategic Bombing of the Trail, and perhaps the North in coming seasons.

12.) The Us will maintain significant Air Power in Vietnam, not to drop below 150-200 aircraft available each season. We will be vigilant in our efforts to support our FWA and ARVN Allies. To the end. Down with all Communists! Freedom for South Vietnam !!

END of Summer 1969 OFFENSIVE Summary and Highlights:

* US brings on 25 Commitment
* US 25th Division arrives to break the back of the remaining NLf Offensive Operations and help clear SVN of Communist infiltrators.
* Mark went over to Holding Operations in all the mountain regions of I Corps. We have no choice (based on our US goals) but to dig him out of his mountain strongholds...
* NLF OFFENSIVE , 3rd consecutive season!!!

US Total Commitment 325
US Replacements 18
US Total Air Points remaining 173
US Riverines 2
US Helicopters remaining 29
US Divisions in SVN :7
US Morale: 461

NVN Morale Level 520
NVA Divisions remaining: Almost nothing left
NVA Eliminated: The elite of the North die

SVN Morale 134
SVN Draft Level 161
SVN Population Controlled 284 (Papa Khahn is a beloved leader in SVN)

VC Population Controlled 76
VC Eliminated: Time to rebuild

Mark's NLF Offensive is over. It is time for the NLF to rebuild strength for several seasons. It was a bloody and prolonged Offensive Campaign Year, 1969.

Enjoying the Game!
Randy Knight (playing with Mark Evans)
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401k? More like .357
United States
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aslredbarricades wrote:


No Bombing at all this season: All available aircraft will drop napalm on NVA formations and NVA artillery bases.

Disappointing, yet uplifting!
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