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Subject: Second Part of my story. rss

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Zaxarias Faraggitakis
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Hello once again Boardgamegeek users!

For the first part of my story, go here:

I finally finish the second part of my story and I have it here to tell me your opinion about it.

Before you begin read, because I am from Greece, it is naturaly to have some or A LOT of mistakes. So if you see very annoying mistakes, let me know please.
Also this is a Prototype of the story I have. Some very important details need more research before put them inside my final version of my story.

With that said, please enjoy ^^:


Chapter 2:


The first Universe the Eternal Being known as Anu created for the first time. A place where his true powers of his thoughts created a paradise without an ending to the beauty it has to offer. Even at first I and most of my brothers and sisters feared for our life to be subjects inside an unknown world, the beautiful sight we had before us, made us to forget this foolish feeling we had.

The sky was clear full of other mystical being flying around to the air, the strange white grass we set foot on it had a strange feeling of softness to our bare skin and to our mind, the big strange forests where to the center of it is a red one spread its invisible aura to keep safe the other trees from any kind of other creatures inside its territory, The Colossus Humanoid Female creatures roaming around the giants empty fields serving us sometimes either to protect us either to just to have company, seas made with an blue ethereal energy sometimes some parts of them had thoughts by their own and fly away to play with the other flying creatures, and many, many more obscure, but unique and extraordinary things for us to see.

“Unfortunately my beloved children, this is a Taboo for the balance of this Universe I created.”
Said Anu, our Father, when we said everything is beautiful and perfect to this world we live in while we had a peaceful break from our training.
“Yes, thinking if this is beautiful or ugly is is not the right way to create the absolute balance in this world. I will try to explain with some simple examples. Please tell me……Huita.”
Huita extent her attention even more to Anu.
“What would you though if I created the grass now you see from white to green? Would you liked that?”
Huita with confusion about the purpose of his question, she answered:
“Yes, I do think so my Father. I think it would be the same beautiful as it is now even if the grass was green.”
“Indeed” said Anu “It would be still beautiful for you. But what about the others? I think I still feel a tiny negative energy coming from Feige about your opinion.”
Said Anu with a smile to his face.
Suddenly Feige looked Anu with confusion and surprise for understanding his deepest thoughts of his soul. He admitted indeed he felt that way….
“Did you see Huita? If I done this change I would created a small disturbance to the balance I have in this world. But even now the grass is white, I feel the same negative energy similar to Feige. But I don’t want to reveal who they are and this doesn’t matter.”
We started to listening even more carefully to his words.
“Another example is your favourite places here. Some of you like to sleep under the red tree in the center of different forests. Some others like to travel together with the Blue female Giants to meet new places. Others like to watch the two moon become one and create again the sun to bright this universe.
By the possibility of changing something, it would maybe cause discord, chaos and anarchy without thinking about my actions. That why I created the world as it is right now. I spend thousands of years to make the perfect world for all of you, a paradise for you, my beloved children. I made the right choices so not only you my children, but my other creations as well be able create a balance for the Universe where all of you live.
Maybe I have the power to create everything for nothing, from zero, but I can’t make you what do you believe is beautiful, what it is horrible, tragic, sorrowful, funny etc. You make the decision what to think, not me, even I am the First Being.”
We though he finished his respectful speech he had to say to us, but he continued.
“But….that why being a entity with the power of creation to my hand, I can make different kind of choices that you can to accept or reject. THAT is the way to create balance to this world, and in the future when you leave my side to go built your own home.”
Then silence…..a silence after a big speech our Father told to us. We didn’t knew how to act, until Werok, one of the biggest and powerfull brother we had, he spoke with a high tremendous voice:
“When I will leave your side to create my own home, I will follow the same step us you did to us to create the perfect balance to my own world!!!! BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!! WHO AGREES WITH ME? TO CREATE UNIVERSES TO SHOW OUR RESPECT TO OUR FATHER!! THE REASON OF OUR EXISTENT!!!! THE ONE GAVE TO US HIS BLESSING TO EXIST AND BE HIS CHILDREN!!! WHO IS WITH ME??!?!??!?!??!?”
Like always. Werok first he say what he truly believe inside him, then he think the words he used to express his thoughts. That why we all loved him the way he is. With one united voice, all of us shout with agreement of his brave words. Anu…, our Father for the first time we show him cry……

“Osidar? Are you alright?”
Suddendly, one of my brothers, Gtylix, bring me back from my deeps old memories I had for our Universe you live together with our Father.
“Sorry Gtylix. Memories from our past visited me to my thoughts cause of the journey back to our first home.”
“Yes, me too I had similar memories from Niamh, like most of us actually. But our journey had ended my dear brother!”
“Indeed, I can sense its presence very close.”

And finally, after so many years of travel, we finally see our old home Niamh.
But Niamh wasn’t the same place as we knew it.


Once again, I want to ask to tell me your opinion about this part of the story as well and tell me tips to become better.

Thak you very much!

Copyright Zaxarias Faraggitakis.
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