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Subject: AH Campaign - Session 4 rss

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David Aubert
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Previous session here :

Round 10: Eihort VS the Explorer / the Chef / the Librarian / the Salesman

The beginning has some potential: The explorer has a lot of tomes, so I made her began with the Librarian to give her all the tomes and provide her Arcane Insight to have a little control over the Mythos deck.
To compensate this, before I manage to cast it for the first time, a gate opened at Devil’s Reef followed by a monster surge. Fortunately, the Chef was able to limit the damage, still the game began with two Innsmouth token in play.
Knowing the top cards of the mythos was helpful to gather clues efficiently. I was sad just after passing the Librarian personal story: She got an extra tome, but in the process no less than three elder signs were sent in the bottom of the deck.
The mythos cards were OK, lots of environment, but only one mystic which remained in third position. Soon two gates was sealed and three investigators went to other worlds to seal three other while the Chef tried to go to Velma and hire William Bain to get some extra time just in case.
Unfortunately, one missed spell check of Arcane Insight and Hell break loose: I cannot prevent the opening of the Moon Rift, and worse on my next spell check, I saw that mythos with the Moon symbol are here. Leaving me two turns to seal the sixth gate with a 3 dice roll.
In fact theorically it was three turns since a friendly mythos appeared with Arcane Insight. However the first roll was the good one, and Eihort was out for good.

Score: 19 (Doom: 10/12, Terror: 2, Innsmouth: 4/10, Sealed gate: 6, Mission done: 1, Gate trophies: 4, Monsters trophies: 1, Rift open: 1, Act 1)

17 GOO and 31 Investigators left.

Round 11: Nyarlathotep VS the Explorer / the Chef / the Librarian / the Salesman

The setup wasn’t that great: Only one other tome owned by the Salesman. I decided to go for a slow start, and put the Explorer in Innsmouth to begin to fill the Feds track while everyone else meet at the local store. The Chef went away with weapons, the Librarian with Arcane Insight and two tomes and the Salesman with the ‘Sealing the beast’ mission.
Soon everyone get enough clues to seal a gate except the Salesman busy on his task. The poor guy has a nasty surprise after completing it: he was driven insane, got claustrophobia and was sent on the Strange House in the Mist. I thought retirement is soon for him but I was wrong: His encounters gave him sanity, and then the Explorer got claustrophobia too! So since the Mythos cards were really bad for me in any order I drew them, I choose to accelerate Nyarlathotep’s Awakening to have a few words with it.
Of course Mythos didn’t agree with this and gave me a lot of monster surge but very few way to open new gates. So in the end I did something that I never did since I bought the base game years ago: I let Arkham being overruned by monsters (And I let the Dunwich Horror awoke too). Once it was done, it only took three rounds to send back Nyarlathotep into the Void.

Score: 7 (Doom: 0/11, Terror: 10, Innsmouth: 3/6, Mission done: 1, Monster trophies: 3, Sealed gates: 3, Act 2)

Round 12: Nyogtha VS the Explorer / the Chef / the Librarian / the Salesman

The Explorer began with two tomes and the Salesman with an Elder Sign.
OK, this time Arcane Insight is cast only with 3 dice, but the few times it fails doesn’t prevent me to thwart an early rumor and try a victory by closing. Alas my project was countered by the only thing I have no control: the gate and monsters I drew. Despite having a second elder sign, the Salesman and the Explorer got stuck in the streets long enough to get sucked into moving gates. The Devil’s reef opened, shutting down my last hope for a closing victory. Whatever let’s go plan B and seal, seal, seal.
There was something buggy in this game: with 2 Elder Sign and two Eldown Shards (ie: 4 Doom tokens removed for ‘free’), Purple is near awakening because of this bloody moving gates that prevent monster surges and sealing and those bloody otherworldy encounters that makes someone delayed or LITAS (By the way, developers, you really screwed this up: 40% chance of drawing a card that delay or made us LITAS for no reason is NOT BLOODY FUN. I can only ask you to hire a 5 year old child to detect flaws in your design, or at least try to playtest and see what is fun and what is not!).
In the end fate was with me: A double gate opened at Witch’s House, one half matching a moving gate where the Salesman was with his Elder Sign and the other half matching the Devil’s Reef gate. The Librarian took the double gate to take care of it. So the Salesman sealed the Witch’s House and the Librarian, the Devil’s Reef and stacked the Mythos deck to put two non-lethal card on top of it.
On next turn, she moved to Y’a Th’lei (whatever) and drew one tiny bitsy Innsmouth Look card. The second one drew in this game. A simple formality you think ... For me the formality was to put a deep one into play and to say goodbye to my most valuable asset so far. In exchange I get the Dilettante which has not the same power level and has time to do nothing in this game because on the next turn, the Chef sealed the sixth gate.
Score17: (Doom token: 11/12, Terror: 0, Innsmouth: 1/6, Gate trophies: 3, Monster trophies: 5, Elder sign used: 2, Act 2)

So, 15 GOO left and 30 investigators. Join me next time when I’ll try to dissipate some malaise and try to overcome the loss of my precious Librarian.
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