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Below is a long version of a short game. Bad draws and even worse rolls meant defeat was imminent. The game was Solo Cooperative and at the Basic Level. Rolls were made on the Cooperative Mystery Phase Chart supplied with the base rules. Minion Chart events were applied When rolled.

The evening was cold and blustery but that was the least of the worries for Inspector Cooke and The Scarlet shadow who had formed an amicable truce as events around ShadowBrook were somewhat baffling. They made a pact to meet sometime during the night at the Blacksmiths after they had completed some personal business.

While the night was young The Scarlet Shadow ventured into ye Olde Woods only to be immediatley attacked by the werewolf, he took two hits but managed to scratch the werewolf.
Inspector Cooke went to the Magistrates office looking for some of that cunning but no one was about.
A dark shadow cloud passed over Shadowbrook taking it two steps closer to the darkness.
The Werewolf, probably infuriated by the scratch inflicted by the Scarlet shadow, took it's revenge on one of Elders - No one is safe - an outright horrible mess it made of magistrate kroft (no wonder no one was at the office)

Thinking that the good Magistrate may have taken a trip to the Windmill - something that often took his fancy, Inspector Cooke headed that way, no Magistrate but he did find a vial of poison he added 3 key points to his investigation notes.

The Scarlet Shadow decided to head back to his hideout at the Abandoned Keep to get something for his wounds, however he got bogged down in the marsh just his luck These Roads Aren't Safe.

The werewolf was not finished he terrorized the town and his Agents Of Evil rose up to assist.

In two hours Shadowbrook had moved 8 steps closer to darkness.

On arriving back at the keep The shadow Picked up Old Carving - not much use to him but it may be good for Cooke.

Cooke, meanwhile, had travelled back into town thinking how good it would be when Daybreak came he glanced up at the darkening sky and was immediately fronted with the cry of "Murder"

The dark shadow had intensified and Shadowbrook moved again two steps towards the dark abyss.

Feeling much better for the healing the Scarlet Shadow passed quickly thought ye old woods and onto Covered Bridge, but sadly his luck again deserted him, for some unknown reason lord Hansbrook attacked him, in a flash it was over, but The Scarlet Shadow had no doubt that he had Traitor's Blood on his hands.

Cooke was caught up in town he had spent time at the church and had heard a very Reassuring Speech.

Reassuring maybe but the shadow crept closer and there were some Choices To Be Made. Cooke stumbled over the body of Magistrate Kroft behind the church he fell and gave himself a nasty blow when falling against one of the broken headstones.

Coke visited the doctors office and picked up on some of the Gossip and Rumours that were floating around town.

The Scarlet Shadow put some of his cunning into play and snuck into the Magistrates office but not without picking up, well, Just A Scratch.

Somewhere on the outskirts of town the werewolf continued to Terrorize the area.

As Cooke picked himself up the looming figure of Doctor Manning confronted him. However it was not the Doctor Manning that had attended to him an hour or so before there was an evil glint in his eyes , eyes that had the look of Traitors Blood. Cooke had no choice but to defend and as the doctor lunged Cooke side stepped swiping at the doctor as he went passed as fate would have it the doctor's momentum took him headfirst into an old spike protuding from the church wall and death was imminent

The night was becoming a nightmare, the chill of the darkness hung like acrid stench. Shadowbrook was falling fast.

The Scarlet Shadow made a wrong move in visiting the Blacksmith though not all was lost as he discovered a new Tactical Strike during his brief encounter in the Blacksmith shop.

Cooke meanwhile was hot on the trail and had managed to learn the identiy of the werewolfs lair, a den in the Fields, it was a weak attempt by the doctor to redeem his traitorous ways.

Cooke made his way to the Blacksmiths shop, the rendevous point he had established with the Scarlet Shadow. On arriving at the shop and taking one look at the battered shadow anger welled in his throat, this werewolf thing was taking too many wrong turns it needed new found Agressive Conmbat.

Where had the night gone, Morning was upon them at least daybreak brought some relief with the Darkness retreating with onset of Daybreak albeit only one small step.

Despite the chill of the new morning,Daylight brought with it some bravado.
It was however foolish bravado that sent The Scarlet Shadow and Inspector Cooke to the fields to confront the Werewolf.

As the duo approached his Den, two deceased Elders, stood by its side and an evil grin dribbled from werewolf's maw.

The scarlet Shadow flicked his cape and attacked, An evil elder dropped but nary a scratch was made to the Werewolf. Thankfully the cape confused the werewolf and only single scratch marked the Scarlet Shadow.

Inspector Cooke used his cunning, thanks to the old carving given to him by the The scarlet shadow. He however was not as lucky his first strike missed the evil Elder and the werewolf suffered only two wounds.
The werewolf lunged and Inspector Cooke took two nasty wounds.

Both Cooke and the the shadow moved out of range for a brief respite, only Cooke managed to tie up a wound before the werewolf brought the attack to them.

Cooke deflected all wounds and manged to get a hit on the Evil Elder and 2 on th Werewolf. However poor luck dogged The Scarlet Shadow he managed 3 hits to the Werewolf but unfortunately his throat was unable to stand the fangs of the wwerewolf and he was killed.

Cooke knowing it was all but lost threw himself at the werewolf with one final attempt at bravado. He hit the werewolf head on 2 minor wounds but it was all over his head became the centre piece of the werewolfs victory meal. It celebrated as it licked it's meager wounds knowing Shadowbrook was all but his!

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