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Subject: V.o.D. Section 1 Adjustments: Action: Communication (Befriend) rss

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nathan hayden
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NEW ACTION: Communication (Befriend)

This is a modification Variant and can be decided to be used by players before playing.

As a new ACTION players may use Communication. It counts as an entire action.

A Squad may only Communicate with Wandering Monster Squads. Other players squads and Protectors and Awakened Evils cannot communicate as they are fiercely loyal to their purpose.

If a player Communicates and can befriend a Wandering Squad they can control the Wandering Squad for their own purpose. A player may use a befriended Wandering Monster Squad in any way the Wandering Monster Squad can provide.

A Befriended Squad can Move, Pick up and Pass Items and Resources, Excavate, Cast Spells, Combat and Subdue just as a normal Squad.

A Befriended Squad CANNOT Befriend (Communicate) with other Wandering Squads (Players can try to allow this feature for testing)

A Befriended Squad MUST remain within 3 Spaces from the Player Squad that befriended the Wandering Squad. (Ex. Jason’s II Squad Communicates with a Wandering Dracor and befriends the Dracor. The Dracor must stay within 3 Spaces of Jason’s II Squad to remain friends and be used by Jason.)

When Befriended, the player takes the Wandering Squad’s cards and Wandering Marker and places them near his Squad Cards (preferably above the Squad that befriended Wandering Monster/s.

Each Player Squad may befriend 1 Wandering Squad (no more).

To communicate a squad MUST be in exactly 2 space range, and in line of sight of the Wandering Squad. A Squad can’t Communicate on an adjacent space as Combat would ensue, and more than 2 spaces is too far to be heard.

Species styles are compared. The species styles will create modifiers. A D4 is rolled, modifiers are added and subtracted. If the player rolls a 4 or higher he befriends the Wandering Squad.

Modifiers are broken down into three groups:
1. Like Species
2. Demons
3. Sizes

1. Each Like species adds +1 to the communicating Squad. If a Squad has two creatures that match a species type in the Wandering Squad the +1 “like species” modifier is only counted once.
ex. If a Player Squad has 2 Necro species and communicates with a Wandering Squad that has 1 Necro Species, the modifier would only be +1 for the Necro species. The like species is only counted once. If the communicating Squads matched with other species types each one would add a +1.

2. Each Demon Species is counted as -1. This is a collective modifier, unlike the above “like” species modifier, EVERY Demon Species is counted as -1. Demons are disgusted by all things and are proud to be hated by all.
ex. If 4 Demon species are communicating, 2 Demons in the Player Squad and 2 Demons in the Wandering Squad, the modifier calculated in this category is -4.

3. Sizes of each creature in a Squad modify the roll as well. The player’s Communicating Squad add based on each size:
Trinket 0
Small +1
Medium +2
Large +3

The player then subtracts for the size of each creature in the Wandering Squad:
Trinket 0
Small -1
Medium -2
Large -3

After each of the three categories are determined a D4 is rolled. If the Communicating player can roll a 4 or higher he befriends the Wandering Squad.

(Ex. A Death Thruster (Trinket Size, Gore, Shadow) and Demon Prince Squad (Medium, Demon) tries to Communicate with a Wandering Burrowing Swine (Small, Ancient, Swine) and Corbar Squad (Small, Fungal, Gore, Shadow)

The Gore and Shadow match and add + 2 modifiers to communicator for being same species. Demon adds a -1 to modifier. The Demon Prince is a Medium for a +2, but the Burrowing Swine and Corbar size equals -2 making the size calculation 0 due to size. The total Modifier is just +1, the +2 for like species -1 for Demon species plus 0 for size. The Communicating player rolls a D4. If he achieves a 4 or higher the Burrowing Swine and Corbar are befriended.)

Flank Communication CANNOT occur. Wandering Squad must remain within 3 Spaces of one befriended Player Squad. The befriending Squad needed to acquire the 4 die roll itself.

Befriended Wandering Squad must remain within 3 space range of the Squad that initiated friendship, if at any time the Befriending Squad ends a turn further than 3 spaces away from befriended Wandering Squad, it becomes Wandering again and must be befriended again to control.

Enemies may try to befriend other player’s befriended Squads. If they can befriend the enemy’s friend the loyalty switch to the new friend.

Communication is the ENTIRE action for both Squads involved. A player may not befriend a Squad and use that Squad for another action.

Communication DOES freeze Squads. They may not move again after Communicating. They had to completely stop to converse.
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