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Subject: Arkham, august 22th of 1926 rss

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Tiago Perretto
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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...

"The Polynesian tribes had records, mostly oral, but some left marks on stone or leather, that there was an island which, inside, there was a passage, a trail of rocks and algae, which would lead to a divine being - a deity in part monster, part fish - whose name varied in their writing, but always with the same pronunciation: Dagon is the best representation in our language. They also have rustic maps to indicate the position of such island. Depending on how one interpret the marks, the location may change from Australia to Norway. I gave to the tribal chief a current map, made last year in Miskatonic, and asked him to point the location of the island on the map. It did not take long for him to press his finger in the map. I asked if he was sure. He told me yes. I took another map, a nautical, and asked him to indicate the same place there. Again he did and pointed out the same place, and he said to me that the island 'traveled in years' and that it had been moved by the sea. I knew the place he indicated. It is an island near Innsmouth. There they called it The Devil's Reef."


Game: Arkham Horror, with the expansion Innsmouth Horror

Investigators: Laura Deuel, the cocktail waitress (Jorge), Wilson Richards, the handyman (Jorge), Tony Morgan, the bounty hunter (me), Regina Atwater, the antiquarian (me)

Ancient One: Mordiggan, with the herald Ghroth

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Draw (17 points - victory by combat final)

Special Moments: Tony Morgan being subjected to two medical experiments almost in a row, one in hospital and one in the Otherworld! Laura Deuel joining the Siver Twilight Lodge and the Cult of the Black Goat in the Woods.

Description: Mordiggan is an Ancient One done for the Lovecraft Country Horror, an expansion made by fan. In its description indicates that it is not really evil, but its presence makes the reality fracture, mixing it with regions of the cosmos that the human brain should not have any contact with. Moreover, like Galactus, Mordiggan has a herald: Ghroth, and the coming this foreshadows the arrival of that. Therefore the investigators had to act so to avoid the passage of Mordiggan that causes waves of madness, suicide, murder, despair and destruction that for eons made the ruin of countless other beings and civilizations throughout the universe.


Wilson Richards, knowing, due to his latest exploit, what could happen, went to Innsmouth where the cult of Dagon wanted to use the passage to Mordiggan, when the the veil between the worlds would be weakened, to bring the unholy god of them to dominate the planet, as is due to it according to their thinking. Richards was trying to gather enough evidence to bring the Feds so that they could take action against the cult, but the clues were few, covered in esoteric notions and wading in occult knowledge, so the police refused to give some serious consideration to them.

In Arkham, Regina Atwater, an wealthy antiquarian, had reached the same conclusion as Richards, but through the understanding of some cryptic symbols carved on a stone slab that looked alien, wich were translated with the aid of mystic tome called Cultes des Goules. With this information, Regina hired Tony Morgan, a bounty hunter who, even without being sure of what he would have to do, accepted the money. When Morgan, went to the woods near Arkham, following Regina's informations, he was caught and imprisoned by cult that, there, exercised their impure litany. Morgan was helped and freed by Laura Deuel. Deuel worked as a cocktail waitress in Arkham, but her main function was belonging to a secret order - the Silver Twilight Lodge Society - that even though they have a suspicious agenda, this time they were acting against the cult of Black Goat and, indirectly, against the worshipers of Dagon, the real threat.

Freed, Morgan and Deuel escaped and returned to Arkham. Together they went to the home of Regina Atwater and, after exchanging information, Deuel and Atwater knew they should concentrate their efforts on stopping the rites for Dagon taking place in Innsmouth. Going by boat, the trio arrived at Falcon Point, a small harbor for fishermen. The workers there spoke little and had a strange appearance, but the little that they said said revealed that the activities of the Order of Dagon were intense for days, with the prayers sounding almost continuously.

In the Esoteric Order of Dagon, Atwater followed closely the ceremony and then evaluated that it was only a mask, a sham to cover up the true sect, but she did not know where was located the authentic worshipers.

Richards, after great difficulties, managed to bring his paddle boat up to a creek, hidden by a promontory. From there he would have access to the island that fishermen called Devil's Reef and deliberately avoided. Richards traded his motorcycle for the boat and still had to return money to convince the fisherman, this exhausted his finances, but it was necessary. There, on the stony island he found an access - a fissure that allowed entry into the dark bowels of the island. It was there that the cult of Dagon was performing the long ritual, and Richards noted that, amid the frantic bustle of cultists, that he might not have the time to return and bring the police there, even if they believe him this time. Richards checked if his shotgun was loaded and decided to take responsibility in his hands, there would be no why to kill all of them, but Richards thought that would be enough to bring down only one of them - the one with the weird hat in the center of the formation made by the cultists.

Everyone, everywhere in the world, felt when the fabric of reality seemed to have been ripped and the visions of distant worlds, distorted and entirely too horrible to even conceive, flowed into the senses and the minds of all mankind. I was like a wave, a heartbeat, a tiny moment where insanity and despair were the only answer. But now it was a mere glimpse. And from then on, the frequency of the pulses, the size of the fracture and the time that it would remain exposed would only increase, because the shadow of Ghroth could be felt on the edge of the solar system, and little, very little behind, came Mordiggan, called forth by the cult of Dagon, rather than passing away from our corner in the cosmos.

Richards left the gun fall during the lapse of reality and, after catching it, prayed and, after leave the the stone tunnel, he took a single shot, ending early the sermon made by the high priest of the cult, and with a second shot, to ward off the rest of the cultists, he turned and started to run. But before this he saw something... he would dare?

On the beach, Atwater argued with the fisherman. The price he wanted was enough to buy the whole boat, not to rent it. He insisted that he would lose the boat and, probably, they would all die, so he did not want to negotiate at all. Morgan asked permission to be alone with the fisherman. A few minutes later both left the navigation room and the agreement was made by the first proposed value. Morgan said nothing and the fisherman was too scared to talk. So the three went to the Devil's Reef.

The lapse of reality almost made the boat turn over when it was caught on the side by a huge wave, and the three found themselves lying on the wooden floor after the lapse. The fisherman controled the vessel, unsure of what just happened, and wanted to head back, but Morgan didn't let it happen. So they continued for the desolate island and, in the distance, they saw a man running along the beach, escaping from a dozen or more men who didn't exactly runned, but waddled like a penguin, a parody of race which seemed fast enough and proper for the stony and moist ground.

Deuel, with the telescope, recognized a symbol or something else that indicate that the pursuers were part of the cult that they came to investigate. Morgan picked up his rifle, leaned on the rail of the boat and took a shot. The closest one among those who chased the lone fugitive trembled for a moment, still standing, before collapsing. The second and third shots made by Morgan passed away and he swore loudly the fisherman, who kept the boat on course. The fourthshot did another victim. After that Morgan began to reload and shoot at the densest concentration of cultists, no matter where he hited. It was enough to slow them down, which it did.

The fugitive jumped in the sea and started swimming toward the boat. Atwater and Deuel helped him up. Richards, wet and panting, dropped on the floor of the boat to catch his breath. Atwater called for the fisherman to turn around the boat, and was promptly answered. A strange sound was heard, and drew the attention of everyone. It was Richards, who was letting out a husky laugh. From inside his clothes he pulled out a book and an emerald idol. "Now they'll believe me," he said to no one in particular.

Away - worlds away - Ghroth changed its course, passing by the edge of our solar system. Mordiggan continued to sail the universe, away from Earth for a few more eras.


In game Mordiggan awakened when, in Innsmouth, the trail was completed. Because I don't think that investigators actually fight the Ancient One, I changed to a fight against the cult and investigators won. Not a real victory, but at least for the time the threat was contained.

And that was it!


Note: Sorry for the mistakes in grammar and spelling. I do try.
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