Jens Thernström
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So me and a friend have begun playing this great game, only problem is that I'm being hammered by either a High elf/Imperial or HElf/Imp/Dwarf deck.

I'm at the moment playing as chaos/dark elf.

We only have the base set and assault on ultuha available.

My deck:
Quest x1
Night Raids

Units x25
1 blood thirster
3 Savage marauders
2 Servants of khorne
2 Savage gors
2 Cold one knight
1 Lokhir fellheart
2 Festering nurgles
2 Chaos knights
1 Valkia the bloody
2 Dark Zealot
1 Vile sorceress
1 Cold one riders
2 Dark sorceress
1 Harpies
1 Melekh the charger

10 Tactics
2x chillwind
1 Tzeentch firestorm
1 Flames of tzeentch
1 Invoke khans wrath
2x Blood for the blood god
1 Inovation
2 Seduced by darkness

14 Support
1 Contested village
2x shrine to nurgle
2x word of pain
2x Mind killer
1 Contested strong hold
1x Warpstone meteor
1x contested fortress
1x Horrific mutation
1x alliance chaos darklf
1x altar of khaine
1x cauldron of blood
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Happy Squig
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It's from a movie.
Are you sharing the base set with your friend? Cards like Contested Village are generally included in almost all decks with three copies included. That way you can have something that you can spend 1 resource on if you have a single resource leftover. 1 resource for 1 power, in general, is considered a "good buy".

Chaos is a hard base set race to play, their early (in card issue terms) units tended to be expensive and not do very cool stuff. Knowing this, you really have to pump up your kingdom. It's hard playing against Dwarfs because they can do that much better than Chaos. It's hard to give advice on a deck like this because there are so many singleton cards.

For instance: Is Word of Pain doing a lot for you? You could try replacing that with more copies of the quest you are running. Quests are nice because the units that are on them also help you draw cards. So if you bring one quest it's better to bring a whole play set.
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Jens Thernström
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sadly we are sharing and have limited the number of good neutral cards that we can have in our decks so noone gets an advantage from that.

Yeah I noticed when I wrote it down that I do have a few 1x cards, were trying to buy a corruption deck since that seems to be what the Dark elfs and Chaos benefit from, but seems hard to pull off.

Thanks for the advice though
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