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Subject: Alloy Variant, with Session Report rss

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Carthoris Pyramidos
United States
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Like the Fair vs. Foul variant that I posted in a separate thread, this variant is intended to allow exercise of the deckbuilding creativity involved in Free Build, but on the premise of separate allocations from a shared collection of cards. The "alloys" involve combining cousin factions on the basis of theme. Only the specific Mercenaries indicated can be used in each alloy.

Pan-Elven Build: Phoenix Elves, Shadow Elves, Jungle Elves, Saella.
Pan-Dwarven Build: Deep Dwarves, Guild Dwarves, Duggle.
Pan-Orcish Build: Swamp Orcs, Tundra Orcs.
Pan-Goblin Build: Cave Goblins, Sand Goblins, Grubs.
Diabolical Build: Fallen Kingdom, Filth, Malevolence, Demon Hands.
Tall Magi Build: Benders, Mercenary Base Deck, Magos, Naan'Nashi, Owl Familiars, Stonecloaks, Time Mages.
Beastmen Build: Mountain Vargath, Hulgorad, Urick, Khan Kheso, Vermin, Khexhu, Kogar, Rath, Sairook, Bounders.
Human Forces Build: Vanguard, Cloaks, Rygos, all Grounders, Rogues.

The last three builds were suggested (under other names) by Barliman on the Plaid Hat Summoner Wars forum.

Note: These eight alloys are now how I allocate my cards to the main eight wells of the Master Set. The other two card wells are used for built decks ready for play.

Last night, I played a game in which my Pan-Goblin Build took on my daughter's Pan-Orcish build. She added all eight Tundra Orc fighters and Krung to a Mugglug-led deck that included Splub and Blarg. Beyond his starting units, Krusk had a mix of Cave Goblin Fighters, Berserkers, Bombers, and Slayers, with Blarf, Reeker, and Sand Wyrm for champions. Orcs went first.

What fun! By the midpoint of the game, Scavengers and Goblin Fighters had attained mutual destruction with the Swamp Orc starting units. Mugglug then went in for Tundra Orcs in a big way, bringing out several commons and Krung. Krusk summoned Blarf with five magic, bringing him out with 4 AV right off. (I love Blarf!)

Champions are clustering on the right, near Krusk's only wall:

Not long afterward, Reeker was brought out to help put down Krung. But just when I thought my champs might turn to chase Mugglug, they had Splub to contend with. As you can see, though, he couldn't do more than return a little damage as the Goblin champions laid him low.

The Orcs exhausted their draw pile first, and while they were outnumbered in the field, Mugglug seemed secure in a vast swamp, and Krusk had already taken some damage. But then: Sand Wyrm! Whomp, whomp, whomp, so long, Mugglug!

A satisfying game, with fun had by all. The Orcs learned something about their resource curve, because their expensive third champion (Blarg) was left idle in the player's hand. The Goblins were vindicated in their love for economical champions and a mix of zero-cost and mid-cost commons.
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