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Subject: The order and placement of pieces which are put back to board rss

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E. K.
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According to the ICF ruleset there are certain rules for order for placing pieces which have jumped off the board: first the queen, then the player's pieces, then the opponent's pieces. That's clear. But the placement isn't so clear.

65 b) If both the Queen and a c/m jump in the same stroke preference shall be given to place the Queen first and the jumped c/m shall be placed, touching the Queen, in the opposite direction of the player presently having his turn.

Who is the player "presently having his turn"? The one who had it, and now lost it? Or the one who will have it? The former interpretation feels more natural, but I'm not sure. "The opposite direction" seems to mean that it's as far from the player as possible, still touching the queen. Am I right?

65(c). The rest of the c/m shall be placed, touching the first 2 c/m, as far as possible.

What does "touching the first 2" mean? Are they in a queue, or in a round(ish) cluster?

But also the rules for placing pocketed pieces aren't as clear as they could be, especially if pieces jumped off at the same time.

Is the queen always given priority and placed as near as the center as possible, whether it jumped off or is taken from a pocket? I would say yes, but the rules about the queen are dispersed around the document.

94. If the Centre Circle is partially or completely covered by other C/m, the Queen shall be placed so as to occupy most of the uncovered portion or in any position adjacent to the Centre Circle in such a way so that it is not easy to pocket for the player having his turn. The placing of the Queen by the Umpire, in such a situation, shall be final.

Which one has preference, placing as near to the center point as possible, or placing so that "the player having his turn" (which I interpret meaning the next shooting player) doesn't have advantage? And what if the center circle and the space around is free - must it be placed in the center, or can it be placed "adjacent to the Centre Circle" to prevent direct pocketing if possible? And if there's no Umpire, which one of the players places the queen?

What does "89 a) Due and/or penalty C/m cannot be set off against each other" mean? (I'm not a native English speaker, so this may be clear to someone else.) Does it mean they must not touch each other? If yes, can they touch other than concurrently placed pieces?

Third, which one has preference, the jumped off pieces or due etc.? I would first place the jumped off pieces according their rules and after that the due etc., but it's not stated in the rules as far as I can see.

Some rulesets say, if I have understood them correctly, that the pieces may put on top of each other vertically. How about these official rules?
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