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Subject: Changes in rules and new options rss

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Franklin Lautert
Rio de Janeiro
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Hi all,
it has been long since I could make changes in the online implementation, but they are finally online.
From the rules tested in the Experimental variant, based on my feeling and the players' feedback, the only rejected ones were:
- Need to an extra Housing to grow pop over 10
- Higher prices for additional leaders

Since many players do not like Hermes stealing them, and many also do not like city pillage, I created an option to play without this possiblity. Hope this will bring more players to the Advanced Game.

The new experimental variant is a short list, but has a big impact:
A.All players start with 2 leaders each.
B.In the Movement Phase the players’ leaders do not alternate: each player moves all his leaders, one after the other, before the next player can move his leaders.
C.All creatures strengths are reduced by 2.
D.In the advanced game, a new event can happen: Flood. Each player must protect its PopMarkers byspending resources (either Stone or Wood). Each resource protects 2 PopMarkers (3 if the player has Engineering). All unprotected PopMarkers die.

Here is the list of the rules that made it to the core ruleset:
1.When an attacked army retreats, the attacker spends all selected ME and units, instead of only half of them.
2.In the basic game, advances purchased by another player on a previous turn cost 2 Knowledge points less
3.A Gardens works as a Farm for all effects and, additionally, awards wood when manned. It can be built over a Farm or over an empty space.
4.It is necessary to place one leader and two PopMarkers in an Agora in order to use it to develop Social Advances or raising a new leader. Likewise, the Theater needs now only two PopMarkers besides the leader for these tasks.
5.Even without Logistics, there is a summoning phase, but for leaders only. Logistics is still necessary to freely recall PopMarkers.
6.The Lost Fleet Event can only happen from the seventh turn on and it had a capacity to ship five PopMarkers.
Hex sites
7.The cost to use the Temple of Europa (formerly known as Apollo) is 3 gold, not 4.
8.The Temple of Hades gives strength and knowledge at the rate of half of the units in Hades rounding up, not down.
9.The Temple of Demeter gives exactly one bonus food for each worker in a Farm (or Garden, now), even during a Drought and/or with Agriculture. Wood bonus remains one per worker in Garden.
10.The cost of using Temple of Poseidon for restoring an ancient fleet (getting a ship upgrade) is reduced to 2 gold and 5 knowledge.
11.To have a PopMarker in a Prairie gives +4 food, not +2 like in other productive hexes.
12.The hex on the right of the Temple of Poseidon is always a productive hex and has no creature in games with more than 3 players.
13.Athena no longer gives 2 knowledge when built.
14.The cost of building other statues is 1 gold and 1 stone when you have Hera. Engineering does not affect that.
15.Dyonisus can use Temple of Zeus even away from it. In this case, its owner must pay the usual temple costs. For that, the temple must not be occupied by another player, and not be sunken. But when in it, the cost is not free – there is only a 1 gold discount.
16.Besides having +1 in combats, Ares’ owner pays no knowledge to develop Social Advances. The need for units is the same as for the others.
17.Hestia can increase population at the rate of one per one (it can be doubled), if the food is available.
18.Artemis statue strength is 4 and each PopMarker gets one food in Prairies

Please let me know what you think and send your suggestions for other rules to be experimented!
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