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Subject: A 12 year old meets a Fat Goblin. rss

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David Wann
Western Australia
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My 12 year old son (autistic) really loves fantasy themed computer games and movies. I have started getting him into playing board games but it is a slow process due to him being autistic and the problems that this entails. I have previously attempted to get him playing Descent 1ed but it was just too complex for him. After I had a couple of run throughs with Descent 2ed by myself I set up the Fat Goblin quest and waited for my son to return home from school.

He wanted to play the Overlord so I selected my characters. I chose Tomble as a thief, Leoric as a Runemaster and Avric as a Spiritspeaker. I also gave each hero and the OL 1 xp each. Tomble got appraisal, Leoric got blast and Avric the Healing Rain. The OL elected to pick Explosive Rune. For the open group the OL loved the look of the Spiders so I had 3 minions and 1 master spider to deal with.

Without any hard hitting heroes I thought the selection of the spiders might not have been the best option but the master spider was to cause me a little bit of problems, partly due to my poor decisions. (My excuse is because I was having to coach him so wasn’t paying enough attention to my heroes.

Avric began the destruction of the OL minions by managing to take out 1 measly minion spider- with 2 attack actions. Leoric then stepped up and gave Avric lessons on how to step on spiders, squishing 2 into the ground. Finally Tomble was able to move up towards the search token and attack the master spider, leaving it with 2 wounds left.

In response the spiders where unable to get past the armor of any the heroes while the goblins just ran as fast as they could towards the crops.

With an ineffectual turn my son was not feeling very confidant. He had however placed the mast spider in a good position so that I had to take it out to advance due to its binding web. Avric, determined to make up for his poor showing last turn moved towards the master spider and swung his staff with a mighty heave; only to have the staff snag on an overhead branch allowing the master spider to skitter away from Avric. Tomble searched and found a Cursed Doll then threw daggers at the master spider at close range finally inflicting enough wounds to kill it. This left 2 minion spiders in the staring hungrily at Avric. Tomble advanced towards the farm. Leoric took at shot at 1 of the remaining spiders, killing it and then moving up behind Tomble.

The OL moved all 4 goblins into contact with a crop, picking them up. A new master spider appeared behind Avric and rushed eagerly into combat. The speed of its attack scared Avric as the initial onslaught saw him receiving 3 wounds. The minion spider witnessing this jumped up at Avric and dealt him another blow.

Leoric spied 2 Goblins making off with some crops and blasted them where they stood, killing the minion and severely wounding the master. Overcome with blood lust Leoric cast his spell at the master goblin again only to be distracted by the death throes of the minion, miscasting his spell. Tomble thinking to take out the master goblin took careful aim and threw his daggers towards the master goblin; only to see the dagger go sailing over the goblins shoulder. The master goblin turned to watch the dagger vanish into the crops behind him, turning to taunt Tomble, the goblin was rewarded with a dagger embedding itself in his chest, killing him. Avric decided to hold up the rear and attacked the master spider, managing to kill it in one shot, with that he made a move towards his friends, hoping to assist them.

This was not to be as another master spider materialised from the bushes rushing at Avric, inflicting another injury. A new master goblin appeared and ran towards the farm while the remaining goblins ran off in fear towards the exit. Unfortunately, carrying a crop each.

Tomble's greed overcame him as he searched twice finding a health potion and a Talisman. Avric again attacked the master spider, this time requiring 2 attacks to smear its green ichor over the surrounding bushes. Leoric moved towards the 2 remaining crops hoping to store them from the privations of the goblins.

And then a big booming voice from afar broke the tension.
“You need to pack that up now because it is nearly time for dinner”
And with that my son’s first foray into Descent had to end. For me it was dinner then getting ready for work.
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