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Subject: [Variant] Human Clan Faction rss

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Sean Likeness
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I like the idea of a themed dungeon crawl. I've heard a few compaints about Kobolds in CR, but there are many instances. I think it would be cool to have different dungeon types based on the who the main monsters are. For example:

* Goblin Den
* Orc Lair
* Bandit Hideout
* Underdark (Drow)
* Crypt (Undead)

The idea is to seperate out the various monster types and then randomly use one on your adventure. You won't be sure what type of dungeon you are going into until you start facing these guys. Of course along with the Goblins, Orcs, Drow, etc. you could throw in the generic creatures you might find in any dungeon (swarms, animals, etc.).

With the Dungeon Commands coming out that focus on a particular faction, I think this will be pretty easy. One faction I don't know if they will consider is a Human Bandit faction, so I wanted to create one.


The miniatures I picked were:

Bandit Fighter (Wild Elf Raider)
Bandit Mercenary (Caravan Guard)
Bandit Archer (Dalelands Militia)
Bandit Rogue (Human Marauder)
Bandit Warrior (Barbarian Mercenary)
Bandit Champion (Skullsplitter)
Bandit Berserker (Carrion Tribe Barbarian)
Bandit Mage (Snaketongue Cultist)
Bandit Giant (Hill Giant Barbarian)

Let me know what you think.
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Richard F
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I know this hasn't had any responses in quite some time...but I would LOVE a human faction set of cards (I'm trying to get my hands on adobe...or learn to use gimp and make cards).

For example:

Mercenaries (Flaming Fist, Seven Stars, Black Talon, Golden Legion, Dark Watch, Red Plumes)

Knights or Fighters (ex: human fighter, human knight)

Dark Paladins

Elves, Rangers, Druids

Thieves (Using notable thieves guilds), Highwayman, Pickpocket, Assassin, Cutthroat.

Knight Captain, Commander
Bandit King, Bandit Lord, Bandit Leader
Master Thief (Insert name)
Dark Paladin Commander (I know there is an anti-paladin commander, but this would function as a more "human" character)

I have more ideas but since this is a dead thread i might wait and see who stumbles on it..I will make cards once i can figure it out!

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CK Lai
Subang Jaya
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This is a GREAT idea!

I don't think the idea is dead... just that most people post in the game specific forums whereas this is a general forum for all the games, so it sees less traffic.
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