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Subject: New Class - Warrior rss

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Maxim Steshenko
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Creating a variant for non-released game is a very odd thing, I know, but in fact I am creating a separated game that can be implemented in Serpent's Tongue. I don't care that Serpent's Tongue has modern setting about secret societies. Its magic system is awesome and fits most fantasy worlds. But besides mighty wizards we have mighty warriors in fantasy worlds.
So, warrior's tactics in a nutshell is a stepping toward his enemy and chopping/poking him to death.

Stepping toward an enemy
There is no distance measuring in Serpent's Tongue. But movement can be interpreted as an game action. Magi can perform movement too, but it will cause endless loop when magi running away from Warrior and Warrior chasing him. To prevent this character should be able to perform limited amount of movements without rest. And magi can perform less movements than warrior because he hasn't got any special physical trainings. Also this will force Magi to defend himself with spells instead of running. This defence system can be based on blocking Warrior movement with Shield or on casting spells that has impact or blast damage and pushes Warrior from Magi. This will allow Magi to barrage Warriors with spells and keep that at distance. But Warrior can dodge an impact. I still don't know how dodging will work, but I believe it would be some kind of a skill. At least Warrior must have percentage based opportunity to dodge attacks and reach his target. For mental spell I suggest an overcome action. This will reflect special Warrior trainings that allows him to keep sanity and resist to any form of mental or aura or any influences. Yes, this is arguable point, but I still don't know what spells would be released. At least dice check is simpler than necessity to have dispell cards or artefacts. Or Warrior can secretly choose perks for resistance from different elements. But the only thing that Warrior can do against Shield spell is to destroy it.

Chopping to death
One well placed strike can kill an opponent. So, Warrior kills Magi in close combat instantly. I hardly can imagine any exception. Meanwhile Magi can kill Warrior with a single attack too, but before that he must reduce Warrior armour value. I don't what to give Warrior any HP meters, so Warrior armour will be similar to Magi Shields. Also any rules about damage type from spells will affect on armour too. This allows to enchant Warrior with Shield to protect him from specific elements. And in overall this simplifies Magi approaching of Warrior killing.
Beside cold arms Warrior can cast spells. Unlike Magi he has no Codex and shouldn’t pronounce spells. Warrior can has up to 3 or 4 level one spells that he can use as scrolls. This adds flexibility to this class and since Warrior has no HP this 4 card won't be Healing spells.

Warrior role
Main aim of this variant is to provide an alternative for players. Warrior is simpler than Magi and, maybe, more straightforward. Newbie can play as Warrior and slowly learn game system by watching and partial involving in it. Experienced player can control several Warriors during playing as Archenemy against a group of players.
Keep in mind that it's not my task to create a system where Warrior can duel with Magi in 2 player game. My task is to offer system where Magi and Warrior work together against other Magis and Warriors.

*Stress casting
Also I can suggest a rule for a wounded Magi about casting. Instead of reading a glyph on a spell card, he should read a random glyph from a special deck during limited amount of time. This deck can contain huge amount of very similar glyphs, so this will exclude memorizing or repeating the other player words.

I'm sorry if this text is confusing or my English is poor. I'll edit and improve it over time.
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